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1 May, 44 tweets, 17 min read
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are ABC News Indigenous Affairs correspondent Isabella Higgins, Guardian editor Lenore Taylor and AFR columnist Jennifer Hewett.
The interview is with shadow defence minister Brendan O’Connor.
I block snitchtaggers.
Speers opens with the Morrison government decision to criminalise anyone attempting to come home to Australia from (or via) India. #Insiders
as is his wont, Speers puts the prime ministerial perspective first up, but this week it is to draw attention to the obvious *contradiction* between Morrison boasting that HQ is “99.99% effective” and a hard border closure with India. #Insiders
the montage is the crisis in India and the shoddy federal quarantine policy position - from Morrison government ministerial lies to states having to take up the federal slack. Poor old Peter Dutton gets a run - on a Home Affairs matter. #Insiders
#MakingNews the pre-budget childcare promise, being a Liberal Party announcement rather than a fully costed Labor Party policy, gets headline treatment. #Insiders
#MakingNews Tas election. Clip of a very gracious concession speech. White mentions incumbency and says Gutwein “and public health officials kept our community safe”. Not the whole community, I’ve heard, but anyway that’s what she said. #Insiders
Antony Green: not much has changed. Remember it’s a Hare-Clarke proportional system. He says this election is pretty much a repeat of the last, pre-Covid election. #Insiders
Speers asks the obtusely obvious question, is it an endorsement of incumbency? Green points out the obvious: that the [LIBERAL] incumbents scraped back in, unlike the ringing endorsement the QLD and WA [LABOR] state governments got. #Insiders
same question agsin, to two of three panellists. Taylor and Hewett also respond on the basis of incumbency and potential federal implications rather than the obvious fact that state Labor governments had massive ribs and the state Liberal government did not. #Insiders
to the hard border closure to India. Higgins emphasises that the situation in India is a humanitarian disaster. Taylor and Speers say the 15 May expiry date of the Biosecurity regulation is a review date and we need benchmarks for the review. #Insiders
Hewett says federalist buck passing is an issue because the states will blame the feds if there is an HQ outbreak. She says, without evidence, that the hard border closure will “play well” - she must be excluding a lot of voters from this analysis. #Insiders
the many questions of quarantine - HQ and “some sort of national quarantine” investment says Higgins. Taylor agrees. She says specific facilities make sense economically - not just returning citizens but international students and workers. #Insiders
haha Speers has a dig at Victoria, he thinks Andrews should have let Morrison in on his quarantine plans - begging the question why - and Hewett says well yeah but what about the doubtfully managed vaccine rollout. Yes, challenges there, chuckles Speers uncomfortably. #Insiders
interview. O’Connor opens by describing how charter flights were organised to bring Australians back from Wuhan last year. He says we could do this for Australians in India. Whatever means possible, he says. #Insiders
the government should not be focused on how to jail and criminalise citizens returning home, says O’Connor, extremely clearly. Speers repeatedly interrupts and talks over O’Connor to get the conflict journalism headline on “the Biosecurity measure”. #Insiders
has the Morrison government stolen your thunder on childcare? O’Connor points to stark policy differences and Speers repeats a Liberal Party comms line disguised as a question. Okay mate. #Insiders
defence. Or more accurately, war-mongering by Morrison government ministers and operatives. Speers quotes Pezzullo on war. Comment? Nor particularly helpful, says O’Connor. Inconsistent with the minister. Not necessary. Did not assist, says O’Connor. #Insiders
the prime minister seems to be using defence to distract from quarantine and vaccine failures, says O’Connor. That is why he did a defence re-announcement in Darwin this week. There is lack of coherent pandemic management. Speers interrupts: but what about Pezzullo? #Insiders
should we spend more on defence yeah or nay? As O’Connor points to the massive cost and failure of various defence contracts especially the submarine contract that Turnbull announced in SA for Chris Pyne during the 2016 election. #Insiders
Speers as usual demands the shadow minister provide free policy advice. What should the government do? Cancel the submarine contract? Spend more, spend more, yeah or nah? #Insiders
post-interview discussion is about Pezzullo and O’Connor saying his employment is a matter for the government. Hewett says we are talking loudly and carrying a very small stick lol #Insiders.
you could argue those [drums of war] comments do not strike the right balance, says Higgins. She cites a Chinese Australian asking “what sort of hell” which seems a good question #Insiders
clip of Frydenberg telling the usual lies. Speers is terribly excited that the Liberals have changed the content of their economic management lies. Hewett overstates the import too. The fact this government destroys lives on a mass scale is not changing my mates. #Insiders
the government spending on aged car, child care and mental health puts it in the same square as Labor, says Taylor. Nobody clicks that the government could stop creating mental health conditions with social security policy - for free. #Insiders
child care and women doing by far the most unpaid work. Higgins says on the Indigenous round she sees the pressures on single mothers and regional cities becoming less affordable. Tree changers, says Speers. More for women in the budget, he repeats loyally. #Insiders
if the Liberals can not keep shouting debt and deficit and Labor can not just accuse them of austerity, then we can get into the policy detail, says Taylor, optimistically. #Insiders
Hewett agrees that the Frydenberg speech is momentous dahlink and Speers parrots a few more spending promises on behalf of the federal Liberals. On the public broadcaster. #Insiders
clip of Chalmers saying there will be cuts to services - which is not rocket surgery, just evidence - which Speers frames as Labor struggling to find ground to criticise the Morrison government (lol projection) #Insiders.
