Edward R.Zuckerbrod:”Not one to discard a useful political prop a moment before its allotted time,Biden is milking the ominous optics of the black mask for all its worth.  The Biden-Harris administration —
(1)”... as COVID-created a phenomenon as anything that's escaped the Wuhan lab — is not ready for a return to complete normalcy just yet.  At his sparsely attended address to a joint session of Congress last Wednesday night, Biden signaled his wish to yet extend...
(2)”... the crisis atmosphere that's held Americans by the throat for over a year.Though fully vaccinated (as was everyone in the chamber), he pointedly approached the podium fully masked, slowly removing it only when ready to speak.”
(3)”... Behind him sat Kamala and Nancy both still ostentatiously trussed. The symbolism was unmistakable and utterly depressing.”

“Prolonging,perhaps deepening the feelings of lurking disaster and looming upheaval among our people is the key to holding onto power for the Dems..
(4)”... and they're quite willing to pursue that destructive course come what may.  Keeping us permanently sweating at "battle stations" is the only way to justify the staggering expenditures Biden pushed in his surreal, C-SPAN-ish performance to a nearly empty House chamber.”
(5)”***How else can he hope to extend government control over the behavior and work habits of so many people, thereby deepening the dependency so essential to public support for generally unpopular socialist ideas?
(6)”***Fear is the Democrat Party's coin of the realm — fear, in all shapes and sizes, coming at you from all directions.  Fear of the still hovering Donald Trump and the Deep State dismantlement he attempted.  Fear of the indelible bigotry of white people — inherited just by...
(7)”... virtue of being born white.And perhaps most profitably in political terms, fear of the continued scourge of COVID-19.Unremitting fear, to such an extent that it justifies the insanely irresponsible profligacy Biden seeks to advance...”


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(3)”... this would wreak havoc among enemy soldiers on a battlefield or in an enemy society as a whole..”

*** “The prospect that rogue scientists could develop bioweapons designed to target certain groups based on their genetic differences was raised in a report in 2004..
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And the harassment continues...Do we think anything will happen to Kerry who colluded (and we have this on tape!) with Iran...one of the greatest supporters of global terrorism?
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