~ Take A Slice ~

SKK AU where casino owner, Chuuya Nakahara, takes his sister's kid Q to Chuck E. Cheese to teach them how to gamble--

And Osamu Dazai is some fucking guy who fucking hates his job at Chuck E. Cheese...
Title Reference Song hehe
-Age Gap
-Drug Use
-Alcohol Consumption (referenced past alcoholism)
-NSFW Content
-Family Issues
-Mentions of Self-Harm/Suicide
-Mental Health Issues
-Minor Character Death
/”The house always wins”/

That is, of course, the ever present truth of casinos: where the patrons, in the end, /always lose/.

It’s basic statistics, really. The house makes the patrons pay to play, with the hope that /somehow/ they’ll strike it big.

Because of this rule of+
law in the world of casinos, the world of Chuuya Nakahara was /lavish/.

He was the owner of the largest chain of gambling dens in Japan: Gravity Hotel and Casino, with 3 giant locations throughout the country, and many /around the world/.

The largest of which was in Yokohama,+
where he resided in the penthouse of his highest hotel tower.

He /himself/ was a sight to behold as well, fiery red hair and a small, toned physique, all tied together by striking blue eyes.

His evenings consisted of opulent parties, complete with the most expensive liquor+
imaginable, beautiful men and women, and of course /gambling/.

The man was a /master/ of poker, thought to be the best in /Asia/.

And he /loved/ casino games: blackjack, craps, roulette-- you name it, he could /win/.

Games were his /life/, his /everything/.. So when his+
sister Kouyou asked him to babysit her kid, there was only /one place/ he could think of to go.

/Chuck E. Cheese/.

“Come /on/ Uncle Chuu!!” Q smiled, dragging their Uncle towards the concrete building by the sleeve of his sweater (he dressed casually on his off days, sue him).+
Chuuya stumbled a bit, “Geez I’m coming, kid!” he laughed, quickly catching up and opening the door for them.

The glass door swung, covered with grubby, greasy handprints. The restaurant itself was filled to the brim with arcade games, each with the sole purpose of running an+
unsuspecting parent’s wallet /dry/, in exchange for crappy merchandise.

It was /genius/.

The air smelled of cheap pizza and pure, unadulterated, /nastiness/.

Children were screaming left and right, there was pizza on the floor, and some kid in a party hat was sobbing+
because the animatronics were /terrifying./

“Welcome to paradise, kid!” Chuuya smiled, looking down at them. He crouched next to Q and lifted a finger, “Now you remember what I taught you, right Q?”

“What happens at the casino /stays/ at the casino!” They looked up at him,+

Chuuya choked a little, “Well- Yes- but-”

He /vaguely/ remembers saying that, shifaced over the phone one night, when the little one had randomly called him, “...Never tell your mom I said that, okay?”

“Okay! Then what was the other thing?” The kid tilted their+
head, split-dyed bangs falling over starry irises.

Chuuya sighed, “Never mistake a bad play for bad luck, there’s a /science/ to this, buddy.”

“There’s a science to winning whack-a-mole?” Q frowned.

“Well- listen you get what I mean.” Chuuya stood up, holding the child’s+
hand as they walked in. He was /planning/ on teaching little Q the art of gambling, you know, at the ripe age of /6/.

Suddenly a voice came from behind the counter, sarcastic and monotone, “Welcome to Chuck E Cheese, where a kid can be a kid.”

Chuuya looked over to the+
voice: possessed by a tall, tired looking man in a Chuck E. Cheese uniform behind the counter.

His expression /completely/ contrasted the mouse ear headband on his head, poking out of fluffy brunette hair. His shoulders drooped, and he had bandages all over his arms+
and throat.

He stood in front of a large wall of shitty prizes-- bright and colorful and overpriced.

“Pay for your game card at the kiosk… Wait, do you two have your parents with you?”


Chuuya tilted his head, eye twitching a bit with annoyance, “huh?”+
The man raised an eyebrow, leaning over the counter, “Sorry, if you’re under the age of 18 you guys need a parent with you. What are you, like-- Junior in highschool?”

Chuuya deadpanned, “I will knock your lights out. I’m /30/.”

The man behind the counter looked him+
up and down, eyebrows shooting up, “A-are you /actually/? HA-” he suddenly /burst/ out laughing, “That’s a forking joke.”

