To all the men that grew up with an absent or weak father, this thread is for you. A lot of men have unending fatherlessness issues that affect their decision making even in their adulthood. Break those chains. This thread will throw a light on that. Let’s go.
1. Forgive your father. I know he would have done more, he probably also knows it. But hating him will not do you any good. Trashing him in front of strangers and women isn’t in anyway good. Reach out to him and talk. You don’t have to be best friends.
Appreciate the small things he did. Make peace with what he didn’t do. Forgive him for all the bad that he did. You will have daddy issues if you don’t let go of this anger. Anger clouds judgement. If you will attend his burial, why don’t you forgive him while he is still alive?
2. You are now a man. You are responsible for what you do. Do not blame your poor decisions on your father. That is the easy way out. Step up to the plate. Get a masculine role model and soak in all knowledge from him. Become the man that you wish your father was. No excuses
3. Appreciate your mother. But also accept that a mother can not raise a son to become a man. She doesn’t know how to. Your mother will build a safe nest for you, but the world is not a nest. It is a jungle where predators exist with prey. A mother raises prey.
4. Because you don’t want to be like your father, you will have a strong saviour mentality when it comes to women. You will be a typical beta male. You will be the chairman of the “I am not like the other guys association”. This saviour mentality is a game where u won’t win shit.
You will want to be the good guy with women. One thing you forget is that the women you date are not your mother. You didn’t come out of their womb. They don’t give a fuck about your saviour complex. Stop trying to be a hero for people that don’t want to be saved.
5. You will try to reciprocate your mother’s love with every woman you get. Like I said before, these women are not your mother. You always want that safety net of a woman. That is why you will want to marry almost every girl you date from day 1.
The moment any woman gives you her contact, you start envisioning your wedding and kids running around in your mansion. You will get hurt in every relationship because your expectations of a relationship do not correlate with reality. You test the river’s current with both feet.
6. You will feel more comfortable around women than men. Men will snap you out of your bubble. This is unpleasant for boys that were raised in highly effeminate homes. You will want to chill with women because they will tell you want your mother has been telling you all along.
You will get friendzoned a lot because you are like a member of the girl squad. Accept that you are a man. Go chill with other men. You have balls. You don’t want to be friends with women, you want to fuck. But you won’t, because you act like them.
7. This list is not exhaustive. I will add to this thread from time to time. Anyone can also add to it. But forgive your father, discard off the view of the world like your mother taught it to you then reclaim your masculinity. You will never get anywhere until you do this

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