The John Birch Society's magazine, The New American, gives every member of Congress a "freedom score." Looking over the scores, I seem to detect a pattern as to who gets high marks...
...and who gets low marks.
But surely this has nothing to do with race and gender in any meaningful way. Certainly not.

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2 May
One year ago today, this car came to the Oregon State Capitol to protest on behalf of the coronavirus.

Let me try to parse the message: “I'm a rebel, I don't obey the government, and if you do you're a slave, because slavery is bad, but the confederacy was good...” 1/
“...because I'm a patriot, even tho the confederacy tried to destroy the union, which was cool because 2nd Amendment, but also America love it or leave it, but I'm stockpiling guns because I hate the government so much I might have to shoot a member of the National Guard...” 2/
“...but the Democrats hate America and just get black people to vote for them by giving them welfare, and also slavery was bad because the Democrats did it which shows that THEY are the real racists like Candace Owens says, and she’s black so I can’t possibly be a racist.” 3/
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2 May
Not quite. As I understand it the MAGA logic is that CRT is part of a broader "globalist" & "cultural Marxist" conspiracy thru which a rich, culturally-foreign elite (who hate capitalism?) gin up racial grievances to justify expanding state power in ways that harm white people.
Put more simply. CRT is a structural analysis of power. MAGA's criticism of American institutions is just an old fashioned conspiracy theory....and one that's, at root, just a slightly watered down variant of a very old anti-semitic grievance story.
Remember that much of the US right in the 1960s assumed that the Civil Rights Movement was a communist plot, aided and abetted by "elites in Hollywood, the academy, and the media," to overthrow the glorious US Constitution and its "tradition" of local control.
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1 May
The Hitler salute plus the baseball bat gives this a real 1930s throwback vibe.
Anyway, this happened in Portland 85 years ago.
It’s safe to say that Portland today is far less welcoming to Nazis. And also, it’s important to note that there was plenty of subtle pushback even in the 1930s.
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1 May
The key to understanding the surging far right is not the ideas they espouse, it’s the political culture they build.…
This is what I tried to get at with this thread. American politics has always been overwhelmingly binary--Democrat or Republican. But US political culture has always been quite polyglot, and that diversity gets awkwardly squeezed into a 2-party system.
Since the 1920s the US has had quite a vibrant, modern far right political culture. That far right political culture ebbs and flows in terms of its influence and impact, but it's always had a significant constituency.
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1 May
It’s become cliche to refer to the MAGA movement as a cult. But in the 1980s, a major funder of the further right segment of the GOP coalition was the Unification Church, a literal cult.…
Dinesh, of course, makes a cameo in this 1985 article explaining why there’s nothing untoward about American conservatives being bankrolled by a cult that is using them to gain mainstream respectability.
In 1984 the Unification Church paid for a conference where conservative legislators from all 50 states were flown in to listen to a speech by far right conspiracy theorist Cleon Skousen.
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1 May
If there's one thing that unites center-left and center-right people it's taking pleasure in making fun of the lack of intelligence of people on the far right. I get it. It's good for laughs. Makes us feel superior. But politically, it's a bad thing to do for many reasons.
1) It's bad because it underestimates the real danger those amped up "dumb" people are to the groups Tucker encourages them to hate--immigrants, people of color, non-Christians, queer people, etc. Luntz can laugh this off in part because he's not a likely target of a hate crime.
2) it's bad because it's precisely center-right people like Luntz who are best placed to bring his fellow white conservatives back from the white nationalist brink. The pose of "you Tucker viewers are beneath me" renders Luntz less effective in taming the beast he helped create.
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