1. It's been reported that Assange "implies" and "hints" at it, but he never actually said that Seth Rich hacked the DNC. So why is this story preached like gospel by Assangists? Maybe, it's cuz the guy who finances U4J (KimDotCom) is the one who came up w/ the story to begin w/?
2. Interestingly, that story is why Assange is in prison right now. I always thought it was weird that Trump admin pushed for the DOJ to press charges against Assange, but this sheds light on the whole thing: businessinsider.com/julian-assange…
3. Rohrabacher admits he offered Assange a pardon if he could implicated Seth Rich... to take the heat off Russia. Tho' he denies that Trump was involved in the scheme. bbc.com/news/uk-515664…
4. Trump's people got Assange thrown in prison, just so they could pressure him to provide evidence that KimDomCom's story about Seth Rich is true, in exchange for a pardon. That's messed up y'all.
5. KimDotCom was also offered a pardon by Trump's people, by the way. If I were an Assangist I might be mad at him. I mean... he came up with the story. Why not give Trump's people the proof they wanted, to help free Assange? I mean... if he has any? archive.is/yUJkQ
6. Meanwhile, some people are struggling to figure out why there's a Bill Browder ally on Assange's defense team. Makes perfect sense, tho, to those of us who understand that Browder & dissident Russian oligarchs are covert NazDem Duginists. thekomisarscoop.com/2019/11/assang…

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2 May
Bill Browder's Hermitage Capital was bankrolled by Edmond Safra. archive.is/6YnUE#selectio…
Martin Armstrong has some interesting things to say about Safra... and Bill Browder. armstrongeconomics.com/international-…
Among other things, I found this to be pertinent: "In June 2018, HSBC reached a settlement with the Russian government to pay a £17 million fine to Russian authorities for its part in alleged tax avoidance."
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2 May
Prominent member of India's socialist Aam Aadmi Party exposed... used government funds meant for an oxygen plant to instead sabotage India's covid response, exploit the Farmers' Protests to exacerbate unrest, and to pay for anti-Modi influence Ops.
The Farmers' Protests are highly misunderstood. At its heart, there is a legitimate grievance, but it's not what ppl think. It's an ideological battle between socialism & capitalism. To obscure things even more, it's been hijacked by separatists to spread anti-India propaganda.
What makes the core issue confusing to Westerners: The fact that businessmen are on the side of the protesters. But this is only confusing because most people don't realize how much socialism empowers & enriches the managerial/bureaucratic class.
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1 May
The US DOJ just takes Browder for his word. Why? Fun fact: John Moscow, the lawyer questioning DHS Special Agent Todd Hyman, used to work for Browder. jaccuse.news/page6.html
Browder admits, he hired John Moscow to "track the money" in a money laundering case that Browder convinced the DOJ to pursue, against the guys who ended up owning some of his companies after the Russian government confiscated it from him. archive.is/ZyuME
Once John Moscow got in the weeds, he flipped and started working *against* Browder, trying to expose Browder as a liar who keeps framing people. True, he got DQ'd from the trial, cuz it does violate legal ethics to legally oppose someone you previously represented.
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1 May
Browder was convicted, by Russian courts, on 2 separate tax evasion & fraud cases. He has successfully evaded 2 prison sentences (total 19 yrs) because he's wealthy, well connected, & has convinced ppl in high places that he's being politically persecuted. reuters.com/article/uk-rus…
Browder has consistently said that Magnitsky was "convicted posthumously". Reporters repeat the same story. But Magnitsky was never convicted. The case against him was dismissed. But even with the court documents shown to him, he doubles down & plays dumb.
He was, however, tried in court posthumously. In this article, Magnitsky's advocates express outrage that his defense was only given two minutes. But they fail to mention the part about the dismissal. No more than two minutes was needed! archive.is/bPAkF
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1 May
Professor berates student for defending the Paw Patrol cartoon for kids... & uses fake history to justify it. I am for police reform & restoring trust w/ law enforcement, & this ain't gonna do it. What do ppl think things would be like w/ cops?
Without cops, neighborhoods would either be run by gangs, private security guards who only take care of people who can pay for their services (and they'd both do so w/ impunity), or the military if things get really nuts. That what y'all want? People are ridiculous.
And I'm sorry, but... I don't even know what t/f she's trying to say about 'systemic'. She doesn't even argue her point clearly. There's a problem that's systemic, cuz cops came from people wanting to capture runaway slaves? That is total bullshit...
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1 May
Bill Browder is straight up lying. His fraud against the United States must end. The Magnitsky Sanctions Regime is destroying our country's international reputation, and it's disrupting the global peace. His scam is a national security threat. archive.is/Dug3T
The Russian government didn't go after Browder's lawyers for exposing the government. Magnitsky came up with the alleged government corruption thing AFTER the government went after them, as a defense to charges of tax evasion & fraud filed against them. archive.is/uUfnb
Bill Browder started lobbying congress with the Magnitsky Act in 2010. We were on good terms with Russia back then. In 2013, after it became law, the congressman he duped into the scam said it wasn't designed to, and wouldn't, hurt US-Russia relations. rapsinews.com/legislation_ne…
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