Maybe I should finally join a club next year. I auditioned for Taiko but didn't make the final cut freshman year, then after that I didn't try anything and then the pandemic happened.
Although, I *was* an ATD (assistant technical director) for a theater group's performance of Pippin my freshman year, but we never got to put it on because the pandemic happened.
And I was a scenic artist for another musical autumn quarter by this same group.
But that's all because one of my friends is really involved and knows I do art and pushed me to help him lol.

• • •

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1 May
Like imagine me on campus over the summer being a little quare (but they see queer and Black) fucking person and when I'm not doing my research I just have this small nice little notebook with me I draw stuff in and it's filled with some art already because I got started before
Just a little Black queer with blue box braids and converse or blue boots and jeans and dey always have a sketchbook and some pencils & pens in deir bag on their person. And they just draw and make art in the sun or shade or in the room waiting for the program to finish running
And maybe it's even got equations and notes and numbers jotted down inside of it because he had nothing else to write in at the time. So it's just this cool beautiful collection of art and astrophysics.

Just, imagine 🥺🥺🥺
Read 4 tweets
29 Apr
Since I've got this project on the brain, I'm also trying to figure out the logistics if I did print this and sell it. Like, would I have people pre-order and then order the printed books in bulk? Because if I did print and sell it then it'd be fucking *expensive* for me (as in
ordering them - big bill) and I don't want to risk being out hundreds or more (depending on interest) but end up having no one buy it - just like what happened with the wristbands [check my kofi!]. But idk.

Also, how the fuck would I decide pricing on top of just the basic costs
to me to produce it? How does one decide that? Should I just say "okay, $__ for effort / labor / whatever [idk the words rn] of creation for each piece" and then total that? How do I decide that?

Help, all artists selling your work out there, I need your advice & experience.
Read 4 tweets
29 Apr
Mkay, since Cass is bugging me (/lh) and insisting that I should seriously consider publishing the book I turned my big art project from last spring into -

Would anyone be interested? I stopped working on putting the formatting together because it's expensive (priced at $74 w/o
tax or shipping for a bundle of 10, less expensive with more ordered), but it's:
- a collection of 26 art pieces, all individually named and presented
- pieces ranging in original media and form from prose to multimedia collage to drawings
- hardcover
- layflat
- 54 pages total
Anyways, I figured I'd do a poll to see if anyone would even be interested in buying it if I did decide to actually make it. I don't expect really any interest, but what the hell why not *shrug*
Read 4 tweets
28 Apr
#AskingAutistics, can yall describe what meltdowns feel like to you? Because I'm #ActuallyAutistic but for the life of me I can't figure out if I've had meltdowns or what they present as & feel like.

I just don't see myself in most information about meltdowns because I don't
hurt myself, I don't think I scream at people, I don't think I shut down from Everything Being Too Much. I just... I know I'm autistic, but I feel like a fake and an outsider because I don't know what a meltdown feels like and I don't know if I've had any. Certainly nothing that
I've seen or heard others describe before.

The closest I've come was this, when I read something that made me wonder if my anxiety attacks or whatever my episodes are around writing are attacks or possibly meltdowns.
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26 Apr
Hey, reminder for everyone - aces particularly.


Fucking quit it with this arospec erasure bullshit! Aphobia / amisia describes hate towards *both* arospec and acespec people and communities, so fucking USE IT RIGHT.
It's not "aphobia" if what you're talking about is only affecting or about ace folks. It's not - that's acephobia, and saying it's aphobia is honestly fucking arospec erasure and arophobia, I'm not gonna sugar coat it. Because at this point, this is a HUGE community issue and
it ain't okay. Arospec folks *see you* erasing and marginalizing us, *again*. Don't think we don't. Yall are also teaching allos that it's okay to use acephobia and aphobia interchangeably - yall are literally perpetuating arophobia and erasure.

And this actually isn't a
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18 Apr
There needs to be more awareness about being a witness survivor and support resources / information.
Tw: suicide

Especially because what is out there is almost exclusively for and about family members who were left behind, and not those who were there and tried to stop someone from Committing and failed.

So, I'm making a short thread about it here.
Tw: suicide

Witness survivor is a term used to describe someone who witnessed a suicide, tried to help prevent it during the Attempt, and/or found the body of the person. It's not common, because nobody really talks about us and it's hard to find information about us when
Read 9 tweets

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