Of course mine is Shin-ah!! And for many things that I'm not really able to put correctly into words since I have no writing skills 😭 but I'll try to list some things that I like about him under this 💙
It was love at first sight you know... (😂) but well let's say I had never seen such a beautiful character in an anime. NEVER AND I'M NOT EVEN JOKING. It took me off guard at first 😭 but seriously I found his chara design very original and really nice

Anyways reasons why I love Shin-ah let's goooo :
— I like his power!! I think it's the best among the dragons,, I mean his eyes are so PRETTY and he can do so much with it it's powerful and also very useful (he could take down a whole army with one look?? And being able to see well movements and your surroundings is extremely
useful in a fight!! Amazing I'm telling you) Also I think he's good at reading emotions? I'm not sure but that's so nice
— All of this + the fact that he doesn't really rely on his power (by fear sadly) and is the only dragon independent of it makes me think that he's the
strongest of the group (ok Zeno is litteraly immortal but I mean counting his perfect swordsmanship, so the fact that he is strong and skilled + good eyesight + his power of paralyzing YEAH HE'S THE BEST OK LOOK AT THAT)
— His backstory hit me hard for many reasons, but what touched me the most was how kind and worried he still was abt the same villagers who made his life (and the previous Seiryuu's) a living hell and who called him a monster.
He stayed in this💩village so he could take care of what Ao left behind him and never left, he had to learn & survive ALL ALONE and Hak said it too, even when facing difficulties he was able to go through it using his own strength. It's a side of him that I find rlly admirable✨
He still has to fight in a way with his "inner demons", but at least he doesn't have to do it all alone like before :) I'm glad he found people he could trust, who accept him the way he is and who will never leave him <3
Also the fact that Hak thinks he's amazing 🤝>>>>>>
+ the fact that he knows how to survive alone (find food / hunt, get clothes, craft weapons, defend himself etc) makes him the most dependable of the group with Yoon
— I love his personality : shy, caring, gentle, protective, loyal, trustworthy and clever (...) I find him very calming and comforting (him being compared to the moonlight fits so perfectly<3 ). I found myself wondering how this boy, who went through so much, was able to
remain so kind-hearted. His kindness is really one of the many things that makes him a very loveable character
— I love him also because I found him very relatable and got very emotionally attached to him 😭 I don't want to get into personal sh*t but I look up to him a lot and he motivates me to push through the day in a way,, I want to be strong like him in life
— Also I like the fact that he's not trying to hide his weaknesses, he already cried in front of Yona and it doesn't make him a weak character or anything, AND IT MAKES ME CRY TOO
He has such a hard time showing his emotions so when he breaks like that... Ugh my HEART
— There's also something that I reallyy like about him (if not absolutely everything jsjs) : even if he seems like the sweetest bean and often appears very cute, or innocent he also has a very intimidating side (?)... Idk how to explain this *screaming this man is so COOL*
Idk how to say that but he looks so majestic and he's not just baby and cute, and even if he's very quiet sometimes he has a kind of presence or idk idk IDKKK but I like to see both sides of him <3
You see him and you just go *whoaa* :O
— all of his fighting panels are so BEAUTIFUL and I find it really cool that he is the only dragon actually using a weapon (Jae-ha has some too ok ok but he mostly is infighting) but I mean his swordsmanship flawless. His movements are "FAST and ELEGANT"
—Also people tend to reduce him to the quiet guy with no real development but it's wrong (I mean he doesn't need it he's already amazing😎) you can see him getting more and more confident through the story and slowly accepting himself, forgiving the past, acknowledging his powers
— Also I love him for this incredibly beautiful scene that will stay forever in my memories :
— Last thing I want to add is that so many things about him are cute!! 😭 His encounter with Ao, the fact that he likes jewelry, the fact that he is good at crafting, that he hates cold, that he eats litteraly anything, the way he hides his eyes (PEEKABOO) He's just so adorable
I rarely get attached to characters but him??? That's a different story I've never loved a character this much in my life it's insane
There are a few things that I forgot but I don't have more space and I wish I was good at putting my thoughts into words (+I'm bad at character analysis or whatever) but the only thing I can affirm is that SHIN-AH IS A TALL, VERY CUTE, HANDSOME AND ATTRACTIVE YOUNG MAN

• • •

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