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2 May
A couple earning 500k is in the top 2%, @SRuhle. (And very, very nearly in the top 1%.) Come on.…
Do you realize how out of touch that makes you sound, @SRuhle?
Maybe sit out the “what counts as rich?” debates…
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2 May
California is one of just a few states that have laws explicitly allowing trans students to participate in K-12 school sports. (Went into effect 1/1/14)

As you can see by the fact that girls sports have not been been obliterated, it’s not actually an issue. And yet…
This has been the law for years in California, and there haven’t been any legit complaints. It’s evidence that girls sports aren’t actually under threat and that the rush to pass bills banning trans students from participating are unnecessary (at best).…
I reported on it back when there was a repeal effort underway (it failed, largely due to the fact that there was no actual evidence that allowing trans students to participate had a negative effect)…
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1 May
Less than 40% of people 16 and up in NYC have received both shots (and a presumably smaller number are out of the 2 week period after in which the vaccines provide protection), but ok, bro.…
It’s one thing to make the case that people who are fully vaccinated and outside of that 2 week window shouldn’t wear masks, especially outdoors. It’s another to just make dumb statements about how you’re irritated that people who haven’t been vaccinated are still wearing masks.
These doors love to go around whining about “virtue signaling,” but that’s essentially what these tweets are: they want people to know how over the pandemic they are
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30 Apr
Super cool that the stubbornness of a critical mass of stupidity is going to keep this pandemic going on and on indefinitely with an ever-increasing number of mutations because they get their news from Facebook and think Jesus is their vaccine
That’s the thing: I wouldn’t give a crap what anyone does or doesn’t do if it didn’t affect everyone else. But it does. For months people have been going on and on about herd immunity, very clearly not understanding what it is.
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30 Apr
This is as much the result of a problem with mainstream media outlets as it is with the pro-Trump outlets.
The fact that mainstream newspapers and cable channels and Sunday shows have just opted against holding the people who spread those lies accountable has lent credibility to their lies.
I feel for @pbump trying to fight against the tides of misinformation. I don’t know how to fix the problem, but I feel like there’s not anywhere near enough emphasis being put on the fact that people spreading that lie still get friendly interviews on TV like no biggie.
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30 Apr
Oh man, Josh Duggar got arrested for possession of child porn? What a total surpr- nope, I can’t even tweet that with a straight face. Of COURSE he was charged with possession of child porn because he’s a total creep.

Apropos of nothing…
Republicans are pedophiles.
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