🚨MASSIVE THREAD ALERT🚨 @kshadyacct4 @ih8ujack and I can confirm: TODAY IS 10/28/2017! If you’ve been following our “Done in 30” decode, we have had this day picked out as “the start” but we needed 1 thing to confirm. Huma. Where’s Huma?We’ll show you🤙🏽 Press release from Today
2/ So, we didn’t think to much of this at first but the “Mirror” really jumped out. For those that don’t know , we’ve been using 30 deltas and MIRROR deltas for our decodes. It links everything together. Go to my Pinned thread for cliff notes version.
3/ Now earlier in the day we ALREADY had this drop on our radar because of the airborne Tweet. So when we saw Huma Q with 854. Well that just put this whole thing over the top.
4/ Quick recap of our timeline: we realized mirror deltas worked and proved it countless times by Using a clock (12 months).The mirror of 10/28 is 4/28. BUT drop #1 says HRC is arrested on MONDAY 10/30. Adding 03 days(30 delta) to 4/28 puts 10/28 at 5/1 and 10/30 at Monday , 5/3
5/ if we look at the 10/28/17 drop. There’s really only 1 thing that can confirm it’s happening. Huma. That’s what lead us down this rabbit hole and gave us our confirmation
6/ So if you follow the @iamhumaQ you can see we get 17 x 2
7/ Then if we go to her @iamhumaq Instagram. We find some more BOOMS. The FIRST story on her page is 171 weeks old! And another story has “Hello Hello” which immediately makes you think “Hello George”. Anyway, the day it was posted is the same day 17 reposted 854!🤯BOOOOOOOOOOM!
8/ Then we saw the amount of followers on Instagram & Twitter is almost identical. If you use both platforms, you know that’s extremely unusual. Now keep in mind the mirror delta of 5/1 is 11/1! MATCH!!!! Remember: NEWS UNLOCKS MAP = HUMA Press release unlocks map!
9/ on Instagram we have follower count of 1438. An exact 3 week delta of 5/1!!
10/ Now if we go to her YouTube link the first thing that comes up is a video. Remember the only other drop with [end] in brackets , also has a chess reference
11/ Her Wikipedia , we noticed a very common 17 theme body of work she had done. For Example: “The same year, she acted in the collaborative film X: Past Is Present. It was directed by a team of eleven filmmakers with Qureshi appearing in "Knot" “11 filmmakers “. “17 presents”
12/ Another feature, Qureshi was cast as a witch in the supernatural thriller “Dealing with the themes of witchcraft”
13/ D-Day
14/ Leila follows the story of Shalini, who tries to find her missing daughter in a totalitarian regime in the near future. it stars Huma Qureshi
15/ Dobaara based on “Oculus”- a young woman who is convinced that an antique MIRROR is responsible for the death and misfortune that her family suffered.
17/ Her latest movie is due for release on 5/21. Another 3 week delta that points at our timeline
18/ I will continue to add to this thread. But for now just realize, we believe this is pointing to our timeline and Monday 5/3/21 = Monday 10/30/17. Please if you are not familiar with the work we have done in the last month. Go to my pinned thread for a recap. ITS HAPPENING!
@threader_app compile
21/ @humasqureshi tweeted “the world is watching” & that phrase is in over a dozen 17 drops. Also several times in our April showers drops

• • •

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1 May
OMG. Everyone stop what you’re doing.... RIGHT NOW
👆🏽Read the thread 👆🏽
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1 May
Leila follows the story of Shalini, who tries to find her missing daughter in a totalitarian regime in the near future. it stars Huma Qureshi
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1 May
Where the fuck is Huma?! Lol
I remember last time we heard, I had almost given up all hope. And that was the very end of the day, on Inauguration Day.....
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29 Apr
IMPORTANT! Tomorrow is our big mirror delta day. There is only one thing I expect to see that will confirm our timeline. That is hearing anything at all from Huma.... Hillary being detained, does not necessarily mean the public will know. Tomorrow, we look for one thing. HUMA
If there’s nothing tomorrow this doesn’t necessarily mean we’re done. It may also be another 30 days or 03 days/weeks..... however, personally , if I see no action by 5/5. I’m hanging up my keyboard until something happens.
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28 Apr
ANOTHER YUGE DECODE!: So remember how we figured out last month that the 4/3/21 countdown lined up with 17’s countdown post on 10/31/20?? Well , we’ve been wondering if our done in 30 would be 30+1 day! And we now have confirmation via another countdown!
2/ Now we realize there is a 3 missing. We just have to figure out why..... 17 misspells and leaves letters out of words to highlight things as we know. So safe to assume this maybe why the 3 is missing. I’m sure we’ll figure this part out in time🤙🏽.
3/ So remember , 4/4 was our zero day from 4/3/21..... that would mean 5/5 would be our zero day from 5/4/21..... once again , 5/5 looks like the day
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28 Apr
Huge!!! 03 year delta +1!!!! Rudy. “Witch hunt”!!!!
From @ih8ujack BOOM!
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