Law 38 Addendum:

At this moment, The Mainstream Media In America is attacking Cryptocurrency; trying to portray it as an evil thing.

If you make it public knowledge that you own Crypto, many will hate you for it.

There are many Rich And Powerful people who will hate you for owning Crypto.

I predict that within the next year, many corporate employees (particularly within the financial industry) will get fired from their jobs, for publicly saying positive things about Crypto or making it known that they own Crypto.
As such, if you own Crypto



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3 May
Most people drastically underestimate the degree to which the status quo can change, and how fast.

Most people assume the current status quo will be maintained forever; they are more close minded than they should be.
During the past 100 years, the 'Impossible' becoming reality, has been a regular occurence.
If I could go back in time to Poland in 1930, and I told the Jews living there

"You need to flee the country RIGHT NOW, or you and your children will be thrown in gas chambers within 20 years."

They would have told me 'That Is Impossible'
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3 May
The truth is; I know very little about Cryptocurrencies.

I don't fully understand them.

Here's what I do know; there is a very real chance they will skyrocket in price and make the world a better place (if they displace government issued currencies that can be printed to infinity and thereby cause hyperinflation).
There is also a very real chance they will all crash to zero tomorrow.
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3 May
Government and Academia:

80% of jobs are Make Work Jobs
Most of the researchers and professors and academia contribute nothing of value to civilization; this is more true in the social sciences and humanities, than in STEM (Science).

If we fired half the people in the social sciences and humanities departments of America, and hired nobody to replace them

....literally nothing bad would happen.
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1 May
I am shocked by the degree of hatred that Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency get.

I sense most of the hatred comes from people who failed to buy any a few years ago...who are angry...that they missed an opportunity.

They are envious of those who bought Bitcoin early.
Central Banks (and the politicians who influence Central Banks) hate Cryptocurrency because it threatens their power.

As Cryptocurrencies gain popularity, Fiat Currencies lose popularity (popularity, market share, is a finite resource they are in zero sum competition for).

As Fiat Currencies lose popularity (people use them less and less), the power Central Banks have over the economy goes down.

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1 May
From 2010 - 2020,

The Leftwing of America has been only slightly authoritarian.

If you say things they disagree with, they might get you fired from your job.

100% of Americans at this moment have zero experience living under a truly authoritarian regime, and I hope they never do.

James Damore said that men and women are psychologically different, due to biology, genetics, and evolutionary pressures (Google Memo, 2017)

For this, The Leftwing had him fired from his job and career blacklisted.
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30 Apr
Getting to the top 1% of skill is exponentially harder than getting to the top 10% of skill.


Because when surpassing the bottom 90% of people you are surpassing people who are incompetent, whereas when trying to surpass people in the top 10% you are trying to surpass VERY COMPETENT people.
Getting to the top 10% of hand to hand combat ability is easy, since 90% of adult men have zero legitimate (USEFUL) hand to hand combat training.

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