a very personal #Vincenzo Hong Chayoung pretty fits thread because I need one ImageImage
don't take the rating seriously these fits are great ok. I might not include every single one bc lets be honest there are a lot so anyway here we go
EP 1 blue striped suit + plain white shirt

7/10 pretty standard, a little plain but a good start ImageImage
EP 1-2 all black suit + pencil skirt + waist band

20/10 THE WAIST BAND. this fit showcases her funny walk the best, easily sets the bar high. also she looks fierce i love it ImageImage
EP 2-3 dark blue blazer + black top + black trouser

7.5/10 tbh not quite memorable but she wears this on a memorable scene. she looks cool tho. ImageImage
EP 3 brown open back suit + brown tank top

18/10 this one does NOT play around. radiates girlboss energy. the low pony tail? classy. ImageImage
EP 3-4 beige blouse + black cropped suit

15/10 very pretty and sophisticated. let's not talk about the scene. she later wears her hair as ponytail but the scene is too sad i don't want to be sad in the middle of this thread... ImageImage
EP 4 black ribbed knit top + black midi skirt

13/10 I like the half up half down hair. very modest. accessory-wise wayyyy more plain than previous looks. ImageImage
EP 4 oversize dark grey striped suit + even darker grey knit top

20/10 she's engulfed by the suit so cute. did I say low pony is classy? yes this one too. oh and the rolled sleeve y'all I'm in love. ImageImage
EP 4 grey suit

7/10 ehhh dare I say this one is quite boring. especially on the day scene. idk how but this fit looks better on darker setting. ImageImage
EP 5 uhh this murky brown faux leather top? + grey pants

8/10 idk how to feel about this. it's not bad tho. extra point for braided hair, quite refreshing to see. ImageImage
EP 5 white blazer + black pants

15/10 the infamous forehead flick fit everyone. the pulled back pony tail brighten up her face I like it. I also like the detail on the blazer. ImageImage
EP 5 black suit + purple blouse

18/10 this one is so pretty I would fight anyone who say otherwise. maybe it's just me but her hair looks extra wavy which contribute something, idk what but it's a good thing. ImageImage
EP 5 grey suit + pink shirt

12/10 she was gone too soon </3 the line with this fit was memorable though I wish there were more scene in this fit. ImageImage
ok pause this is tiring
EP 6 lilac suit + white silky blouse

16/10 prettyyyy. who would forget the iconic first trial tbh. a little too plain for my liking but still iconic ImageImage
EP 6 beige blazer + white top + black pants

8/10 I assume this fit is supposed to look "hurried" bcs of the plot. and if so they did a great job. the necklace is a nice touch it's like the cherry on top. ImageImage
EP 6-7 navy blue suit + teal shirt

14/10 other than the bright color the design is quite basic. bonus point for featuring in one of the many chacenzo-being-an-old-married-couple scene. ImageImage
EP 7-8 dark purple suit + black blouse

17/10 I call this the "mr. mafia lawyer" fit. this fit is presented in a lot of my favorite scene. looks cute both in day and night setting. ImageImage
EP 8 black striped blazer + dusty blue shirt

9/10 we don't see much of this but I liked it while it's on the screen. ImageImage
EP 8 burgundy suit dress + white turtle neck

9/10 this one is also quick. very feminine and autumny. ImageImage
EP 8 the horse stable girl hong chayoung

999/10 cute cute cute very cute. the overall, the hoodie, the beanie, the twin braid, everything basically. perfect disguise wouldn't notice anything. ImageImage
EP 8 dark purple blouse?

7/10 didn't see much except the peak comedy that is this entire scene. is it purple or black distorted by the lighting I will never know. ImageImage
EP 8 the amusement park disguise

??/10 I..... am not sure if this look is qualified to be rated... the shade and head band is surely something tho ImageImage
EP 8 white suit dress

8/10 there isn't any full body shot and apparently this is a dress?E added points because she looks stunning in every shot with this fit. ImageImage
EP 8 blue suit + polka dot blouse

9/10 well the pattern is new. delivered with one of hongcha's coolest scene. ImageImage
is episode 8 over yet goddamn
EP 9 light blue suit + black turtle + navy blue coat

9/10 looks comfy and, would wear myself. ImageImage
EP 9 knit sweater + black sweatpants

10/10 talk about comfy. kinda ironic bc in this episode I think she's far from being comfortable in her own house. definitely would wear myself. ImageImage
EP 9 black blazer + cream turtle neck

8/10 subtle, looks warm. I have nothing to say tbh. ImageImage
EP 9 black blazer + possibly dress shirt

9/10 excuse me??? I need to see this whole fit why didn't they make her wear this in longer scene???? ImageImage
EP 10 black turtle neck + black coat

9/10 I like big shapeless (or boxy?) silhouette, looks myterious. also very fitting for the cold mourning atmosphere ImageImage
EP 10 black blouse + black coat

8/10 very plain. like. very. the low pony might just be my favorite hairstyle on her tbh ImageImage
EP 10 green cardigan + white knit top

8/10 another confy wear hecc yea. personally not as memorable as the sweater but still cute, especially the sleeping on the table scene I love it sm ImageImage
EP 10 black top + black skirt? + white coat

9/10 have I told you I like big silhouette? she looks tiny, very adorable ImageImage
EP 10 the whistleblower announcer

??/10 this one is in the same category as the amusement park disguise... the mask is high quality tho ImageImage
EP 10 brown suit + grey coat

7/10 either it doesn't have enough screen time to shine or too subtle to be remembered ImageImage
EP 10 yellow suit + black wide pants + black coat

12/10 ok this one is memorable. It doesn't look very warm to be worn in a snowy night especially because of the low neckline. looks very pretty on the underpass scene ImageImage
EP 11 grey wool top + white ribbed pants

