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2 May, 12 tweets, 2 min read
I've been repeating this over and over again. I have no problem in telling this again now.

I don't speak for Everyone. I am a Dalit. I speak for my People and My people alone. Welfare and Rights of My people is more important than anyone else's for me.
Centuries of organized oppression gave leverage to Non-dalits in various ways, one of which is having representative voice, a leader who enables their casteist fetish to oppress Dalits. Despite all those, expecting Dalits to speak for EVERYONE is savarna greed.
It's not My work to succumb for that, to crave for Their Validation. I am with Dalits, with My people. I am true and honest to the core to them. If that sounds like self exclusion or isolating Dalits, question who Put us here in the first place. Don't question Us.
Ask yourself, with all your Privilege, have you stood against the oppressors? Then How Dare you to ask those without your privilege to stand up for EVERYONE including the privileged?
How dare you try to guilt trip Dalits for not trying to be Inclusive when being inclusive was an option never given for us? All you ever did was exploiting us in every micro and macro way possible! And when we resist to be your powerhouse, you manipulate us!
You inclusivity is giving us a place in your dining table, to sit as equals. But what do you serve us? Nothing that you eat or drink in the same utensils as you use. We don't need a place at your table, we want the same fucking water in same fucking glass.
Your people literally dominate the power positions from Civil services to Supreme courts, in every single government office, especially banks. With all those power and networking, you still want Dalits to voice for you? To fight your battles?
Dalits are ready to be inclusive, but are you ready to explain your inclusivity? "We can be friends, but ewww, can't marry a dalit.." that utter disgust! How many closeted Dalits would've heard this aloud in their lives repeatedly!
You are not concerned about Dalits being isolated or excluded. You're scared of Dalits demanding autonomy. You are scared of Dalits challenging your privilege, your power, your order, your pretty much everything, by merely sitting cross legged before you.
From Ram Nath Kovind to Ilayaraja, how many Dalits, despite being in power earned just by their hardwork, humiliated by 'poor' Brahmins and UCs just because they are Dalits? A temple built by Ilayaraja was purified by Brahmins after he left, because he was a Dalit.
They need his songs and charity, but Not Him. That is their reality. They need Ilayaraja when they want to boast their caste pride using his songs, but not him. And Ilayaraja is just ONE name. And they will say "I'm not a casteist because I love Ilayaraja"
This is their inclusivity. Dalits are ready to be inclusive if they can change their grammar of inclusivity. If they can unlearn all casteist shits they've learnt and frame their inclusivity as how the oppressed define it, Dalits can be inclusive.

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2 May
When Millionaires are silent during a crisis and not donate a single penny to the needy, how dare you ask those who struggle for their daily bread to donate for the needy?
When the privileged actively or passively enabled casteism, institutionalized discrimination in every way possible, rendering Dalits powerless, How dare you ask Dalits to fight Everyone's battles when you can merely reap benefits from their struggle,
sitting in your air-conditioned chambers, publishing papers on 'subaltern' studies and eventually dismiss the very voice and labor you exploited for your privilege?

Yes. It is a vicious cycle, happening for over ages.
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28 Apr
How to stop Casteism and discrimination - a thread.
1) Stop discriminating Dalits and anyone who lacks the privilege and access that you enjoy.
2) Stop mocking Affirmative action such as reservation and reparative measures began few decades ago for centuries old oppression and systemic ostracization.
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