While ofc specific forms of anti-nonbinary aggression exist, I’ve spent years being really troubled by how often analysis that says binary vs. non-binary is a key oppression distinction also tends to be used to argue against transmisogyny being such a distinction
Consider the difference between “binary people vs. non-binary people” as a division and “TMA people vs. TME people” as a division, and which one is more broadly recognized and which one tends to be hypercriticized
This isn’t to say they aren’t both ignored or criticized to some extent, and maybe this is just my availability heurism, but my experience among progressive cis ppl is they have some sense that my being non-binary is important and no sense that my being TMA is also important
Does this mean non-binary identity can’t possibly be an important “axis”? No, and I don’t know that I have the evidence gathered to say that.
But there are many things we tend to associate with anti-nonbinary sentiment, like anti-androgyny or accusations of having a fake/juvenile gender identity, of being too cis like, etc, that are equally bad problems for “binary” trans women and this is routinely erased
It’s odd to me that we often see the argument that we shouldn’t call e.g. TME enbies truly exempt from transmisogyny but don’t see the claim that binary trans women are also subjected to anti-nonbinary sentiment by merit of being dual-gendered by society
I have thought a lot about the connections between transmisogyny and anti-nonbinary sexism, as someone who is impacted by both, and it’s sometimes kind of a tough but to crack
I think this may be why non-binary transfems like me tend to be called binary or binary-adjacent so often—it’s part of the notion that transmisogyny is a concern that conflicts with non-binary people’s needs, almost being inherently an anti-enby concept
Being a non-binary transfem is *as good as being binary* in this view of transmisogyny, in which “binary people” tends to be effectively code for “TMA people”
So when people act like I’m a binary trans woman, I don’t think it’s an error or even simple misgendering, I think it’s part of a political push to character non-binary identity as fully separate from and in conflict with trans female identity
I think this is also why we see such utterly consistent erasure of AMAB non-binary people even IN discussions of non-binary erasure. There has essentially been a movement to make “non-binary” a TME-centric identity
My argument is not that non-binary identity is reactionary in some way, but rather that the already existent currents of transmisogyny in transdom have given rise to a particularly transmisogynistic politic of non-binariness
*tough nut to crack
And this isn’t to say that I think a construct like “enbyphobia” is problematic, but in practice I know it’s not used to talk about the stuff that happens to me.
I’m now kind of worried about making this thread because I can see this being telephoned into “May said being non-binary is transmisogynistic” despite that being miles away from what I actually said
I am however continually bothered by the way TME/TMA gets called a “binary” but binary vs. non-binary does not, which doesn’t make any sense. If one is, they both are
Or rather it the first is, the second is. I’m not sure that the second one being a binary would make the first one a binary

• • •

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2 May
A large majority of feminists are just cultural feminists whether they realize it or not IMO
Cultural feminism meaning an emergent, informal style of feminist thought in which man-as-conquer and woman-as-nurturer as seen as natural properties, not as the result of male supremacy but the cause of it
The thinking here is that in some evolutionary sense penis people are designed to conquer and fight and vagina people are designed to nurture and birth and so violent societies reflect the natural value systems of penis people
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29 Apr
This is what I’ve been saying institutional transmisogyny and cissexism are about: the maintenance of the heterosexual family as the primary social unit, and in turn the heterosexual family as the foundation of the white nation. Image
Political impulses don’t simply arise from irrational biases, they have a *function.* The important question isn’t what the oppressor feels as they attack us, what motivates them individually. It’s “what is the function?”
A psychological explanation of oppression is never going to help us explain what the political function of oppression is. How can transmisogyny be so virulent if it’s aimed at a group that’s 1% of the population?

Because it fulfills an important function
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29 Apr
I think I put my finger on the big reason I often feel alienated by bi discourse—at some point it feels like we shifted onto locating the core problem of bi erasure as erasing *validity of identity* instead of erasure of *the anti-queer violence already happening to you*
Arguably the essence of biphobic neglect is being subjected to danger like a queer person but being attributed with the privilege of a cishet person. It isn’t just your personal color or self-expression being ignored and frankly too much queer discourse makes it seem like it is
Intimate partner violence against bi women is a form of anti-queerness. Sexual prediction of bi people is a form of anti-queerness. Part of the function of “bi erasure” as a construct is the opposition to ideas of anti-queerness that say they aren’t
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29 Apr
I get really tired of how often argument about misogyny in reader space or in publishing ends with the conclusion that we should be less condemning of cis white women and how seldom it ends with facing the difficulty of being e.g. trans or racially oppressed woman
This doesn’t mean there is no unfair criticism of cis white female authors or that this should be a taboo topic, and in fact it’s a very apt one about QUEER and DISABLED cis white female authors
But even that honestly tends to feel like a footnote in this recurring trend of misogyny being spoken of as primarily a universalized experience of cis white women not being taken seriously and very little anything else
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28 Apr
I wish queer identity discussion made much more room for queer people who can’t and never could hide their identity. We don’t all have the option of passing as cishet until we choose to come out, and the erasure of that shows in construction of most queer discourse
This is also one of the problems with framing homophobia as “having a problem with who you sleep with.” I was in kindergarten being bashed for having a lisp and walking like a girl and the way I looked and moved. Had nothing to do with a behavior that I could have hidden
No one gave a shit whether I actually was attracted to guys or not. No one would have said “oh sorry I misunderstood your identity!” if I had tried to insist that I was really a cis boy. That’s just not how it works
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27 Apr
We’ve talked about bad behavior and systemic problems in romance and Romancelandia—which should keep being talked about—but it’s also worth it to focus on what Romancelandia people do that’s good
Bree and Donna (Kit Rocha) have done a lot to make Romance space more welcoming for me since my first book announcement. It’s nothing forced or mechanical, it’s just being interested in what people are doing
We have bestselling authors in our midst who always take time to spotlight authors less well known than them and to spearhead changes in romance culture and it can make a big impact
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