When two of the best summaries of the Covid situation arrive in my mail in the same 24 hours I feel reluctant to promote the second, but this one is simply too good to gather dust. (Played at 2x speed it’s only 22 minutes!) /1
The other was this eminently sane and human perspective: /2
Both of these are beyond reproach in their factual content, making them precisely the sort of thing that Pravda (ie @YouTube, @Facebook, @LinkedIn) are not happy for you to see. /3
The usual pattern is for such content to be removed if it’s popular. This happened to @PanData19’s presentation at BizNews’ conference in March. After around 1m views, we’ve yet to receive substantive criticism of any sort, yet YouTube censored it. /4
After a month of reflection my sense of why this went viral is not simply that it was a concise summary of the entire false narrative, but that, being a live presentation, it had a degree of immediacy & passion that spoke to the public, many of whom know they’ve been duped. /5
Many missed the Q&A. Part 1 of that is available here... /6
... and Part 2 is available here: /7
PANDA has moved all its materials to Odysee and encourages others to do the same. YouTube and friends gaily bestow Free Expression awards upon each other, even as they crush dissent, no matter how sound it is. This is higher grade trolling. /8 reddit.com/r/JoeRogan/com…
Pick your favourite and do all you can to spread it far & wide, on your websites, social media groups, by email, whatever. We need a sufficient minority of people not brainwashed by the enormous propaganda machine that has driven this mania of hysterical fear & pseudoscience. /9
Men go mad in herds and recover their senses one by one. We need proportionality, reason, sanity, courage and ... THUMOS to be the new viral spread. Play your part! /10

• • •

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15 Apr
A better analogy than all those "pee-in-your-pants" ones, explaining why masks don't work.
Twitter bans links to an NLM article demonstrating that masks don't work. Creepy. Add an "h" to see it: ttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7680614/
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12 Apr
You can’t make it up. There was a time, say 11 months ago, where pointing out that pre-existing immunity was expected and evident earned us that darling label, “Covid denier”. T-cells were “immunological dark matter” and doctors mentioning them faced disciplinary procedures. 1/4
Now even the charlatan Drosten is in on the action, though his every action before this has spoken loudly against the idea. 2/4
As we drift through two-mask Lala Land and watch lockdowns continue, though we’ve known they don’t work since last year May, the things we’re censored and shouted at for now are even crazier. 3/4
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1 Apr
After half a million views, an outpouring of emotional positive responses, no complaints about veracity & 100 likes for every dislike, @pandata19’s BizNews presentation, "The Ugly Truth about the COVID-19 Lockdowns" was deplatformed by YouTube. 1/4
Censoring speech, let alone true speech, is evil, and YouTube has gone Stalinist. We must fight this darkness. George Washington: “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.” Please help us to get this message out there. 2/4
In addition to censoring @BizNewsCOM's channel, YouTube saw fit to remove @pandata19's interview of the great Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, hero of the Swine Flu scandal of 2009, which had been up since December. This was one of my favourites. 3/4 odysee.com/@PANDA:3b/pand…
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20 Mar
Great summary of the De Santis round table with four of @PanData19’s advisory board members, from our friends @Rational_Ground. 1/5

It struck me how long the points they’re making have been evident. Here’s the summary from @GovRonDeSantis’s September round table. 2/5
Governments and the @who persist with a deliberate campaign of disinformation, amplified by media propaganda. All are firmly jammed in the pocket of Big Pharma, Big Tech and the B&MGF. 3/5
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14 Mar
Holy crap! Her PR handlers aren't going to be happy with this one! Implicit in this is that they all know that the reopening states are going to blow the lid off the lark. "What's the carrot going to be?" she asks. If I were you I'd be more worried about the stick coming my way.
This gives the entire game away. Note also how she bears the mantle of the WHO's crackpot redefinition of herd immunity (by vaccine only!), one taken up by Fauci too in recent days, along with his new talk of elimination. These people are something else. We need to evict them.
Oh to be the interviewer! Five minutes of Q&A and the whole saga would be over.
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