Remember the Rocky Marciano barber shop scene from Coming to America? Specifically, the first line: "Every time I start talking 'bout boxing, a white man got to pull Rocky Marciano out their ass." I think about that line a lot. Not in any boxing-related contexts, either.
Instead, I think about how what I'll call the "Reverse Rocky Marciano" move plays out in politics. Where the person being referenced is on the opposite side from the person doing the referencing, to say "but look at what he did" as the most simplistic form of whataboutism.
Let's swap some words out. "Every time I start talking about [sexual misconduct], a [Republican] got to pull [Al Franken] out their ass."

The interesting thing is, there are two really telling things about this technique. First, it's almost uniquely a Republican move.
Second, the conduct of the person being referenced almost never compares in general objectionability to the conduct of the original subject of the conversation. Put these two together & you can draw a few conclusions:

1) There are bad eggs in both parties.
2) There are many ...
more bad eggs in the Republican party.
3) The bad eggs in the Republican party are worse than the bad eggs in the Democratic party.

This isn't really aimed at Republican and Democratic voters; it's really a politician/spokesperson thing. But it's definitely there, & it's ...
really rather astounding how frequently they trot out this trope. When the fact of the matter is, they're generally comparing apples to, well, apple orchards.

It's basically like this. Someone starts complaining about how 50 Republican politicians committed premeditated ...
murder last year, & Tucker Carlson starts saying "yeah, but Hillary Clinton shoplifted in college!" Yeah, it's still a crime, but it's not quite the same, & it's still one person vs. 50.

I get it. It's much easier to point fingers at someone else's bad behavior than it is to ...
defend your own. But when you're saying "but what about Al Franken/Anthony Weiner/Bill Clinton" to distract from Matt Gaetz or this dude, do you really think you deserve to win the argument?…
The thing is, it doesn't really have to be this way IMO. If the Republican party cut someone loose after behavior like this, would they really suffer any consequences? I'd think their constituents would feel BETTER about them. They'd definitely be able to defend their ...
choices better. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to argue with someone if they could say this?

You: I don't see how you can say you're a Christian. You voted for a pedophile.
Them: I didn't know that, and when we found out, we kicked him out.

They'd be insufferable.
And these politicos generally aren't from at-risk districts either. So if you kick one out, another one politically just like him can generally be expected to take his place.

So why are they so protective? The easy answer is, they're all awful people & they're afraid the one ...
being thrown out will name names. But tbh I think that's facile. No matter how much it might sound like a good slogan, no, all Republican politicians are not pedophiles/rapists/embezzlers/whatever. Mutually Assured Destruction is too simplistic & doesn't reflect reality.
I think it's both more subtle & more basic. I think it's because Republican politicians have so indoctrinated their voters into focusing on The Other (Democrats/gays/immigrants/etc.) as the sole source of everything wrong with their lives, & if they turned on one of their ...
own, that would be that that person was actually The Other, which means that one of The Others was actually One Of Us, which means what if there are other Others in Us, which inevitably leads to an existential question, what if The Other is an artificial construct?
Bottom line, you can't both exclusively focus on The Other & recognize misconduct in your own ranks without creating a subtle cognitive dissonance in your followers. And it's not like the above thought process would be a conscious thing; it would happen in the background of
people's minds, slowly creating niggling doubts.

But won't that thought process still be there even if these guys aren't cast out? Not necessarily. Humans are, for all our intelligence, social animals, & if our eyes tell us one thing but the people we trust tell us something ...
else, we don't necessarily get that critical mass of doubt that is necessary to start a chain reaction. So the fact that the party leaders don't disavow someone is actually significant.

Anyway, that's my thought on the matter. It's not complete or a grand unified theory of ...
Republican psychology or anything. It's just some musings about a boxer who keeps being pulled out of white men's asses.

• • •

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But ...
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This makes sense in a private company. It makes no sense in a FOIA office. The fees don't even begin to pay for the records (they're holding ...
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I also know that as a straight cis white man, I'm pretty much the ...
least qualified person in the world to intelligently comment on what someone in a marginalized community experiences on a daily basis. So understand those limitations when deciding what to make of this comment.

You do not need to think she is right or wrong to need to watch ...
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