Evanston. I have dreams about this gorgeous yellow house with a wraparound porch that I used to walk past on my walk home from the hell job, where I'd fantasise what it would be like to only work with people I wanted to work with on projects I was passionate about.
I mean I thought about it for a minute and I thought about all the different cities in Europe and Canada and the US that I've been to but Chicago is my home and I have a really hard time thinking about ever leaving.
There is (or was I don't know if it's still there) a mansion on Wilson between Clark and Broadway that I used to walk past. I think it was called the judge malden house. and I used to dream that I would buy it and run basically a fannish boarding house or commune there.
we're talking the kind of place that has a ballroom probably that could be turned into a MASSIVE library. and probably good light and at least one of the rooms for a studio. And the dreams feel too big and also too small at the same time.
when people say what would you do if you won the lottery, I think about buying that house. and fostering a whole passel of queer and GNC teenagers if social services would approve me as a foster parent. I would want to create a place where people feel safe to be who they are.

• • •

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28 Feb
How do I think episode 9 will go? I think Agatha is going to try to siphon Wanda's magic and Wanda is going to flip it and drain hers. Aggie will get old and gray just like her coven, but Wanda won't kill her. She will let her go, because she's tired of death. #WandaVision
Fake Pietro stops being a puppet, everybody teams up to arrest Hayward, Monica gets her mother's jobhites Darcy and Jimmy who join SWORD along with the aerospace engineer who was Talos' daughter from Captain Marvel. #WandaVision
Vision will merge with his OG body, Wanda takes down the Hex, and the kids live happily ever after in the new and improved hex-free Westview. Because after everything that's been taken from her, Wanda deserves to keep the home and a family she made for herself. #WandaVision
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27 Feb
The Snap even took the home he bought for them. I can't believe I didn't realise that 5 years earlier that lot had a damn house on it and she was expecting to go HOME. #WandaVision
This is what happens when I watch things at 3:00 in the morning, then I nap when I wake up my brain feels in all of the missing information that I didn't process the first time. #WandaVision
The Avengers compound is dust. For real, the clothes on her back may very well be all she has in the world. The only homes she has ever known are gone, literally razed to the ground. I am so not OK right now. #WandaVision
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21 Feb
OK I know earlier I was joking that Jimmy's missing witness might be Trevor. then it occurred to me we still don't know why some people could see/remember Westview and others couldn't. #WandaVision
But the theory in the back of my head had always been related to CMBR from the Infinity Stones. Which explained Monica and Darcy, but not Jimmy. So what if the WITSEC missing person also had been in contact with an infinity stone and that's how Jimmy was exposed? #WandaVision
What I'm getting out here is it would be HILARIOUS if Jimmy's missing witness is in fact Loki. I mean they filmed by the same time, right? #WandaVision #Loki
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20 Feb
I am not going to lie I am actually seriously obsessing about the fact that there's that one shot in the montage of Agnes coming through the door that wasn't in the episode that I'm like wait what is that going to happen or was it a fake out or a different take? #WandaVision
intellectually I know that it should not matter at all I should be way more focused on you know EVERYTHING ELSE that happened in the episode which is like ON FIRE and a million things and oh my God so amazing but I'm like but.. but where's the 'hiya, kids'? #WandaVision
WHAT DOES IT ALL MEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAN? no it is not Mephisto omg you need to Elsa that shit and LET IT GO #WandaVision
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15 Feb
I think I know why Vision could not correctly make Wanda paprikash--he was almost certainly using sweet paprika instead of Hungarian paprika. #WandaVision has got me thinking about every first in their relationship that we never got to see.
It's as if we were robbed of both their past and, thanks to Thanos, their future. which is why #WandaVision is so satisfying. because we get to spend time with these characters and their relationship is given space to breathe, instead of merely being presented as a fait accompli.
When the series begins, Wanda and Vision know as little about their history as we do. We don't know what song they first danced to, or what their anniversaries are. This is the first MCU romance since Steve and Peggy where we watch it blossom and grow.
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14 Feb
I can't find any actual statement from Kevin Feige about the final three episodes being an hour each, however I did note that it went from six episodes to nine, but the overall run time of 6 hours remained the same...
and with the covid shutdown and extended hiatus between shooting the final episodes it would make sense to me as they approached the January 15th drop date, in order to complete the sound mixing and visual effects, they may have re-cut the first 3 hours....
... to buy themselves the time they needed to finish the post-production on the final three episodes. They probably got it as down to the wire as they could and frankly airing the first two episodes together was very smart.
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