Brittany Higgins. Speers says “we’ve had the #March4Justice” - pretty sure he did not go - and shows the clip of Higgins on the steps of Parliament after her meeting. Isabella Higgins says she was struck by how shaken Brittany Higgins looked. #Insiders
is this where we are at as a country? asks Higgins, the burden of womens justice on her shoulders. Taylor says she has does a great job of keeping the focus on women. #Insiders
clip of Linda Burney at Uluru on #UluruStatement and the renewed commitment by Labor to Voice Treaty Truth. Higgins says 20% of Australians have not heard of the Voice and there is still a lot of work to do. #Insiders
Taylor repeats the Williams thesis on bipartisan referenda and essentially makes the point that unless the Liberals get on board the referendum for a First Nations Voice will not get up. #Insiders
a Liberal backbencher who has put his name to supporting the - incredibly modest - Voice position gets more coverage than the whole opposition supporting #UluruStatement in full so props to that bloke. #Insiders
Hewett has a chuckle and says she wants to see if Turnbull does a U-Turn on #UluruStatement, which is an extension of the odd way conflict journalism has framed Turnbull criticising Morrison for his climate acceleration policy settings. #Insiders
another Aboriginal person dying in custody - the 5th Aboriginal person to die in custody since March, “sadly” says Speers. Higgins and Taylor both cover RCADIC recommendations, Higgins has to correct a few myths about incarceration and death rates. #Insiders
#FinalObservations 1 is Higgins asking when the federal government will listen to First Nations people and highlights bereaved families whose loved died in custody have been petitioning for a meeting with the prime minister and when will he do so? #Insiders
#FinalObservations 2 was Lenore Taylor but I missed it sorry someone was messaging about what Hewett said to deflect from the violence of the carceral system? Will need to factcheck that when it is up on iview.
#FinalObservations 3 was Hewett saying that contrary to popular wisdom she does not thing the Morrison government will duckshove more tax cuts for the rich through not in this budget [paraphrased]. #Insiders
the ever-obedient Speers reframes these future additional tax cuts for the wealthy as “stage three tax cuts”, per Morrison government comms. Thanks, David! #Insiders
we go out with footage of Albanese and a fly at Uluru. #Insiders
this has been another edition of watching #Insiders so you don’t have to👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼
tip jar here 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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30 Apr
“seemed to understand” is the high water mark for Morrison on sexual violence. It goes no further and never will. “How it was handled” is his personal and political priority.
being “hopeful” that Scott Morrison “will do the right thing” - in any context, including on holding Liberal Party politicians to account for acts of sexual violence and harassment - is naive at best.
Morrison openly and publicly supports a politician in his government to “get help” for filming women and girls without consent among more serious allegations, a man “on leave” and collecting $200K+ per year in salary alone. He is not a reformer. They will not change a damn thing.
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so Morrison is ramping up his racist and exclusionary “idendy (sic) politics” routine, this week to an apartheid fundraiser. Image
as always, Morrison never backs down. He doubles down, secure in the certainty that David Crowe and the gang will be on standby to defend his power to be a dangerous bigot to the death[s he causes].
the clip on ABC radio, of what Morrison said to the apartheid fundraiser last night, made the speech he gave to the homophobe fundraiser last week sound like a warmup gig. Which tracks.
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28 Apr
annual reminder that the Howard government won back pro-gun voters with “bucketloads of extinguishment”.
Morrison has his serious face on to claim that the Howard gun laws have been keeping Australians safe since 1996, a lie.
anyway fuck that stuff moving on mate. He is (t)here today for a military training facill (sic) campaign stop. Safe is freedom, apparently.
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27 Apr
Morrison has just offered condolences for the death of “an absolute saint and an angel”, Judy Baird, and “condolences and support” to India and Australians “caught up” in India.
plenty of blather about flights from India. No word on lifting the IP bar we voted for to prohibit manufacture of generic vaccines.
“it’s a humanitarian crisis... That is the nashure of a pandemic. I don’t see this as a problem I have to solve. I see this as people we have to help”.
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26 Apr
finally some mainstream coverage of that diabolical speech Morrison made us pay for him to deliver on the Gold Coast.…
maybe handy heard about his boss doing a ghastly homily on courage last weekend.
the main tics I noticed in the speech - which the Guardian has cleaned up enormously, it is way messier than their edit - and other than the call to proselytise disguised as a contrived homily on dis/courage, were: amazing, heart, opportunities, engrained, and blessed.
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24 Apr
good morning☀️happy Sunday! Today on #Insiders are Saturday Paper journo Karen Middleton, murdoch editor James Campbell and ANU professor Mark Kenny. The interview is with Defence Minister Peter Dutton.
opening spiel: “Australia’s” longest running war in Afghanistan is ending. Speers will ask Dutton about his first portfolio decision - to override the Defence chief. #Insiders
weekly wrap: Perth and Peel in lockdown, and Morrison “facing questions” (lol so what) about his dodgy climate figures. #Insiders
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