"Investigate why we couldn't get a professional ambulance": for 70 years, people in this country were living like this. And those who forced us to live like this, had the unstinted support of your sister. She even fixed ministries for them. Why not ask for ambulances then?
When we - the despicable commons - argued that precious resources of this country be spent on stuff like infra and healthcare, we were accused of being fascists. Instead money was spent on feel good sops aimed at favoring one section over all others. Why the indignation?
Remember the "human interest story" that lionized the lone autorick driver who drove that pregnant woman from a village to nearby town? Guess what? There were no ambulances then either. Instead of questioning those in power relentlessly, you supped with them.
For seven years now, opposition parties have been pointing out the lies of the "state" government w.r.t healthcare. People were pointing out how the "mohalla clinics" were a sham and how there was no real health infra. Guess what you did? You taunted us with gaumutra jibe.
If only the Lutyen's journalistic elite had done their jobs instead of baiting Hindus day in and day out, perhaps, Barkha's father would have gotten a professional ambulance. Perhaps.

• • •

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1 May
@rashtrapatibhvn As the first citizen and the constitutional head of the state, you have a duty towards the citizens of the country.

As a citizen of the country, I have a grievance to place at your doorstep.

Every arm / institution of the government is essentially a service.
There is a good reason why when we hire IAS or IPS or IFS, we attach the tag "service" at the end. At their core, even the legislative is a public service. They are there to enact the will of the people. All these services have deficiencies - but that is only expected in reality.
What is more important, is that each of these services have a redressal mechanism. We hold politicians accountable through elections. The executive is held responsible through various bodies like the CAG. The system of redressal acts like an ombudsman. Efficacy aside, it exists.
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30 Apr
क्लैब्यं मा स्म गमः पार्थ नैतत्त्वय्युपपद्यते
क्षुद्रं हृदयदौर्बल्यं त्यक्त्व उत्तिष्ठ परंतप

Realism for difficult times.
Reciting Chapter 2 of Gita.

Kindly join in 🙏🏽😔
अशोच्यानन्वशोचस्त्वं प्रज्ञावादांश्च भाषसे
गतासूनगतासूंश्च नानुशोचन्ति पण्डिताः

Worrying about things that should not be worried about, you speak as if you know it all.

The learned do not worry about the past or the future.
मात्रास्पर्शास्तु कौन्तेय शीतोष्णसुखदुःखदाः।

आगमापायिनोऽनित्यास्तांस्तितिक्षस्व भारत

Pain and pleasure are externalities like heat and cold.

They come and go, they are transient. Bear them, Bharata.
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29 Apr
10% of Americans are living below poverty line. That is a gross violation of human rights.

As much as 20% of the americans above poverty line have to work two jobs to keep their noses above water. That is a gross violation of human rights.
கொடிது கேட்பின் கூர்வடிவேலோய் கொடிதினும் கொடிது இளமையில் வறுமை!

Hear, you who has the Vel as weapon, what is most cruel! Most Cruel amongst all cruel things, is to have poverty in childhood.

>30% of American kids face that. POTUS would do well to mend his home first.
Above is a part of a dialogue between Avvai paatti and Murugan (Skanda) .. about what is good, what is rare and what is cruel ..
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28 Apr
I write this with deference to those who passed away, and sympathies to who suffer due to the pandemic.
Realism isn't pessimism. Not by a long mile. In our urge to be hyperrealists, we forget the difference. In a crisis, there seems to be very little difference between the two.
Pessimism assumes that the trajectory from here on will pick the worst of available outcomes and follow that. It takes away agency from the people. And it also serves to take away responsibilities from the actors.

Realism does none of these. It doesn't assess a snapshot.
Realism takes into account history, context and human will.

Pandemic is bad. We are hit. But is this the worst that nature has thrown at us?

Realism means we take into account, our resilience. We are a resilient country. We have come a long way. We are fighters.
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28 Apr
Those who claim this is a collapse .. don't know what a collapse looks like..

Nagapattinam collector - 2004/2005. Lost his 8yo son to Tsunami. Wasn't in any condition to direct the aid / recuperation efforts. Heart broke looking at him staring at a ceiling in his office.
Clothes sent for the impacted lying in mountains on the highways. Medicine trucks waiting for distribution plans and orders. Doctors waiting to know where they have to go without anyone to tell them.

That there was a collapse.
What did we expect in a pandemic? That a hero would swoop in with an antidote stolen from a villain's secret lab to cure everyone?

It is a pandemic, folks. Pull up your socks.

This time you have doctors knowing what to do. You have a vaccine. Don't fall for West propaganda.
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28 Apr
Once upon a time, there was a crisis.

A tsunami washed away countless number of people alive, and buried many more alive in the sands.

When Indians were trying to give the dead their final rites and give closure, vultures were supplying medicine bags kept on top of Bibles.
When people were mourning, FCRA NGOS were building churches.

All this *moral* grandstanding and weeping in the West (especially in USA) is because this time India is rich enough and strong enough to say "no".

Bastards of the first order.
The org that these bastards maligned the most, dug up those buried in the beach .. left to decay. Gave them final rites. The pyre burned for days together. Want to know what happens when a system collapses under load? Look for photos of those days.

You know fucking nothing.
Read 7 tweets

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