Here’s the thing. People having huge gatherings like anti lockdown rallies are endangering themselves, everyone they interact with, and our healthcare system. Starting from a core viewpoint that most people aren’t actually evil, it can only be explained by a deliberate...
Cohesive, profoundly compelling false narratives and silos that amplify misinformation.
We need to address this urgently, but the fix isn’t outrage, or insults.
But I’m struggling with the approach here; this is a huge structure of “parallel universe” level misinformation.
So as good relevant point raised below which I can add to the thread:
That anxiety-fear responses underpin the extreme pandemic responses: mostly denial + seeking evidence it’s not a threat, but maybe also extremes of avoidance and fearful takes on evolving science honestly
All of our limbic systems have been LIT for a year plus - our reptilian brain are activated and convert feelings to responses and behaviours whilst skipping the rational mind (like fight or flight). Fear and instability can make people seek certainty, so the honest scientific
communications of “we think X but that may change with more data” do not hit the mark like “This is not a big deal / the tests are wrong. We don’t need to do any of these things.”
I’m not a neuropsych expert so open to correction BTW. Maybe the message has to be framed as
Ways to really take control, just being sensible, protecting communities, less fear-doom and more pragmatism, plus harnessing the power of personal experience over the sometimes numbing statistics that people seem to ignore?
Ideas welcome.
Maybe :
Call a misinformed friend (not via social media) while firmly anchored in friendly concern, suggest you are worried poor information is misleading people, but the good news is we just need to take control of things now to get through vaccine rollout....
and we can turn this around? That right now is a crucial time and test rates or not clearly young healthy people are getting sick- and if they don’t get COVID they still may experience health system challenges. We just need caution for a while longer.
(I just don’t know...)
Also- If people who have had moderate- severe COVID (likely 5%) or even nasty outpatient COVID share what that is like maybe that’ll make it more real.
There, social media may help. Please everyone encourage that.
(It’s miserable and you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.)
Plus-yes a million typos and syntax issues, apologies I’m multitasking.

• • •

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18 Apr
Vaccine decisions....
What’s in a % efficacy?
Well, their real world effectiveness looks a lot closer than the low ball Astra Zeneca efficacy and high ball Pfizer and Moderna #, and they all are GREAT against hospitalization and death. (Not bulletproof, but really great.)
And, we have a lot of unprotected people. Highest case and hospitalization rates are in 45-65 year old range.
Waiting to me is like going onto a battlefield and saying “nah, I don’t want that shoulder to knee shield, I want the one that covers my ankles too. I’ll wait.”
Or just “I don’t just want near 100 % protection against severe COVID19, I also don’t wanna get a COVID cold and I’m willing to wait.”
Active transmission now. Don’t super hung up on numbers. As soon as AZ opens up further I’ll encourage my nearest and dearest to go.
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17 Apr
Big picture.
Infectious diseases versus humans. As an ID doc I often reflect that the biggest progress story of modern medicine is arguably about sanitation, vaccines, and antibiotics really saving humankind from a huge number of infections that caused literally 1/2 of deaths:
(Yes that big spike is the influenza pandemic. US data.) Basically most of the drop in overall deaths over 100 y was from drips in infectious diseases deaths. We learned a LOT. Now we are applying this knowledge to this new pandemic. Public health measures and protective gear
...are important. VACCINES are the key. Antiviral and immunologic treatments can help a bit (a few-several percent reduction in deaths). We see the benefit of these learnings over the last 120 years in that mortality graph. The vaccines are as well tested and proven as
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17 Apr
Astra Zeneca is a good vaccine. Pauses for analysis support it’s use, and age ranges may expand.
Is there a risk “free” option? No, we live in a COVID world and it’s spreading aggressively.
Some things that are more likely than VIPIT (severe low platelet clotting disorder):
the risk of dying:
-under general anaesthesia
-In a skydiving jump
The chance of:
winning the Lotto jackpot if you -bought 450 tickets
-guessing the last five digits of someone's mobile phone number
(These are 1/100 000, VIPIT is between that and 1/1,000,000)
There are many communities-even countries- where 1/600 people have died of COVID. Vaccinating a million people could save >1500 people.
And if one or even 10 in that million had VIPIT, early recognition and treatment helps.
The human brain struggles with risk assessment-
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14 Apr
DOSE 2 delay controversies.

I just was answering a question about the second dose delay and figure I may as well put it here as well - as it’s quite a common question.
A booster after the initial immune response has settled and matured is often better
and these mRNA vaccines were studied at the shortest reasonable interval to speed the trials. There is not a lot of data at longer intervals beyond six weeks to dose 2 but the idea that the first dose protection - which seriously reaches 93% at two weeks- would wane more...
quickly than natural immunity, when the vaccine antibody level is four times that of recovered COVID patients doesn’t make sense. For most people, natural immunity lasts 6 to 12 months minimum.

I think the risk is of the dose 2 delay is being overblown, basically.

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13 Apr
Book now, Albertans who want a vaccine and are >55: I know there are open spots in Calgary Telus and Edmonton Expo for AZ dose 1 NOW....frankly I think it could be used more broadly bc risk is really very tiny (not more risk than many common treatments) and overblown but ...
Remember that we expect common blood clots (DVT/PE) to be diagnosed daily in every hospital- and these are not increased in vaccinated. The younger -female predominant- low platelet clot syndrome is SUPER rare and not so far seen in older people. But a huge number of UK...
And Scottish older adults are coming out of lockdown and going to the pub because of AZ. In these settings the AZ effectiveness was at least as good as Pfizer and very safe.

Don’t you want to feel more confidently safe from serious COVID when you go out? My heart lightens
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13 Apr
I’m angry at the FLOOD of toxic misinformation that is being spread about COVID vaccines because it’s actually murderous....people in their 70s with immune compromise in a city with > 200/100000 COVID cases weekly are AFRAID OF LIFE SAVING VACCINES... example absolute BS:
I’m flabbergasted about the froth reach and number of Youtube videos, elder email chains, Facebook ridiculousness - like where did this all come from, why do they want people afraid and at risk? The vaccines are REALLY GOOD and better tested than most medicines people take ...
Without a second thought. (I’m too PO’d and did this without a string or numbers sorry.) like there is IMMINENT ACTIVE RISK OF COVID HOSPITALIZATION AND DEATH. And people are seriously debating liability clauses in pandemic vaccine manufacture. And saying vaccines with 100s of...
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