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1 May, 4 tweets, 4 min read
it's amazing that she has been doing this since 2019 and only a few people have caught on to this.

#coverup3301 Image
Lil' SH1LLLS and #Janon who is also a #freemason, templar, and other white supremacist sects, both of them have been for at least 2 years deflected and cover for Schoenberger and his involvement with #Qanon, this is a fact, everything else is irrelevant. ImageImageImageImage
It's really funny that both have been constantly claiming that "Thomas had nothing to do with Q" but Schoenberger has been the one constantly claiming otherwise / and at the same time denying it.
This is an obvious disruptive firehose of lies, but #Qanon experts are slow AF ImageImage
@McNuggets1000 --->
#LilSh1llls Image

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3 May
Who was the "White hat" that #Q confirmed on December 25th, 2017 #Kill_Rogue?
#QAnon post 459:

"10, [10-9]
Floor is yours.
Twitter FW_
Twitter [kill_rogue]

It's hard to tell who the person is behind the account (still active), but it does show #Qanon "related activities", what we do know is who tried to hijack the name #Kill_Rogue... #EyeTheSpy

(or so it looks like) ImageImage
But it's interesting that it connects to #SethRich and #JulianAssange

#EyeTheSpy #Qanon #cicada3301 #coverup3301
The date is also important December 25th, 2017
Keep in mind that #EyeTheSpy did an operation to discredit #WikiLeaks and #JulianAssange

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18 Apr
#SnowWhite7IAM / #PistisSophia / #LisaClapier / #Meganon it would had required less than 42 seconds to
prove that all those avatars (and many more) are managed by the same persona, who else was running around on Reddit claiming "she managed #Assange's passport and documents"?
#Meganon was also claiming to have Assanges doc.
When the first #Q fight started, Lisa as #Meganon did an "interview" with David Wilcock to call out the fake #Qanon that was no longer in control by the same "group" ImageImageImageImage
This internal fight and #Meganon alongside David Wilcock calling out Q was not taken nicely by #JordanSather, here he's also talking about the interview I mentioned in the previous tweet
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17 Apr
With all the things coming out about #PaulManafort and #Ukraine this segment from #RachelMaddow made me connects some mad dots 🤭 in a good way, maybe others can help out making sense of this
Regarding the main points made in the clip posted above, would be ¨people connected to Russian Intelligence launder influence narratives and tried to damage US ties to #Ukraine
The first thing that popped in my head was #OliverStone
But while I was looking into Stone´s documentaries I stumbled upon this trailer from another documentary called ¨Ukraine: From Democracy To Chaos¨ from Journeyman Pictures and the person of interest is Yulia Tymoshenko...
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10 Apr
I have really got to my limit with this #Qanon #QIntotheStorm BS, disinformation is not being pushed by the chan's but from MSM (does that mean we're back to normal?).
It's stupid to think that all the evidence has been put out, and now, that everyone has published their books Image
Made their documentaries interviewing convicted stalkers and making fake heroes, seems like a perfect moment to publish evidence that I've held back (mainly due to X person requesting me not to, or because the content implicates X)... Image
The previous tweet shows an email sent to me by T. Schoenberger where he attaches an email conversation he was having with another 3301* member, where X member had got Thomas an interview on national radio where Thomas would go and admit he was the original #Q
@CullenHoback Image
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10 Feb
How is this even legal? #Youtube removed a bunch of #Qanon related videos (even the ones calling it out) and permits this kind of content in their platform?
They are so alike that PreyingMedic is in both grifts!?
Why is this part of #Qanon being ignored? because otherwise, it won't fit the "Q is an antisemitic conspiracy..." narrative?
What Preying Medic was doing in that show was promoting the left behind Books (this video is from April 2016)
#Qanon experts don't tell you about this or will give a lame excuse like "you don't beat a conspiracy with another conspiracy"
But the TRUTH is that the Left Behind Book being promoted by Dave Hayes connects directly to the CNP
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8 Feb
Who watched this and connected the dots? #VICE #QAnon #ageofaquarius #TheGreatReset #TheShift #BarbaraMarxHubbard #GAIA #DavidWilcock #GlobalMeditation #Psyop #Unify #FollowTheWhiteRabbit #IAM #SeanStone #Thrive
Same BS #TheHarmonicConvergence #Unify #LisaClapier #NewAge #Qanon #Wellness
Same Network #EdgeOfWonder #GAIA #Thrive #DavidWilcock
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