The combined intelligence capabilities of seven powerful nations i.e United States, Britannia, Australia, Canada, France, Japan and Israel failed to rescue any of the kidnapped girls and coudnt defeat the terrorist group hiding in the forest.
This is what sparked my curiosity in the Boko Haram insurgency. It made no sense. It was just incredible that any rational thinking person will think this was remotely possible. It was just a bizzare mash of confusing contradictions and magical thinking.
Then a Professor in Calabar gave a hair raising expose..that doubled as an alarm. In his report the professor claimed Calabar was months away from an imminent invasion from France and Cameroon.
The French must have observed the decimation of the Nigerian military by the civilian leadership and couldn't believe their luck. The invasion was meant to be a lightening
..strike, giving Nigeria no time to respond. They would have taken Calabar and started negotiations from a position of strenght. Most Nigerians are unaware that Cameroon believes Calabar and Adamawa is Cameroonian territory, and hoped to some day take back those states.
The Professor said preparations had already been completed and was ready to invade.....but there was an unpleasant turn of event. The Boko Haram crises erupted taking everyone suprise. The invasion of Calabar had to be shelved because of this.
It sounded so unreal and scary people nobodya took him serious. I personally thought this was bunkers, until i was moved to just take a look at the story again. I was sure this could be debunked. The discovery i made was stunning and scary. The scariest part was that
..Nigerians had no idea how perilously close we were to a war er might have lost in the initial stages. This was when i started writing on this, first from ourtimeiscome then nairaland trying to bring awareness.

So, In a bizzare twist of fate Boko Haram actually saved Nigeria
from a suprise invasion and the annexation of Calabar.
I have always believed in the adage "weakness begets aggression". We gave up Bakassi without a fight. The civilian government was terrified of the military..cant blame them. After 40+ years of military rule, Nigeria's new democratic transition came out of sheer luck.
..OBJ himself became President by sheer luck. He went from 20 years in prison directly to ASO ROCK as President. Just like Nelson Mandela. But while Nelson Mandela adopted a policy of reconciliation and forgiveness for the good of the country, OBJ adopted a policy of revenge,..
..and retribution on the institution to unjustly took away his freedom. So while Nelson Mandela focused on healing old wounds, OBJ was exacting revenge by decimating the military. Never again will the military be able to wrest power from the civilians. This shows why Nigeria..
gave up Bakassi so easily. Spending money on the military to defend its territory was deemed too risky. He would rather give Bakassi without a fight than fund the military to a position of strenght.This development did not go unnoticed by adversaries. They must have accessed
..the state of the Nigerian military and concluded Nigeria was not in a position to defend Calabar or exact punitive attacks. Without this knowledge it is doubtful they would have embarked on such a provocative move.

Years of meticulous planning derailed by Boko Haram.
The Boko Haram insurgency showcased a decade of neglect in the nations armed forces. Nigerians were in shock at the state of the military. Nigeria couldn't even formulated an ECOWAS intervention strategy in Mali as it has traditionally done for decades.
The Paris knew all the Nigerian government will rebuild its armed forces and never again will there be complacency. They can kiss goodbye to dreams of annexing Calabar.
They could however prevent Nigeria from rebuilding its military by using Boko Haram as proxy. The late Idris Derby of Chad who also had an eye on the hydrocarbon rich Lake Chad islands contested by Nigeria saw Boko Haram as a useful tool in delaying a resurgent Nigerian military
Nigeria had to be kept busy with Bko Haram. Sharing intelligence that could help Nigeria to quickly defeat Boko Haram, and thus the security of its territory was forbidden. They hoped to slow down the inevitable.
The price for complacency has been paid. The Nigerian military is entering emerging power status. It might stumble in fighting counter insurgency, but when it comes to its traditional capacity in conventional warfare the Nigerian military is scary to behold.
The Nigerian military of today is better trained, better equipped, better funded and technologically advanced than at any other time in Nigeria's history.

• • •

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Nigerian troops repelled a combined force of Boko Haram and ISWAP insurgents in deadly but dramatic battle. Image
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Outnumbered 5 to 1 the troops had ten minutes to retreat or take up defensive positions. They chose the later and radioed battalion HQ for reinforcement.

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In January 2021 the Secretary to the U S Space Force Barbara Barret paid the first ever visit by a senior U.S. official to Nigeria's Defence Space Administration. She touched on security challenges in space, even though Nigeria did not, or was thinking about ASAT weapons. ImageImageImageImage
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When Mali's President, in an act of frustration questioned the relevance of French forces in Mali in the spate of increasing attacks, a week later the he was deposed in a coup by a handful In Bukina-faso the same phenomenon. Speak out against Paris rebel forces wil come for you
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Days after returning to banditry, mastermind of Kankara schoolboys abduction, Auwal Daudawa, shot dead.
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He was livid with rage and mobilized his gang members for a revenge mission against Ballolo's gang of bandits at Dumburum forest in Zamfara State. He was shot dead in the ensuing shootout a few hours ago.
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