part of the reason that i love alan shore in Boston legal and his gentle dom vibes (ditto when james spader plays the same variety of character in Secretary) is like.

so firstly he comes off as ND which makes sense given that spader has referenced OCD in the past
but more than that like... for all in Boston Legal everyone says he's misogynistic when you actually look at his behaviour he's not - he frequently empathsises with the victim over the abuser and actually CLOCKS misogynistic abuse immediately
and people note his misogyny where they don't clock brad's even tho shore uses misogynistic expectations as a tool in the same way he uses sexuality against men, in the same way he uses any prejudice he notes that people have
and the thing about that combination of character traits - gentle dom vibes, soft spoken but erudite and able to use volume to his advantage, hyperaware of nonverbal cues and social biases, Particular about his environment - is that they appear in my experience in 2 kinds of men
neurodivergent men, especially ND men who have had some reason to introspect on their relationship with sex and gender and their own power over others

and male abuse and trauma victims, esp of SA, esp CSA
like!! obviously he is a victim of stalking and its a thing we see canonically and he's used to that sort of thing but like

there's just this hyper empathy in him combined with a chaotic goodness that I'm 😍 over at all times

• • •

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1 May
I'm thinking about like. an extremely stuffy wizard in a magical school who's like

not a personal assistant to, but someone who nonetheless does a lot of secretarial duties for the dean? bc he's angling for a promotion
and frankly he's unpopular because he's difficult to be around - he knows his stuff but he's arrogant as all fuck, he's condescending, when he is wrong he refuses to admit it, and he's so insecure he loses his temper at the drop of a hat
he's scared of being stuck in the same place forever bc he WANTS to advance and he's frustrated that ~popularity~ factors into it when everything should be based on SKILL, and refuses to acknowledge that people based skills are important to running a department
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1 May
Once again i say that I'd watch every other terrible movie on Netflix if it was about gay men instead of a pair of cishets with no chemistry
my options are depressing documentary about icon disrespected by cishets, boring indie "romcom" with bland script about teenagers, horny show directed by ryan Murphy that isn't hot bc ryan murphy's kinks bore me, or tragic ending struggle movie in the "drama" genre
like my wants are not complex. i just want normal fantasy and sci fi and horror but you let the dudes actually kiss (and fuck) instead of heavily implying it or mentioning it in interviews afterward
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1 May
make no mistake, my "business model" is based in accessibility for a reason.

- my tweetfics are free to share, read, respond to. tip jar is optional.

- my serials are FREE for ANYONE to read - tip if you can, but if you can't, no worries
most people can't find enough time to read. I struggle to find the MOTIVATION to read even when I have the time. I want stuff I can jump right into and read without having to worry about commitment

there you go, tweetfic and serials
the serials, when completed, are re-edited and published as books - this is what I did with Heart of Stone, its what I'll do with Powder and Feathers and the rest

so you can buy them as an ebook if you want and you can, but you can also read them online
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1 May
tbh a lot of people have attitudes about fandom they need to unpack lmao

just because I'm writing original stuff now doesn't mean I'm "above" fandom - fandom is good bc it centres the creative freedom and analysis of fans, not creators at the top
that's literally how I feel about everything

me not believing in capitalism or monarchy means I don't believe in hierarchies.

I don't believe in respecting "masters of the craft" exclusively, especially bc those "masters" only actually master a small and specific area
every single person's view on a piece of art is worth hearing, worth expressing, worth discussing

I dislike academic culture because it makes many non-academics and struggling academics feel their feelings aren't worth expressing bc they're not expressed ~intelligently~ enough
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1 May
woobification is when someone likes a character that I hate 😡

and I'm going to appropriate a LOT of social justice terms to explain exactly WHY I hate this character, and why you should feel GUILTY for daring to enjoy them while I exist!!! 😡 😡 😡
woobification is when strangers on the Internet don't respect my boundaries by making sure everything they enjoy is actually about and defined by my personal preferences 😡
woobification is when marginalised people identify with the trauma of a character that I think deserved to be traumatised 😡
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1 May
essays aren't just for academics or academia and shouldn't be judged exclusively by academic standards

your tweet thread analysing Sam Wilson's character motivation in #FATWS is an essay.

your blog post about exploring disability through fiction is an essay.
an essay is just a piece of non-fiction writing on a subject

you expressing your standpoint or take on a subject, especially if that involves a level of analysis or critique or introspection, in the form of an extended piece of writing?

that's an essay
i hate how the word essay had come to mean like. homework or a stuffy piece of deck made unreadable by its academic tone

essays should be fun and casual and expressive and people should feel they can enjoy writing them
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