#WizardOfOz is a cinematic masterpiece for a number of reasons.

As a little person, it’s such a key important part of our history.

1) It represents the first time people w/ dwarfism were together, in community, ever. Whole families exist because of that film. #TCMParty
2) imagine never seeing anyone like you. Growing up in rural America, traveling to LA, walking into a room and being greeted by people whose bodies look like yours.

Who know what it means to be teased/taunted. To spend 2x as much on clothes. To be lonely. #WizardOfOz #TCMParty
3) There are parts of the legacy of Oz that are very complicated for our community.

The commodification of dwarf bodies by averages is repeated in reality tv, the # of times I’ve been yelled at “hey munchkin!” in public. It sucks.

#WizardOfOz #TCMParty
4) But the beginning of a mass dwarf culture, and the creation of that community started with Oz. And for that I will always be thankful.

#WizardOfOz #TCMParty

• • •

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8 Nov 20
People are policy? It matters who’s at the table.

Presidential Appointments 101
With each administration the president has the ability to appoint roughly 6000 people into a mix of both full-time & part-time positions.

These positions are not civil service jobs, they’re typically the leadership of agencies that come and go with each admin. #PeopleArePolicy
A majority of the full-time positions are in DC, however a number of federal agencies do have regional offices, and many of these have political appointment leadership.

Good examples of include the US Department of Agriculture and the small business admin. #PeopleArePolicy
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23 Sep 20
With the nomination of a new Justice, as a disabled woman, I have a lot of concerns. Access to abortion for my community is one of them, and keeps me up at night...

But the monster under my bed, is the impact on the Affordable Care Act. 1/ #HandsOffTheACA #CripTheVote
The ACA guarantees insurance protections for people with preexisting conditions.

129 million people living with pre-existing conditions, including people with disabilities, lives changed when these protections were created. 2/

#HandsOffTheACA #CripTheVote
The ACA is not just about health insurance, though that is a BIG piece of it. For the disability community, the ACA is about freedom.

Access to healthcare dictates a majority of decisions made by people with disabilities and their families. 3/

#HandsOffTheACA #CripTheVote
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27 Aug 20
Everytime i hear someone talk about “school choice” for students with disabilities, i pull out my go to meme of the monarch asking how it feels to be a liar with pants constantly on fire no. 1/
#RNCConvention2020 The mighty monarch in a  co...
You shouldn’t be able to call it “choice” if it results in the eradication of your civil rights.

Priv. schools DO NOT have to comply w/disabled students individual education plan, meaning they don’t need to provide the services they need. 2/

Speech therapy? Nope.

Second set of book? Nope.

Note taker? Nope.

zilch. zero. nada. 3/

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21 Aug 20
Disability Rundown at #DemConvention

We had a visible presence. Yet minimal disability nuance & no shoutout from principals :(

1st mention: Pres. Clinton
2nd mention: Harris staff

Worst mention: voting for 45 is NOT a pre-ex condition (that’s ableist)


Biggest miss: lack of a discussion of race, class, guns, disability AND healthcare with Rep. Giffords and D’Andre Dycus

Powerful symbol: Senator Duckworth standing alongside her wheelchair.

Best Story: Ady Barkan


Opportunity: disabled kids. But can you all PLEASE stop telling kids they have to overcome shit? How about you instead demand ENFORCEMENT.

Hell Yea moment: seeing @VilissaThompson wanting a President to listen to #disabled people (start with this thread DNC)

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8 Aug 20
Keep thinking about what the “end of talks” means for the Safe to Work Act. Introduced a day after the 30th anniversary of the ADA , it would dismantle so many of the protections in the law.

#HandsOffTheADA #CripTheVote

This law would allow employers to decide what civil rights laws they could bypass, using the coronavirus as a reason.

CRA 1964, ADA, Genetic Information Non Discrim Act, all face the chopping block if jobs justify a covid-related reason to waive. #HandsOffTheADA #CripTheVote
1/3 of #coronavirus deaths are in congregate settings. This bill lets the industry walk FREE and clear with NO liability for the deregulation of infection controls

People died because Trump and Seema put profit over safety.

#HandsOffTheADA #CripTheVote
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30 Jul 20
It can’t just be making it a federal holiday. We need a federal holiday + early voting to ensure that it doesn’t make it HARDER for seniors, disabled folks, and low-income go voters to get to the polls. /thread

Public transport runs on alternate schedules on holidays. In some places paratransit for seniors and disabled folks DOESN’T run.

If voting day became a federal holiday, without early voting, we are KEEPING folks from the polls.

For people who have paid caregivers, most of those staff get them federal holidays off.

That means those who they’re supporting will likely be unable to access the polls or get the help they need to vote WITHOUT their caregivers.

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