Daughter's senior prom night. Heading over to a pre-prom picture gathering. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.
Update: ImageImageImage
Many of these young men and women have been in school together since pre-K - very tight group of life-long friends. Watched them all grow into respectable and responsible young adults, and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
Update #2: Daughter texts to let us know she was voted Prom Queen. We respond with congratulations. She responds: "Thanks bow down bitches"

• • •

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30 Apr
Interesting. I literally looked into Abu Faraj's eyes and confirmed what we suspected re the courier. No detainees at Guantanamo contributed to any of this. @JohnBrennan was a proponent of the program - until he lied about it in his congressional testimony.
To be clear - the location of Usama Bin Laden was validated by CIA interrogation of a number of Al Qaeda detainees. It's actually pretty simple. We had a list of couriers from fringe players who had been detained who described included Abu Ahmed Al Kuwaiti as a principal courier.
...We bounced that list off of KSM when we captured him. He verified all of the detainee identities we received from his nephew and cousins - except for Abu Ahmed Al Kuwaiti. We didn't know at the time that Abu Ahmed was the key, but we did note that KSM didn't name him.
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24 Apr
Is it too much to ask for a smidgen of rational context before smearing an entire profession, @matthewjdowd? While there are aberrant exceptions, those 1,100 presented threats to the officers that required deadly force. For 65 of them "living their lives" included killing cops.
Contrary to self-righteous statements otherwise, it's the police who run to the sound of gunfire. The civilians they encounter were "living their lives" in a manner thought to be unlawful by whomever called the cops. Those numbers are as they should be in any civilized society -
again, with exceptions for bad cops, or bad decisions by otherwise good cops, which are the only encounters we see and read about. The police should be better armed and trained than criminals, and should thusly incur fewer casualties within their ranks than those incurred...
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18 Apr
It's paradoxical that Fauci pushes vaccinations as the cure for Covid while telling the vaccinated to continue to mask, distance, and stay home because they may catch or spread Covid. That's a paradox. It's paradoxical that Fauci continues to advise the nation to mask,...
...distance and stay home while the data showing states (Florida, Florida, Florida) that long-ago cancelled all such restrictions are doing as well or better than those that are still following his advice. That's a paradox. It's paradoxical that the chief scientific adviser to...
...the president, who one would think would be actively seeking data to validate the safety of open commerce, open schools, open athletics for the good of the country would spend hours of airtime talking about everything but the positive data from states with open commerce,...
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18 Apr
I know I'm late to this, but the 48-hour rule is hereby invoked. I'm guessing SFC Pentland and his neighbors will add some context to this if their voices can ever be heard over the BLM and twitter folks who've tried and convicted him in the first 48.
From @washingtonpost - it seems SFC Pentland was asked to help deal with a guy who was groping neighbors and trying to walk away with an infant. What would you do? "Love to help but he's a black man - don't want to get involved"?
And the statements from law enforcement and his military leadership - holy shit what a cowardly betrayal of a citizen and soldier. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott:
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12 Apr
PSA to Dr. Fauci: You gotta pick a lane, Doc. You can't give us, "Everyone needs to get vaccinated because it works and will end the pandemic" AND "Everyone who gets vaccinated has to continue to act as if the vaccination doesn't work." Not cool.
Another thing that's not cool, Dr. Fauci? Not showing any interest in finding out why Texas and other states that ended all Covid restrictions (Florida, Florida, Florida) are showing a steep decline in Covid infections. It is the single most important scientific question, the...
...answer to which could and should drive all closure and masking policies throughout the country (and perhaps the world). I would be spending all of my precious TV time digging into the data from these states to determine the scientific significance of the correlation between...
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8 Apr
Objectively, is there a limit on the literal price the country has to pay to deal with a completely self-induced crisis before someone (media, GOP, Dems, the nation) starts demanding explanations and immediate reversal of the "Fuck You Trump" policies that invited this...
...predictable (and predicted) instant calamity? When a president invites border crossers, they come. When the only response to an influx of thousands is, "Now is not the right time - let us get better prepared to accept you all more comfortably," they keep coming. The price...
...we are paying for an objectively disastrous and ill-advised reversal of Trump border control measures - for the sole sake of sticking it to Trump and his supporters - is running about $60 million a week. And to add to the up-is-down narrative we're now living, those...
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