Nothing like farming some degen shit on MATIC and FTM 😍

Both fast and I can compound my gains and losses over and over again for pennies.

ETH feels like dial up internet

Meanwhile I'm thinking...

If it's not a rug... I'M RICH AF!

If it is a rug...
interesting thing about the bird farm...

no dev or community fund.

the devs farming with us.

if it's not a rug... it's the fairest launch since YFI.

and the bird coin will go to the moon.

if it is a rug... well pool2 ppl gonna learn real quick.

having a lot of fun lol
always remember frens...

when you degen in prod never play with more than you can afford to lose.

these are XTREMELY DEGEN and it will be very hard to outperform spot BTC and ETH over the next year+

but god damn playing on $FTM and $MATIC is so fun and fast like a video game
game theory on the bird farm:

- liquidity mining with float protocol frontend

- fair access to anyone who wants to enter

- better rewards for pool2 (the dangerous one)

- devs want as much as possible so don't hype it up?

could be moon

could be a nice rug

super fun lol
i've been spending a lot of time on SOLANA, POLYGON and FANTOM recently.

FANTOM is the best experience and fastest.

SOLANA is still very immature though looks nice.

POLYGON feels like it's put together with glue. It's scary bridging back.

But all will be huge in the future
it's exciting watching the small transactions come in on fantom (spooky + spirit) and polygon (hawkdex).

doing them myself i now cringe at the fees on ethereum and the time it takes to process TXs.

if ETH solidifies monetary policy...

have a smol stack of #bitcoin left but i haven't touched it in forever.

there's no need to.

that's bad for bitcoin.

i think $FTM, $MATIC and L2s are so incredibly bullish for ETH and DeFi as a whole.

last summer = innovation, now early adopters and soon WE ENTER THE CHASM
not financial advice but...

step outside of your comfort zone and your crypto twitter bubble and explore what's happening on the other chains.

won't take long to setup

will likely blow your mind

maybe try all except for @Cardano hahaha u guys all suck
here is my low IQ strategy:


wait for @vfat12 to add to the Polygon or Fantom...

smol ape into the pool1s

take gains and throw into pool2s...

drink lots and go comatose

tweet shitposts

come back rich or rekt

good luck remember to workout and call ur mom
take care of your mental and physical health

call your mom and dad

be nice to each other

send BK more whiskey bc he's almost out

goodnight fens say it back <3

β€’ β€’ β€’

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2 May
get a lot of DMs. barely respond to any.

did answer this one tho...

pool2 101:

- pair of farming asset and usually ETH

- incentivized 4-5x versus the other pairs

- the exit liquidity for farmers who want to dump

if token is good, you get rich

if token is bad, you lose bad
everyone has their own strategy for pool2.

this is between you and your god.

i like to put pool1 profits into pool2.

gives you upside but limits your downside.

or if the project is good and i believe it will survive long-term...

i will ape and market buy token and farm.
sometimes it works and sometimes you take a match and light money on fire.

until you know what you're doing... play with a small amount.

this is why i am very bullish on FTM and Polygon

they are so fast and so cheap and it's just fun to compound and move positions around
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3 Apr
Stablecoins make this cycle different.

During ICO boom, ppl went from shitcoin into ETH or BTC and then to cash.

Players stopped playing...

But now Tether FUD is dead and you can easily swap ANYTHING into a stablecoin.

Then deposit your stables, earn high APY, and buy dips.
I have many views and they change often...

But I strongly believe:

π•Šπ•₯π•’π•“π•π•–π•”π• π•šπ•Ÿπ•€ 𝕒𝕣𝕖 π•₯𝕙𝕖 π•‘π•’π•£π•’π••π•šπ•˜π•ž π•€π•™π•šπ•—π•₯.

As long as people trust them, money will stay crypto and out of fiat.

This is why big brains are working on different algostable experiments.
I think:

Buying the dip is real and not a meme (this time).

People who made 10x on the BTC and ETH run last cycle went to cash and never came back.

You can make $$$, earn yield + tokens in stables, then buy blue-chip dips and borrow against.

It is π••π•šπ•—π•—π•–π•£π•–π•Ÿπ•₯.
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2 Feb
Y’all know SBF owns like most of SUSHI and therefore DeFi right?

If he wakes up one day a chooses violence...

Fuck there are builders and there are conquerors.

This dude is shaping up to be our Bill Gates.
See kids if you get off of twitter and stop posting 1/68 threads about serum or solana and just go full alpha chad...

You too can be a multimillionaire with bad hair and a high percentage of owning the future of crypto (CeFi + DeFi)...

Oh and don’t forget maps maps maps!
The SBF Index is going to fuck the Yearn index so hard.

Or the SBF Index is going to acquire the Yearn index.

And then it’s SBF + Yearn versus Binance and Silicon Valley.

Oh lord... someone get kirby an old fashioned with a circular ice cube.

Me needs a drinky.
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24 Jan
Is this a moon mission?

COMP has been lagging AAVE bad...

v2 coming at some point

genius degen founder

idk it’s all pasta / psyops

@norugger is onto something...

$COMP TVL = $5,353,633,231.62

$AAVE TVL = $3,649,163,876.69

If you care about such metrics... then COMP is lagging big time.

Both prob undervalued.

But you know not financial advice.

It's all pasta.

$690 COMP tho... 😜
Brother Kirby loves beautiful design and easy to use DeFi protocols.

This is how I came to value $COMP $690.

Not financial advice.

It's all pasta.

COMP $690.

Easier than Brady vs the Pack.
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16 Jan
Could be psyops but...

YOU CAN own both $SUSHI and $UNI.

Crazy we are debating on FDV when you have tradfi companies like Door Dash (that have never made any money)...

But currently trade at a 59.45B Market Cap... in a low margin, low-tech, zero moat business.
The public markets have valued a food delivery business which may have to classify its subcontractors as employees one day and will definitely suffer when covid ends... at 59.45 billion!

There's no way this company ever makes any money.

Booooooolish on the future of finance!
If you own SUSHI... all the crypto influencers can dump on you.

If you own UNI... all of the reasonably evil VCs can dump on you.

I love getting dumped on so I own both.

The @basedkarbon paid group knew all of this was going to happen before it happened per usual.
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