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2 May, 8 tweets, 4 min read
I have watched Modi since 2001... Not once in these last 20 years has he ever mentioned the term "Hindutva"... He does not believe in any stupid Hindutva... He hates UC Hindus... Only Gujarat kept him quiet bec its a highly Hindu-dominant society..
Gujarat was the first/ONLY state to give power fully to BJP since the 90s.. It came to be known as the "Hindutva Laboratory"... but never has Modi uttered the term "Hindutva" since he became CM in 2001.. this term is an abusive term for BJP now.. @DrlathaC
You look at the BJP Constitution and that garbage called Munnifesto for LS2019... It ordains that all BJP members must compulsorily follow Secularism and adhere to Gandhian ideals... Gandhi and Hindutva are INCOMPATIBLE...
Hahhaa... Staunch Hindutva guys like Yeddy, Hegde etc have been silenced by Modi... you dont even hear a word from them now... He has Kalma chanting fools as ministers & others who brag about thookiya appeasement as glory..
1. From Jana Sangh to BJP ... the party was definitely a pro-Hindu party & never Muslim appeaser as its agenda.. as times changed.. its boss the RSS got morons as their Sr heads.. they REDEFINED "Hindu Rashtra" every time their balls were chopped off...
2. By 21st Century... BJP doesnt know what or who it stands for.. Its a nucking Biryani with veg, goats, chicken, camels.. everything in it.. they have forgotten who got them to power & now they are as Thookiya as Cong or TMC thats why Bongs stick to TMC
3. The worst donks in India are still those who call BJP a "Hindutva" party... call Modi a "Hindu leader" and think the BJP gives a shytt about Hindus... You are the real fools.. not the Bengalis who voted TMC knowing BJP are Sickulars.. so they stick with known Sickulars..END!
I dont have a problem if BJP is a Secular, Neutral party... But under @NarendraModi... It has been a totally anti-Hindu, Muslim-appeasing party... thats not doing "Justice for all" as he grandly claimed in 2014..

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2 May
#BengalBJPBusted ... I hope both @NarendraModi and @AmitShah shred their arrogance... and stop fooling Hindus... If not .. your empty chest thumping blabber like you had dreams from 2015 will be drowned faster..
#BengalBJPBusted @AmitShah and his stupid chest thumping still fool people... they forget.. He thumped his chest for 150 in Gujarat 2017... barely clung to life with 99... Shouted 200 in Bengal... where did BJP end up?.. Thoda rhetoric kum karo bhai...
#BengalBJPBusted Modi went as far as bowing to Mujibur and calling him a hero for all Indians... This FALSEHOOD for an anti-India person... just to please Muslims in Bengal... There is a limit to how much you will fall for votes.. the greed is pukeworthy...
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2 May
To defeat one woman in Bengal... @narendramodi @AmitShah deployed the whole BJP team, footsies, media, 50 ministers, even purchased corrupt TMC crooks & still couldnt ground her... You must wonder if "Mooh me Ram, Bagal me Shabana" works... #Bengal
The taunts of "Didi... Oh... Didi"... were a direct attack on her gender... Dont tell me youre so naive that you think "Didi oh Didi" was an affectionate address to a woman.... That shes a woman is coincidental.. but Modi was a fool to use the Didi taunt..
I have absolutely no doubts... @NarendraModi is Islamifying India.. from Tomb lighting to school books to doles to crawling up to Mujibur Rehman for Bengal Muslim votes... I dont think except shouting Jai Shri Ram BJP does anything for Hindus...
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2 May
While the results are still to crystallise in any form... The arrogance of @NarendraModi & @AmitShah and their SPITTING on Hindus & hugging Muslims for votes is not going down well with many... Its after a long time Im seeing many want @BJP4India to lose..
And they dont want @BJP4India to lose bec they love TMC or DMK... In fact BJP supporters HATE these parties... Yet they hate the arrogance & Muslim appeasement of BJP so much they feel antagonised... @NarendraModi @AmitShah are IGNORANT of people's pulse..
It is too difficult to pull the nuts out of the fire for BJP now... the gap looks too big to cover...
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2 May
Bhai @tavleen_singh RSS workers are still helping out many places.. Whats this nonsense of "Oxygen Langar"... all this Langar crap is only for religious promo over how much one community is doing.. Give this Langar thing a rest..
Hahhaa... "Bhai" doesnt mean literally.. Its a figure of speech like .. "Arre bhai"... that is commonly used regardless of gender... or "Beta" is used for daughter..
Whether RSS does or not... Whats this stupid comparison with a "Religiously Selfish Langar"?... The Langar has every stamp of Religion, Khalistan blah blah.. I find nothing selfless about it..
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1 May
Even in the middle of a calamity... theres a dhakkan whos worried about SC/ST and such nonsense... I wonder how this gasole became a judge...
And a blabber-mouth PM who actually knows nothing... has contempt for merit... hates UC Hindus... and peddles fake dreams of "Vishwa Garu"... its a stupid cocktail that idiots blindly drink without thinking ... thats all...
And if you ask me.. All the EVILS of this criminal Rijadvasun policy is visible during this Covid Calamity...
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30 Apr
Given the population and geography... there should have been zonal task forces headed by a Central task force... and task forces without stupid politicians but only medical and tactical experts... @narendramodi is failing on that..
If you want "Central Control" alone... then naturally all the blame will come to Modi... and he must find the balls to bear that burden too..
The problem with @narendramodi is he is clueless & blabbers nonsense.. Today he described Covid as "Pandemic of the century"... Arre people are drowning... youre describing the water ... what sense does it make if its pandemic of the century or millenium?
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