“One, /yes/, I’m and /adult/. Two… ‘forking’?”

The redhead was continuing to talk, handing a platinum metal credit card to Q and pointing them towards+
the kiosk.

“Oh /I’m/ sorry, are you allowed to curse at work, big boy?” The man chuckled.

Chuuya gasped, “For the record I /am/. Where the /fork/ is your manager,” the man leaned in to read the boy’s name tag “/Dazai/”

“Oh my god. you’re a 30 year old+
with a side mullet asking for the manager at a /Chuck E. Cheese/-” Dazai started laughing again, holding his stomach.

“/LISTEN/, I am /here/ to teach my sister’s kid how to drive a casino into /bankruptcy/. So if you would /please/ just shut the fu-”

“Uncle Chuu I got the+
card!! Can we go play now?” Q was suddenly tugging on Chuuya’s light blue sweater. The redhead exhaled and grabbed their hand, sticking his tongue out at Dazai.

“Oh /real/ mature, Mr. Wine Mom.” Dazai laughed, watching them walk away into the arcade.

Chuuya, annoyed by his+
past interaction, walked with Q to their first game: /skeeball/.

“Okay, kiddo. Now for your first lesson in winning! This is a skeeball machine.” Chuuya reached into his pocket, “and this is called a /bobby pin/.”

Q tilted their head, “Huh? How do I win skeeball with that?”+
“Uncle Chuu is gonna show you, but it's /very important/ that if you see an employee coming, you /tell me/, got it?”

Q nodded excitedly, “Got it!”

“Alright, so, as I’ve told you, casinos run on the idea that the customer, us, will spend money on the games for an+
unequal output.” Chuuya said, crouching down to the keyhole on the skeeball machine, where the tickets are held.

“Uh.. okay!” Q listened, not really following.

Chuuya straightened out the bobby pin, starting to pick the lock, “So the only way to /really/ win here is to+
bend the rules!” he smiled.

The kid nodded, “Cheating!”

“/bending the rules/!” their uncle nodded in correction.

Chuuya swiftly got the door open, hastily rolling out the tickets to make it look like they'd been won.

Once the tickets had been unrolled entirely, he shut the+
door to the machine, “/WOW/ Q! YOU HIT THE JACKPOT BUDDY!” he tries to sound like he’s genuinely excited, but it isn’t convincing at /all/.

Q, on the other hand, was /ecstatic/, ready to sprint to the counter for toys as they gathered all the tickets in their arms.+
Chuuya stops them, “/nope/, lesson number 2, never pick the safe choice!” he smiled widely, standing up to find another machine to steal from.

The two ran /5 machines/ dry, before gathering all of the tickets to cash in for prizes.

Soon enough, with a smug smirk,+
Chuuya was staring Dazai in the eyes as Q shoved rolls upon rolls worth of tickets at him.

Dazai had a... rather /amused/ smile on his face.

“Okay, tiny. This is forking /comical/.”

The man in the mouse ears pointed up at a screen above his head, facing behind the counter+
to be seen by the employees.

Oh. /They have a security monitor/.

The smirk dropped from Chuuya’s face, quickly looking down at Q, “So..” he chuckled nervously,

“Q, sweetheart. I think we gotta start /running./--”+
“Ah Ah Ah, little guy~” Dazai smiled, leaning on the counter again, “I already pushed the soft lockdown button, you can’t /leave/.”

Uh oh.

Chuuya thinks for a moment, “Q.. I am so sorry, I don’t think my plan worked this time--how about I buy you that nice doll you wanted?”+
Q frowned, “Mommy said it was too expensive..”

Chuuya shrugged, “Not for Uncle Chuu~”

“/Interesting/.” Dazai leaned down further, a wolfish grin on his face, “so no too high a price for Uncle Chuu?”

Chuuya narrowed his eyes, “sounds like you’re trying to make a deal..”+
The redhead leaned against the Chuck E Cheese branded countertop, face directly in front of Dazai’s, “name a price on not calling the police...”

His conditions were mainly because, though he could easily be bailed out...

Kouyou would fucking /kill him/ if she ever heard this+

That-- and he may or may not have enough on his criminal record as it is.

Dazai smirked, “Monthly allowance--if /no price is too high/--enough to pay my rent. And whatever else I want. And a fancy dinner later. And fancy dinners all the time.”+
Chuuya’s eyes widened a little, “I mean…”

He thought for a moment. Funds wise, that was /nothing/ to him--fuck, he could probably buy the /apartment complex/ he lives in.

