I know everyone is talking about the article, but let’s stop and look at this image and the message it sends: because it very, very definitely gives the viewer a lot more than people seem to be realising. A thread:
Let’s start with the “glow”. I mean, I’ve been calling it a halo because it’s reminiscent of Catholic iconography, but even if you won’t leap that far, just think about what kinds of beings “glow” in various media. Supernatural beings, aliens, gods, angels, magical beings...
Straight away we’re subtly told that Scotty is something bigger or more powerful than ‘human’. To put someone apart, or on a pedestal like this means overlooking their fallibility, deficiencies and flaws. To encourage this belief in a political leader is dangerous.
People have commented on the expression on Morrison’s face: it’s actually quite interesting. The downward angle of his head directs our gaze down, but also suggests that Scott is submissive or respectful. He undoes this with his trademark ‘smirk’ and his eye contact.
Who knows what he thinks he’s communicating but I’ll bet there are a bunch of trauma survivors that have seen a similar look from an abuser (not accusing, but it’s reminiscent of that to me!). It says “I’m too good to look down and I know you can’t do jack about it” perhaps?
I got off topic. The downward angle of his head works nicely alongside the cultural convention of reading too to bottom and right to left- it’s a powerful way to draw our gaze down in a straight line from the chin to his tie and the headline. A straight line like this: |
But as we’re going down, we’re dragged outwards by his hands, and our eyes travel in a horizontal line, like this: -
When you put both those lines together, you get a lowercase ‘t’ shape, or a symbolic cross shape: ✝️. Add that to the glowing halo, and who do you think of?
I’m serious, stop for a minute and see what images your brain gives you when you add 😇+✝️.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 1000 years, you probably thought of Jesus Christ. Maybe even a crucifixion icon?
Creating a visual allegory for Jesus using the leader of a secular democracy is a very potent & forceful thing to do. They’ve basically presented Scott Morrison, the leader of this country, as Jesus. 76% of Australia comes from a European ancestry with likely Christian heritage.
So even if we’re not religious, we have sufficient cultural knowledge to subconsciously pick up on references to God and Jesus just by looking at a picture. This is mad.
I haven’t even gotten to the colours, the hands or the Australian Flag pin. I’m exhausted. I’m depressed.
I’m terrified for what is happening to the people on this stolen land and I am sick of it being ‘okay’ because it’s not happening to you. Or me.
Christianity, true Christianity, is rooted in humanity, compassion and humility; not just for one’s own community but for all communities.
By the way- the ‘evil one’ that is active in our lives today is not social media, it’s capitalism.

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