You’re a healthy adult male in your 20’s or 30’s, so you should have plenty of T, right?

Well, it all depends on your soy level.

You need to know if you're suffering from low T & then fix it with some ancient remedies👇👇👇
Too much technology, too little sleep, mass disruption of the endocrine system by phyto-estrogen infused inhibitors and xeno-estrogen laden chemicals…

Our sex hormones are under attack more so with every toxic, indolent day.
Thankfully there are some ancient remedies to consider to increase testosterone levels to the glory of a pre-industrial world.

Testosterone doesn't just effect libido – it effects a shitload of other things like: cognition, mood, muscle strength, skin/bone health & immunity.
T levels have been steadying declining for years and the ‘normal’ range would be considered very low by previous standards.

Regardless of how you feel, go and test your levels.

If you’re in your 20’s you want to be 700+ as per this chart.
Once you hit 30, T levels start decreasing consistently.

At this stage, the body begins to find difficulty in producing and synthesising steroids to create enough T.

This is where you need to look at other options.
Following your test results if you're not where you need to be ensure that you eat a diet of whole, organic foods (nothing processed or artificial), lift weights if you don’t already and steer clear of technology at night (blue light thread coming soon).
On top of this, there a couple of supplements to keep in mind (yes, the same ones mentioned in the thread headline).

The first on your increase T hitlist is TONGKAT ALI.
Tongkat Ali is a root found in Malaysia. It has been shown to increase T exponentially, all naturally.

It does this by synthesising steroids which are fundamental to male health.

Some studies outline a +400% increase in T levels after consumption of Tongkat Ali!
Reports after tongkat ali use note heightened energy levels, vibrations becoming attuned to previously hidden positive frequencies and an increase in motivation.

As with everything, always source the best quality and potency for your supplements.
With Tongkat Ali, you want to ensure that it is sourced from Malaysian wild trees free from toxins, micro-plastics and flow agents.
The other ancient herbal remedy you need to subscribe to is PINE POLLEN.

Pine pollen works in a different way than Tongkat Ali, it increases T by way of naturally produced plant hormones called phytoandrogens.

Astoundingly, these are identical to male hormones in structure.
When consumed by humans phytoandrogens are known to improve vitality. You can consume pine pollen in tincture or powder form.

Same rules above apply – high quality, high potency. The pollen is better absorbed if the cell walls are cracked prior to consumption.
After consuming both of these herbs for a few months, test your T levels again. I’m sure the change will be stark.

These two are the T level GOATS for me, but feel free to chime in via the replies if you have encountered something of similar value from the natural world.

• • •

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