Unreal! @reddit just permanently suspended my secondary account for my reporting on the C0vid “vaccines”. I’ve never witnessed this level of censorship in my life; independent journalists are being silenced for exercising our 1st Amendment rights.
I’m at a point where I’m going to post only at ghionjournal.com and then let our readers and people who value my work share it because clearly non-corporate journalists like me are being explicitly targeted for censorship.
To count, #Twitter permanently suspended my previous account, @Facebook deleted my account, @reddit did the same and so did @LinkedIn. My writing & my beliefs are a matter of public record, I do not advocate violence, I extol the virtues of love and unity
and I question the safety and efficacy of these experimental “vaccines”. While partisan toadies like @maddow and @seanhannity pit people against each other & foment strife, I ask people to look beyond our differences and seek our common humanity.
For this message and for asking biotech corporations to care more about people than they do about their profits, I’m treated as if though I’m an extremist who is advocating violence. Know this, I am not easily pushed around and I’m tenacious as ten thousand pit bulls
when I’m bullied. I will not be cowed now will I go meekly into the night. I’ve seen a lot more and endured many more griefs than being silenced on social media platforms. Once homeless, I slept in cemeteries, the woods & under trucks before, by God’s grace I’m no loner homeless
but I remember my once penniless brethren who still shiver on concretes while I live comfortably in a house now. I owe it to them, if not for humanity and my son, to keep speaking up and standing against injustice.
So keep censoring me #Twitter @Facebook @Google @YouTube @reddit @LinkedIn et al, the more you try to muzzle me, the more I am determined to write and speak. You have the dollars of devils and endless resources but I have the blood of unconquerable people in my heart
and in the end I believe in a God who is greater than the weapons you form against humanity. You are Goliaths for now and I just a meek servant but there was once a giant who seemed unconquerable until he ran into a stone wielded named David.
I too have stones and a sling blade by way of a pen and a tongue that will not be stilled by serpents slither and constrict the vast majority of humanity. It’s a sign of your desperation that you resort to this level of censorship.
But know this, all that you do in the shadows will eventually be revealed in the light. And all the evils you help to perpetuate and give cover too, a day will arrive in time where you will have to account for your deeds. Until then, continue censoring us
and enjoying your position at the top as you keep getting drunk on your hubris. Pride cometh before the fall::

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” ~ Luke 8:17
For those who don’t understand why I’m so determined, why I believe in justice as much as I do and why my faith imbues my heart with the courage to speak truth to pharisees and public serpents, this might give you a clue. Peace::

• • •

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The CDC and Enron Accounting

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Last week, I hinted at an event that occurred recently that shook me & made me very contemplative. No need to be cryptic, the catalyst of my angst was @tina_nguyen from #Politico asking me via texts a line of questioning that had red flags all over it. ghionjournal.com/threatcon-911/
Her specific ask is if I was instigating insurrection in such a legalistic way that it made me think it was a matter of time before the shoe drops. Keep in mind that all I did was quite Thomas Jefferson and cited our nation’s Declaration of Independence.
But I’m aware of what happens to people who advocate unity and asks questions of authority that might inspire others to follow suit. After a few days of anxiety and trying to figure out my next steps, I realized that I could only walk in faith.
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