But what was stumping him was the implication of /spending time together/.

“I can /do that/,+
but that kinda sounds like--”

“/Yep/.” Dazai said with a sharp grin, cocky and /proud/.

/Record scratch/.

The guy wants to be a /sugar baby/.

Chuuya blinked, a little stunned, "Uh… hang on."

Chuuya’s gaze landed on his nibling once more, Q’s eyes filled with /curiosity/,+
"alright kid, Uncle Chuu needs to… /discuss some things/ with the mouse man, so I think I'm gonna have you wait in the car."

Dazai smiled, speaking up again, immediately grabbing his keys, "I'll walk you guys out~"

Sighing, Chuuya grabbed Q's hand as Dazai removed the+
soft lockdown on the computer screen next to him.

The boy was /giddy/ as he walked around the counter to the door, holding it open for the two.

/This can't be fucking happening./

"Uncle Chuu, are we getting arrested?" Q questioned, looking up at their uncle, as they walked+
out to Chuuya's matte black Lamborghini Aventador.

"No. No we're not-- I kinda wish we were." The redhead sighed, pulling out his keys to unlock the car.

Q went around and got into the passenger side, while Chuuya opened the driver's side to turn the car on, "Oh. Okay~ Mommy+
would have yelled at you /really/ loud."

Dazai meanwhile, was /stunned/, watching in silent awe as the doors to Chuuya’s car opened /upwards/, enough for him to see a clearly customized interior.

Chuuya chuckled a bit, "...she still might when she figures out what /I’m/+
about to do, but thats okay!"

The car roared to life as Chuuya turned it on, "I'll be /right back/, alright? Leave the doors locked and the AC on, do you have your phone?"

Q nodded, pulling out a flip phone from their back pocket (Kouyou figured that they could call if they+
needed to, but it didn't give them full access to social media sites).

"Good, one sec." Chuuya nodded, hitting a button that made the doors lower shut and turning to Dazai, whose face was in /shock/.

"/That's/ your car?!" He exclaimed, as they started to walk back into+
the Chuck E. Cheese, "A gosh dang /lambo/?!"

"One of them" Chuuya groaned, opening the door, "I've got four cars, I just drive that one when I don't feel like being flashy."

Dazai blinked while they walked inside, "Holy /fork/. What the heck do you do for work?!"+
Chuuya sighed and leaned against the countertop, regretting it /immediately/ with how sticky the surface felt, "I'm founder and CEO of Gravity Hotels and Casinos, if you've heard of it."

And well, Dazai /had/ heard of it. It was the kind of place in Yokohama that seemed to+
cater to only the super rich, like a hub for all the powerful people in Japan.

Celebrities and aristocrats alike traveled to Japan for the /purpose/ of staying at those casino hotels, making the place a fantasyland for those who dreamed of /opulence/.+
He’d heard stories of the types of /parties/ that took place at Gravity, too-- like the kinds you see in /movies/.

And now, he had an /in/.

His jaw dropped, "...so you're like… /rich/ rich, huh??" He laughed, a little in shock, "And now I don't have to scour sugar daddy sites+
anymore? This is the best day of my life I think."

Chuuya facepalmed, "I think it's the worst of mine," he exhaled, "I'll treat you to dinner or whatever. Just- I need to know a few things."

Dazai smiled widely, leaning against the counter, "Fire away, short stack.+
I'm having a /great time/ right now."

"I'm sure you are." The redhead pinched his brow, "Icantbelieveimhavingthisconversationinachuckecheese-- first of all you're what? In college?"

"Yeah. I’m a student at Yokohama National." Dazai chuckled, "...I might need help paying for+
failed classes too, my scholarship wont cover those."

"Oh my god." Chuuya groaned, "/okay/. This is /fine/. /Everything's going to be fine/." He lied to himself.

"Indeed! So about that dinner, where were you thinking? I'm free at 7 tonight~" Dazai beamed.+
"Woah woah woah, /back it up/. I'm not done questioning you." The redhead huffed, "We can't talk about certain things in a /family establishment/, but you can tell me /how much/ money you need"

"/Well/. For starters, I work at Chuck E. Cheese. If you think this place pays me+
enough to make a living you're insane. I literally have to eat here so I can afford my rent."