15/10 helped the fluffiness of the scene tbh, cute and fuzzy, I'd say very close to the ultimate cuddly fashion that is the sweater paws ImageImage
EP 11-12 beige turtle neck + light brown blazer + brown coat

12/10 you can't go wrong with monochrome, everything ties together very nicely ImageImage
EP 12 pale green shirt + black blazer + black coat

9/10 she looks like a rich mom lmao. the hourglass silhouette and the pleated detail works wonder, also pretty belt! ImageImage
EP 12 white knit top + grey suit

8/10 this fit looks like it means business. emphasizes her fierceness. the belt looks a little too thin tho. ImageImage
EP 12 knit top + tweed blazer

10/10 I don't usually like tweeds but this one caught my attention, a pretty fit for a pretty scene. ImageImage
12 EP light blue shirt + grey pants + light blue coat

9/10 this is the same fit right? just different lighting??? I love it when she wears light color. and more low pony? already top tier. ImageImage
EP 13 white turtle neck + denim shirt + jeans + black coat

17/10 her layering layering game is strong. srsly she looks great in casual wear. ImageImage
EP 13 black turtle neck + pale green shirt + ash brown coat

10/10 I think the turtle neck + shirt combo is just matchmade in heaven. we've only seen 2 but boy am I impressed. and have you feel tired of me mentioning low pony yet? ImageImage
EP 13 white blouse + olive blazer?

8/10 fun fact: I counted the screen time of this fit and it appears for roughly 18 seconds. she deserves more. ImageImage
EP 13 this brown suit set situation

EP 13 gangster disguise

7/10 actually, this is a team look. not much to see but hey look at her cool mask ImageImage
EP 13 blouse + black blazer?

8/10 Imma be honest I can't see what she's wearing aside from the blazer and that ribbon like thing around the neckline. I just want to include this ending shot. I mean you can't really go wrong with black blazer... ImageImage
EP 14 white blouse + black coat

8/10 guess what I was right, it is a blouse with a ribbon. doesn't change the score tho ImageImage
I'm starting to get tired so for efficiency I think I'm gonna skip a lot of looks from now on 👁👄👁
EP 14 blue shirt + khaki suit

8/10 is the pants oversize? I love the shape of this one but I'm not sure about the color ImageImage
EP 14 black blazer + white shirt

8/10 I don't understand why this one looks expensive to me is it the blazer? again, I'm usually not a fan of that neckline shape but this one looks pretty... ImageImage
EP 14 black suit dress + net stocking

9999999/10 the icon. the legend. the sweetie fit. the garter with a hand gun? show stopping. believe me when I say I STRUGGLED to get a decent screen shot of this one omg. my favorite fit in the entire show tbh. ImageImage
EP 15 oversize grey suit + white shirt

10/10 why do I love basic item so much. thus fit looks so effortless but also put together at the same time I love it ImageImage
EP 15 blue blazer + white blouse + grey pants

8/10 pretty subtle actually. off topic but I like the hand in pocket stance ImageImage
EP 15 khaki blouse?

8/10 this top has a lot of detail. the thin belt return but this time somehow looks more fitting ImageImage
EP 15 white hanbok

20/10 if there is a specific name fpr this hanbok style I apologize bc I don't know. as joongki said, she looks verry pretty, I'd like to see jeon yeobeen in more traditional clothes ImageImage
EP 16 black suit + grey cotton sweater

9/10 balanced formal and casual style. literally just combining basic items ImageImage
EP 16 black blazer + flowy skirt

8/10 this feels like I've unlocked a new item. interesting combination. the pulled sleeves adds a little extra something ImageImage
EP 17 blue blazer + grey t shirt + black t shirt

8/10 is the blazer black or a very dark blue? either way it fits nicely. the details on the shoulder make it looks like some kind of a uniform ImageImage
EP 17 black suit + black blouse

9/10 can you really make an all black fit bad? I don't think so. this one in particular is for the establishment of geumga cassano family soooo a point for the villain look ImageImage
EP 17 khaki shirt dress + black pants

8/10 this one looks like a leisure fit. personally I don't have anything against it ImageImage
next 5 is a speed run
EP 18 blue blazer + blue shirt

8/10 low pony >>> ImageImage
EP 18 black suit + black top

8/10 again, is this back or blue idek anymore ImageImage
RP 18 khaki suit + white blouse

7/10 not the most iconic ImageImage
EP 18 white fuzzy cardigan + white t shirt

10/10 as I said, fuzzy ImageImage
EP 18-19 blue suit + white shirt

9/10 I just realized that collar is very big lol ImageImage
EP 19 light brown jumpsuit

8/10 I didn't know this was a jumpsuit until I watched ep 20. the design and the details are pretty but I feel like it's missing something. ImageImage
EP 19 black blouse + oversize white blazer

10/10 adorable and fierce idk how describe this. rather than dark hero this one feels like light villain or sth lmao ImageImage
EP 19 blue striped shirt + denim blazer

8/10 is this a denim blazer or am I jumping into conclusion. looks very casual ImageImage
EP 19 light grey blouse + dark blue blazer + print flowy skirt

16/10 I'm quite disappointed they don't show this fit in a full body shot or at least while she's standing.... ImageImage
EP 19-20 3 piece warm grey suit + black top

999/10 this 3 piece suit is everything omg. a little upset for what happened while she's in this fit.... ImageImage
EP 20 white t shirt + black striped blazer + denim pants

EP 20 black crop suit + black midi skirt

606/10 this is a victory fit. the pleated detail on the top and skirt, the slit on the skirt, the shades... what a moment ImageImage
EP 20 black evening dress

150/10 the finale look yes. very elegant with the sleek ponytail. the off shoulder look was a nice surprise. amazing ending! ImageImage

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