💧May Messages for Water Placements/Signs:

~note that roles can be reversed, but since this is Water, I will be making Water signs the main person!
The Connection: I’m getting the both of you (one more than the other) may have given their efforts to the wrong things or people, which has caused an imbalance, making the both of you realize that this connection is a wish fulfillment. Nonetheless, the both of you seemed to keep—
Giving your effort in this connection, yet nothing is really transpiring. You’re questioning, “So when is this connection going to manifest?” This confusion and push for detachment as a result of disappointment is causing indecision in this connection. You two are wondering what—
The future holds and if this connection is really worth continuing, despite the 10 of cups being here. It’s like anytime you guys try and work this out and you two are fine, another tower moment occurs. When will it end? The both of you are in separation as well, which isn’t—-
Necessarily helping the confusion. Which is why it’s crucial for communication to occur.

The block: Overall, distance seems to be a major issue, physical, but could also be emotional. The both of you have your guards up and aren’t necessarily willing to let them down. It’s—-
As if you both are waiting for one another to make a move, but due to the both of you doing this, it’s causing stagnancy. Nonetheless, I do sense as if life got in the way of this connection, and right now the both of you are slicing away and releasing what no longer serves—-
To make room for what’s coming.

Highest Hopes/Deepest Fears: Your person is hoping to get some sort of offer from you or reach out. It’s a bit iffy as to who will reach out because the both of you are at a standstill cause no one is willing to take action and be vulnerable—
The fear of rejection is too high, especially given the both of you see this as a wish fulfillment. I do see someone breaking first though, and it could be this person, but regardless, they’re desiring to rush in to create movement. They’re afraid that they’ll be stuck—-
In this energy of forever waiting. It’s like you’re out of reach to this person, sensing the feelings are mutual, and they’re quite worried as to how this connection will work out in the future or what’s going to occur. The both of you don’t understand what’s happening—
As a result of someone who walked away. Clarity will be required through communication, but I do sense they want to close this distance. Though they’re worried you won’t reciprocate because they overthink.

Your person: They’re working on becoming more free spirited and care—-
Free because I’m sensing all this healing they’re doing has been a blow to their connections. Not literally, but regarding how much they’re connecting with others. They’ve been withdrawn due to healing, and know it’s working because we went from 10 to 9. However, they’re—
Working on letting their guards down and being more receptive. They no longer wish to stand back and remain idle, which is why they’re opening themselves up again to be more interactive with others + open to this new beginning.

Significant Plcmnts: Earth, Taurus, Aqua, Leo,—-
Scorpio, facade regarding embodiment of fire and air energies, Cancer, Pisces, Libra

Xtra Confirmation: 11 hours, 12 days, August, Earth Day, organic, acrylic nails, red rose, A thousand Years by Christina Perri, 2010, 64, Football (American version), staring/gazing, clouds—
—ambitious, black/dark brown hair, blue or black eyes, freckles, June, Leo season, (outer) space

Advice: Okay first off, are you guys dealing with an air sign or someone with major air placements? I keep getting the vibe... 😳. Anyway, I’m sensing your person is working on—-
Healing themselves and what occurred. They’re working through their emotions and learning how to forgive themselves and others for what has transpired. They may have a hard time facing criticism or additional opinions that seem like an attack (sorry air signs if this is u lmao)——
As well as their need to constantly be right. They’re lowing down their guards and their defenses (queen of swords reversed in the previous spread), because they are learning how to be receptive again. They’re wanting a new start, which is also why emotions are rampant.—-
Nonetheless, i’m getting they’re also working on being more connected with others (3 of cups that we originally got) because they tend to ignore bids of connecting with others.

You: You guys seem to be working on trusting yourselves as well as this connection. It hasn’t—-
Been an easy journey, but I do feel as if your intuition knows what’s going on. Keep the faith and continue wondering. Accept and cheer for the good times, and learn/move on from the pain that may occur. You’re working on being more mindful of your surroundings and other—-
People’s feelings. Get out there again and get out of this hermit mode energy! It’s time to be more connected with urself & others (including this connection) and find a balance between the two. Baby steps. Remember as well that rxships are about working together, not against!—-
🎶 Happiness is a Butterfly - Lana Del Rey (lack of clarity of feelings, need for heart to heart)
🎶Tongue Tied - Grouplove (you guys make each other nervous as well lmao; need for intimacy, but major physical chemistry)
🎶Enemies - Lauv (tired of the conflict)

• • •

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2 May
🌲 May Messages for Earth Placements/Signs:

~note that roles can be reversed, but since this is Earth, I will be making Earth signs the main person!
The connection: Right off the bat, I was sensing that this connection is divine. More into this later. In terms of this connection, i’m sensing the both of you are being tested right now. Your commitment to this connection is being tested because this connection—-
Is being divinely guided. It’s like spirit is going over all the work you guys have done and are determining what should happen next/what else needs to happen for this connection to move forward (lessons). You guys both want to give to the other, the masculine energy does, but—-
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2 May
🦋 Vibes Between Air and Water (Signs/placements) Per request 🦋

I’m sensing the both of you are working on your 3D world because this connection became too co-dependent. You guys are working on your individuality during this time apart and manifesting all you deserve. The—-
Both of you are major manifestors and are working on closing out conflicts internally and externally, more so internally. Old wounds may have come up recently, especially because of the full moon. Ultimately though, this time apart has allowed you guys to become more emotionally—
Available and give what you deserve receive from one another. There’s a mutual desire to reach out and be vulnerable, but know that this connection is balancing out. More stability is arriving energetically, and will soon manifest into the 3D.

Powerful change is coming,—-
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1 May
🌬 May Messages for Air Placements/Signs:

~note that roles can be reversed, but since this is Air, I will be making Air signs the main person!
The connection: Okay, your person is desiring to rush in with movement. They’re tired of waiting, well, the both of you are. I’m getting the both of you could be feeling different energies of wanting to rush in, but then you guys stop yourselves, especially this person. You—-
Seem to be feeling their energy. Regardless, I’m sensing this person wants to rush in as well because they see you as abundant and someone who’s stepped into their power. You’re no longer on this BS, and they can see that. With the king of swords, I’m really sensing they’re—
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🔥 May Messages for Fire Placements/Signs:

~note that roles can be reversed, but since this is Fire, I will be making Fire signs the main person!
Connection Energy: Alright, I’m sensing that this connection is starting to balance out again. It’s possible some sort of rift or imbalance occurred between you two, a power play or someone was playing games. But now that the two of you have separated (I don’t sense this—
Separation being recent), and the internal work that you’ve been doing during this time, both of you, has allowed this connection to move forward. If physical movement isn’t occurring, know that it’s happening behind the scenes and will eventually manifest into the 3D.—-
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🧿 Thread of May Connection Updates and Check-Ins 🧿
✨ May - Connection Update for Fire Placements
✨ May - Connection Update for Air Placements
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🦋 Connection Updates - Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, Taurus

This connection is extremely stagnant right now. The wheel is not turning and it’s because divine timing is at play. You guys are becoming more and more stable as time goes on, which will lead to union being—-
Reflected in the 3D; however, there’s still an energy of indecision right now which will be cleared with time. It’s crucial you discern what you want in love and what is a deal breaker!

Block: Someone is working on becoming more stable, but there’s still an energy of tackling—
Multiple things at once. Once this person gets their ducks in a row, well, the both of you, is when things will come into alignment. You guys are working on becoming more grounded and focus more on what is worth your time and leave what isn’t!

Your person is becoming more—
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