“Imagine living your entire life with that kind of transparency.” - imagine not deceiving people. Can you imagine? This makes me so angry.
“a child who lacked social filters” - just say deceit. Say it’s deceit. That’s all it is.
Giving people like me moral OCD because I made some errors of comprehension then pathologizing it. Ugh. I was taught to focus on my failures through reinforcement. This part is so true.
It sucks because the second I do anything here to assert myself I live in fear of the next move of the medical model. The system makes you sick, then makes you sick if you improve too much.
Will end up as PDA or ODD or ASPD. A perfect set of criteria to keep people entrapped within the confines of a deceitful neurotypical standard.

• • •

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More from @roryreckons

2 May
Reading some theory of mind stuff using “Strange Stories” and the way they interpret “incorrect” answers from Autistic people is uhh... yeah. No understanding of the Autistic brain at all.
You ask a logical question you get a logical answer. Not your weird interpretation of what the question was actually asking.
LOL the control group gets it wrong as well and they write it off as being lazy participants who didn’t take enough interest.
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2 May
This paper doesn’t hold back on bad science. “Mental conflict monitoring” is the reason for lack of theory of mind. Literally we think too much about social situations. This basically means all the tests based on this theory which is all of them are junk.
doi.apa.org/doiLanding?doi… This review synthesizes the data on human social cognition a
“Scholars thus manipulated alignment with an own representation in order to assess other-related representation abilities (in a praise- worthy effort not to make conclusions about this from socially aligning conditions only)“
MFW: Since 1986 people ran wild with a theory that has no basis in objective reality.
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2 May
Being any type of -phobic toward other people is your own issue, not theirs. Figure out why you want to hate someone and sort out your issues.
You should never comment or inform people that you’re a terrible person. That’s some extremely erroneous living.

No one gets to the end of life wishing they spent more time hating people.
The only way you could do this is if you commit terrible generalisation errors and indulge black and white thinking, as society tries to train you to.
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2 May
The icing on this cake is this paper:
“Autistic Adults May Be Erroneously Perceived as Deceptive and Lacking Credibility”
Why are we constantly stressed?

We have no win conditions in life. Not believed when we tell the truth. Told off as children for telling the truth.

Pathologized for existing.
I’m not saying we’re all perfect. I’ve been honest about my deceit you can read countless blogs with confessions, but all the time I hurt people knowingly I was trying to fit in. It cost me so much mentally doing that.
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2 May
Ugh... What do you do when there is an entirely plausible conspiracy to keep you restrained?
The second we become confident we get called ‘sense of superiority’.

We are stuck in so many catch-22’s due to NT researchers inability to admit they are wrong.
Start using your vocabulary ‘You are manic’
Start feeling things as they are you have ‘BPD’
Feel depressed about stuff you are a ‘depressed person’
Feel anxious about stuff you are an ‘anxious person’

My entire existence is pathologized with no win conditions.
Read 4 tweets
2 May
Is masking just actually being structurally enforced into lying and the removal of autonomy?
People can mask. But it’s stressful. It’s the one thing that is always consistent when looking into masking studies.
Choosing to put on the mask once you know you are Autistic after diagnosis is so complicated because you know you are complicit in a lie of survival.
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