Debating and destroying Far right ideas sure help decrease the spread of those ideas and their influence, right?
Wait a minute.... ImageImageImage
For context these are the statistics of the growth of far right people who have appeared on a panel where the host believes "defeating" the ideas actually does good. It is almost like debate doesnt help change people's minds but only increases their spread. Funny how that works.
Result after platforming an actual Proud Boy. Image
Im almost starting to think debate is pretty much worthless! ImageImage
Again, meta analysis that proves debate is pretty much worthless.…
The graphs shown here are from the most popular far right people on twitch and it shows an exponential growth that coincides with the appearances on debate panels.
Another spurt of growth that coincides with panel appearances. Image
Around 100-200 people following over the period of 1-4 days after each panel appearance speaks volumes.
Not as damning, but the spikes are still coinciding with panel appearances. Its almost like this Youtube channel has only ever gotten growth due to panel appearances on twitch. It is now around 3k in total. Image
Damn, look what I found lmao, I wonder why.…
Growth is consistent, 100-200 followers after every panel, they remain at the same pace for long enough that it is extremely unlikely this is bots or hate watchers, ever heard of hate watchers that amount to thousands of people that follow for 6 months? Me neither. Cope harder.
You're looking at the true harm that the format and irresponsible platforming does to people, and it may be hard to reconcile that with your idealised version of debate as the holy grail of deradicalisation, but that doesnt make it any less true.
People are grasping at straws trying to deflect a fundamental truth because it gives them cognitive dissonance lmao. All I did was look at public data, the site I used is even watermarked. Look it up yourself, you can figure out who these people are. I didn't manufacture shit.
I would name the content creators who platformed these bad people but I don't fancy getting dogpiled by their stans. You can put one and one together though, you all know which people I am talking about. That's why the deflection came immediately before any actual engagement.
Consider this, if I cite a meta analysis that proves debate isnt useful, actual data that proves my thesis about platforming and interpret that data, and stans still grasp at straws to discredit, you can truly see how deeply ingrained the idea of debate as the ultimate weapon is.
Anecdotal evidence has its place but in the face of this, it pales in comparison. We need to do better, we need to reform the entire panel scene to mitigate the harm that is being done and even then Im not sure it is enough. All I ask for is responsibility and accountability.
But you are truly terrified of those two things and it shows.

• • •

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