California is one of just a few states that have laws explicitly allowing trans students to participate in K-12 school sports. (Went into effect 1/1/14)

As you can see by the fact that girls sports have not been been obliterated, it’s not actually an issue. And yet…
This has been the law for years in California, and there haven’t been any legit complaints. It’s evidence that girls sports aren’t actually under threat and that the rush to pass bills banning trans students from participating are unnecessary (at best).…
I reported on it back when there was a repeal effort underway (it failed, largely due to the fact that there was no actual evidence that allowing trans students to participate had a negative effect)…
People are aways framing this as a question of advantage or no advantage, but that’s really not it. The actual question is whether it’s worth ostracizing all trans students for the sake of hypotheticals.
Sure, I can think of situations where trans students could have athletic advantages, but there are other situations where they don’t (there are so many different factors at play). Even if “fairness” is the standard here, how is that fair?
You really have to ask yourself what the point of school sports actually is.

For most students, it’s camaraderie. “Yes, but SCHOLARSHIPS!” What percentage of high school student-athletes go on to college on athletic scholarships? Less than 2%.
Can people point to examples of trans girls who have gotten athletic scholarships to go to college? I imagine some probably exist, but the number is infinitesimally small.
To get an athletic scholarship, you have to be the best of the best in the whole country. “I would have totally gotten a huge scholarship if not for trans people” is the same kind of excuse as middle-age guys going “if not for that knee injury, I’d have totally been in the NFL!”
But on the topic of “fairness,” there’s never any concern for what’s “fair” for trans students. Is it fair to tell a 10 year old trans girl that she can’t play basketball with her friends?
How many trans students is it worth isolating away from their friends to prevent one person from winning a track meet with an “unfair advantage?” Seriously, there are trade-offs here. No one wants to acknowledge them, but they exist.
Also, anyone refusing to acknowledge the differences between someone who transitions as an adult after a testosterone-driven puberty and someone who transitions as a teen and never went through a testosterone-driven puberty is being disingenuous.
I’m all for the NCAA, International Olympic Committee, pro sports, etc. setting whatever kind of rules and requirements they want. (I only speak for myself, obviously.)
But people are really going to say that *the government* needs to step in to prevent a 10 year old trans girl who hasn’t gone through any sort of puberty from playing soccer with her friends? Really? Give me a break.
There are a lot of tells in the way this is always framed, but the fact that Republicans are pushing these giant, sweeping, blanket bans with zero regard for nuance really shows what this is all actually about… and it’s not sports.
Muting the thread now because I’m not going to have the same conversation over and over and over with the dumbest people on the planet. Bye now.
I do recommend that people watch this video and ask themselves why this girl, who does not and will not ever have an unfair advantage in sports, should be banned from playing sports at school with her friends.

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