Dazai shrugged, crossing his arms, "That, and I can't work full time in this shiz hole because of school, and I have a puppy that I would like to take to the doggy spa more often,+
she deserves it~"

He leaned down to Chuuya a bit, making the shorter realize just how big their /height difference/ was, "That being said, I don't remember mentioning anything non-family friendly," he smirked, "That was /all you/, shorty."+
Chuuya's eyes widened.

Oh fuck. He /didn't/ say anything about sex.

“Uh.. I mean you said /sugar daddy/. So I assumed you--”

“My goodness” Dazai sighed dramatically, “The old man thinks I want his money /and/ his--” he tried to think of a Chuck E. Cheese friendly way to+
put it, “...ding dong..”


Chuuya sighed, checking the Rolex on his wrist, “I gotta take the kid back to my sister’s before she kills me,” the man pulled out his phone, “What’s your number, I’ll pick you up at 7-- under the condition that+
/nobody hears about this/, clear?”

Dazai rolled his eyes, “Okay /Daddy/.”

He pulled out his phone and showed Chuuya the number, “and what should I wear to our little date?”

Chuuya choked, “Don’tcallmethat-- and something /nice/ please, you’ll be eating at Gravity.”+
He typed the number into his phone, labelling it ‘Dazai (Chuck E. Cheese)’, texting him a quick ‘This is Chuuya Nakahara.’

Dazai smiled, answering with a smiley face and his address, “/Wonderful/. I’ll see you tonight then, Chuuya.”

“Yeah yeah, whatever. See you tonight.”+
Chuuya waved him off, hoping he’s in a /nightmare/ as he exited the establishment.

He’s had sugar babies before… but never like /this/..

/But it can’t go too wrong… right?/


“I’m telling you. This ass should be named ‘The Dilf Catcher 9000’” Dazai chuckled,+
checking himself in the mirror.

He’d gotten off of work a couple of hours prior, calling his friend Yuan over to help him get ready for his date.

He didn’t have a /ton/ of dress wear, so the girl helped him put together a simple dress shirt and his nicest pair of jeans,+
complete with combat boots.

Yuan sighed, blowing a bit of pink hair out of her face as she pet the shih tzu in her lap, “I can’t believe you caught a dilf before me. What was the bet again??”

“You gotta buy Mango new bows for her head, /or/ dog treats.” Dazai nodded,+
fluffing up his hair a little.

“UGGGHHH” Yuan groaned, picking up the dog to look her in the eyes, “You’re /spoiled/ Go-go.”

Mango yipped a bit in response, fluffy white tail wagging back and forth.

The brunette laughed, walking over to the bed where Yuan sat, and taking his+
dog to hold, “Yes, yes she is. /And/, with the bank I’m about to be making, she can be even /more/ spoiled.”

He smiled, pressing a peck to the forehead of the very happy little dog.

Yuan crossed her arms, “Are you /sure/ about this, Dazai? I mean.. /Gravity/?! I thought you+
had to be legal drinking age to even /walk in/ there, plus, what if this guy is lying to you?”

“One, he doesn’t /know/ I’m 19. /Two/, the guy drove a lamborghini to /Chuck E. Cheese/. At the very least, he’s got some cash, and I’ve got some blackmail.”

“Listen, just-- /keep+
your phone on you/, and text me or Atsushi if you’re getting kidnapped.” She pouted.

Dazai laughed, “I /got it/, okay? I think I’m gonna have a good time. Plus, he’s only 30… 11 years isn’t /that bad/.”

“/Sure./ As long as you get the bag,+
I’d call it a win. /However/, should you attend any massive Great Gatsby esque parties, I /demand/ a milf. Any milf. PLEASE.” Yuan laughed.

“I’ll do my best, kay?” Dazai smiled, looking at the clock on his wall, “Okay, he’ll be here any minute~”

He spoke in a sing-songy voice,+
doing a little dance with his dog in his arms.

Yuan laughed, “Okay, I’m gonna head back up to my place then, do you need me to let her out while you’re gone?”

“/Please/” Dazai nodded, phone buzzing in his back pocket. He opened it quickly, seeing a text from Chuuya reading+
a simple: ‘I’m outside.’

Dazai jumped a little, handing Mango back to Yuan, “He’s here~ Do I look hot? I mean I do--but like, /extra/ hot?”

