Understanding that we have screwed the pooch economically and thus broken the environment we rely on comprehensively is what leads to discussions that seem impossibly radical.

The fact is that we define money as debt with interest and have done for hundreds of years. 1/11
We defined it by description - as a store of value which it can never ever actually be.

We defined it in ways that REQUIRE infinite growth on a finite planet and then we built a civilization around that growth.

-and there is no planet B. 2/11
Predicting IS hard, but anyone who understands the laws of thermodynamics can tell that this headlong rush to consume the planet will end badly. 3/11

So understanding the need for a Revolution rather more thorough than any we have yet undergone is - just a matter of being smart enough.

The revolution is simply to redefine money "Real money represents work done"

and understand that the laws of thermodynamics apply. 4/11
The first law, when applied to money, becomes

"Ownership Cannot Make Money"

So banks do not get interest from loans, or pay it on savings. Rent cannot do more than cover maintenance, no profit can be supported. This is not a "socialist" revolution. 5/11
Indeed, "revolution" is far too pale a word for what must be done in every nation and society of the world.

I do not know any word that encompasses such a change, but I know we cannot continue to abuse the planet, and I know we have had the wrong definition for 6000 yrs 6/11
Henry George understood much of the problem over 100 years ago - but was stifled by the mainstream economists. Scientists understand the problem because the symptoms are evident throughout the real world 7/11
The solution however, IS in the economic and social realm. That is why we get this sort of "wild call for revolution" that astonishes and confounds people.

Scientists are not alone in calling for changes.

Consider pricing based on scarcity 8/11
We are profiting from ownership, it is wrong, and when we think more carefully about it it IS COMPLETELY FUCKING WRONG!

We prosecute people for ticket-scalping

Then we turn around and have real-estate sold at auction?

Betyerass that this is a revolt we need to have 9/11
The changes are wide ranging, but they ARE possible.

Hardest is winding up the sharemarkets.

Easiest is revising the rules of intellectual property.

None of it is impossible. I've checked and it is all quite possible and not actually that upsetting
The understanding of what money is contains the information about where it comes from, and the MMT of @StephanieKelton applies, a UBI appears, and our money becomes something that Margrit Kennedy might have recognized.

It isn't as unthinkable as you thought. 11/11

• • •

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29 Apr
The entirely spurious and imagined redirection of money needed to mitigate climate change into economic growth in the third world WILL NOT EVER HAPPEN under our current economic system and the "minimal net effect" referred to here is not reflected in the linked article 1/4
so it is clearly a product of someone's imagination. The economic impact of the emitted CO2 is not well evaluated by mainstream economics.

Actually mainstream economics is utter💩at evaluating the effect or the impact of mitigation. 2/4
This is related to its intentional ignorance of what money actually is, and its unquestioning acceptance of money that does not obey the laws of physics - even though Judaism, Christianity & Islam explain correct behavior of money & banks without ever discussing those laws. 3/4
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20 Mar
To stop growing one has to stop pretending that money is anything BUT work done, and that it can be independent of the laws of thermodynamics. It represents work-done. It is limited by thermodynamics.

Money (and ownership) CANNOT MAKE MORE MONEY!!! 1/n
That means that the utter disdain of mainstream economists for the work of Henry George is based on THEIR STUPIDITY, not any problem with what he did.

He just didn't have the whole picture. 2/n
This is not just a problem with "capitalism", it is actually much older. We've always assumed that the benefits of ownership are self-propagating - and THAT is wrong too. Once you apply the laws that cannot be broken you realize how deeply broken our economics are 3/n
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20 Mar
If you think a stable climate isn't important, ask a farmer.

Here's the history of our civilization - including this uncivilized bit we're going through at the end.

All within a range of about 1 degree... we're leaving the safe zone now... really doing a moonshot. 1/n
We're headed, at that rather extreme rate, for conditions that existed around 20 MILLION years ago.

Here's our situation in the last 3 Million, including all the ice. Notice that there are NO glaciations at more than 350 ppm of CO2. Note where the CO2 is now. 2/n
Now look at the longer history of CO2 - the last time it was anything like what we currently have. Mind the changes in scale. I make it about 20 million years ago it was about where we are now. 3/n
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