In light of my previous tweet, people are asking what were my 21 lessons. Here they are (actually 22) from TPS #578.

1. Your worst allies determine your optics, so either don't have allies, or don't play optics.

2. Everything you said will be held against you, forever...
3. Your opponent is not bound to your interpretation of their words.

4. If you don't know everything about your opponent's statement, you are not in a position to criticize it.

5. In debate, your strategy cannot be to hide your true intent...
6. Your opponent is not bound to your interpretations of messages coming from authorities you recognize.

7. Your proxies are less competent than you are, so don't use proxies.

8. Do not let your opponent define the standard by which your position is true or false...
9. Don't give your opponent an opportunity to display an obviously agreeable common ground.

10. Your proxies will have been convinced by the arguments you've made in the past, so don't expect them to self-censor for your strategic concerns...
11. Your opponent does not have to share your authoritarian desires. Authority is not gained through persuasion.

12. Do not shoot for an intentional interpretation of wrongdoings where an unintentional one would suffice...
13. If you strategy is to disavow for optics purposes, don't be surprised when your opponent disavows you for optics purposes.

14. Any grounds you've abandoned yourself will be ignored by your opponent...
15. If you use the platform given by your opponent to accuse him of deplatforming instead of advocating for the ideas you wanted to advocate for, don't be surprised when your opponent dismisses your self-contradictory attitude...
16. Any movement you create will be grifted by people who don't share your ideas or strategic interests.

17. Your desires to impose authority have no value in debate against an opponent who does not recognize the legitimacy of that authority...
18. Optics are a game that is defined by your opponent. Don't play games where your opponents set the rules.

19. For each person you disavow on your right, a dozen will disavow you on your left and you won't have any good arguments against their decision...
20. Begging for power without leverage is useless.

21. Don't celebrate the shutting down of your opponent when you've previously argued that he was shutting you down.

22. If you are born from chaos, don't expect to master order.

• • •

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