He posed, to show off his outfit, making Yuan smile, “/very/ hot, Dazai. You’ll have this mother fucker /swooning/.”+
Dazai nodded in affirmation, saying his goodbyes to Yuan as he walked out to the elevator.

The metallic interior allowed him to see himself, checking out his outfit once more.

Yuan was /right/.

To put it lightly, he looked /stunning/.

Which, to be fair, was what Dazai+
thought to be his greatest talent: being undeniably attractive.

He was tall, toned, and his hair had just the right amount of natural wave to make it look perpetually fluffy.

He prided himself on his appearance, considering it his /only/ redeeming quality.

With confidence,+
the man walked out of the complex, strutting along the sidewalk to find Chuuya’s ride.

There /was/ a car seated outfront, but it wasn’t the lamborghini from before…

It was a /fucking Bugatti Chiron/.

Shiny black paint wrapped the exterior, with deep red accents that+
that highlighted its curves.

It made the Lamborghini look fucking /plebeian/.

He watched Chuuya emerge from the driver’s side as he approached, dressed far more /lavishly/ than before. His fiery orange hair was tied up into a ponytail at the crown of his head, small strands
left down at the front to frame deep pools of striking blue irises.

He looked to be wearing eyeliner, too, /maroon/ eyeliner, perfectly matching his luxurious corduroy suit.

Underneath was a black dress shirt, unbuttoned almost all the way down to leave milky,+
faintly freckled skin exposed.

As if he didn’t look expensive /enough/, he was adorned in rings and necklaces, including a leather choker with a silver buckle in the center.

Tying it all together were black, velvet booties, the slight heel adding to his small height+
(though to Dazai, he was obviously still tiny).

His heels clicked on the pavement as he walked around the car to open Dazai’s door, making eye contact with the approaching boy, “Awful to see you, Dazai.”

“/Lovely/ to see you, Chuuya~” Dazai smirked as he approached.+

“I like how you can wear heels and yet you’re /still/ tiny. I think I’m gonna nickname you Chibi~” the brunette smiled.

Chuuya sighed, “Just get in the fucking car.”

Clicking heels filled the air again as Chuuya made his way back to the driver’s side,+
“You’re really annoying for someone who wants me to /pay them/.”

Dazai laughed and got into the car, sinking into the soft red leather of the seats.

The car’s interior was even /more/ impressive, gadgets and gizmos and a whole touchscreen /computer/ on the dash.+
Chuuya settled in as well, pressing a button to shut all the doors, “Okay, asshole, I’m assuming you’ve never been to a place like Gravity, have you?”

He put the car in reverse, placing his arm on Dazai’s seat and looking behind him, backing out of the spot he was in+
with one hand on the wheel.


Dazai watched him intently, putting on his seatbelt, “/No./ I haven’t-- so sorry if I’m a little underdressed.”

Chuuya put the car into drive, beginning to speed down the road: /fast/, but controlled.

“I mean-- a little. If we can come to+
an agreement and this /is/ something you want to partake in, I’ll take you shopping for some more appropriate attire.”

He looked over at Dazai, scanning over his outfit, “You look nice though, that’ll work for now.”

Dazai was suddenly glued to his seat, heart racing+
and /barely/ listening as he grabbed the ‘oh shit’ bar above his head, “woahwoahwoah why are you driving so /fucking fast/?!”

“Oh so you /can/ curse,” Chuuya chuckled, “calm down, I know how to drive.”

“Are you /sure/?” Dazai laughed nervously, “because you’re kinda+
30 kilometers over the speed limit right now--”

Chuuya shrugged, “/Eh/. I always drive like this-- /anyways/.”

He slowed and stopped at a light, “We have a private dining room to discuss some conditions in. I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon, and I think there’s +
a way to make it a bit more /even/ on my end.”

Dazai relaxed a bit, “Oh?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow, “Does the Chibi want me in his /bedroom/?”

“/Not what I said/, idiot.”

His hands tightened on the wheel, starting to drive again, “but there’s definitely some things+

• • •

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Dazai's some fucking guy who fucking hates his job at Chuckee Cheese
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The ever present truth of casinos: where the patrons, in the end, /always lose/.

Because of this rule of law in the gambling lifestyle, the world of Chuuya Nakahara was /lavish/. He was the owner of the largest chain of gambling dens in Japan:+
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