🚨 FYI: There are more & more Doctors speaking out how women who Haven't taken the CV Vaccs, but are around people who Have taken the Vacc are having severe issues w/their menstrual cycles, miscarriages etc. The spike protein in the CV Vacc attack Placental cells which can cause
2) miscarriages,stillborns, infertility & are effecting many women who Have taken the CV Vaccs. Research this. Pfizer knew about this & discussed it in their protocols for Test Subjects. Criminal. People who took the CV Vaccs are shedding the vaccine thru dead skin cells & their
3) breath. Please stay away from others & quarantine at home until more definitive Research can be done. Do Not go near Pregnant Women or women breastfeeding, Please! This is not a Joke...
Here is the Medical Survey listed in the article..

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30 Apr
🚨 πŸ‘‡Please watch & see what the World Economic Forum & their OverLords have in store for us. Look at their New Mask they've created for All to wear! 5 minutes. Links to other info below in the thread. They aren't letting go of their control over us..
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30 Apr
🚨 Think about this..The Communist Dem Party has Waged War on:
Police, ICE, LEOs
Christian & Jewish Religion
Education System
Women's Sports
White people
Conservative Minorities
Doctors, Healthcare Workers
Data about Effective Meds
2) Data about Natural Supplements
Data about Dang*rs of C V Vaccs
Data about the worthlessn*ss of masks, social distancing
Professional Sports
Kids Sports
Freedom Of Speech
2nd Amendment
4th Amendment
Right To Privacy
Right to Move Freely
Small Businesses
Right to Work
3)Right to Protest in D.C.
Right to Gather & Assemble w/o Infringement
Pledge of Allegiance
National Anthem
U.S. Constitution
Border Protection
Financial Freedom
Parent's Rights to Raise/Educate their kids the way they want
Teaching kids about Sex w/o Parent's approval
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29 Apr
🚨 When looking at the Commie Dem Party & those assisting them: Fauci, Gates, MSM & Politicians like Pelosi, Schumer, Joey, Kamala etc it's easy to Lol at them seeing how utterly stupid they are. But, to Win the War, you Must know your Enemy. All of those are just the,"Front Men,
2)the Bag Men/Women",as the Mafia calls them. They aren't important & have No Power. Just the mouthpieces. Our Enemy is Strong, Brilliant, Well prepared & have a Very Good Plan to destroy our Sovereignty. Do Not Underestimate Them. Ex: They want $15hr min. wage. It was denied. So
3) The Dems let, Frontman Sen.Manchin, be the Bipartisan Negotiator. In place of $15hr, he got the GOP to go along with extending the extra $300/week to Unemployment Benefits until Sept. So, Many are making More than if they were working. Businesses can't find Employees to work &
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26 Apr
🚨 As a Nurse, I was trained to believe that Vacs are essential & life saving. Growing up in the 60-70s, I never met an Autistic person. My neighbor's daughter became a,"Vegetable", after receiving a MMR Vacc. Her Mom took total care of her. She was bedridden & died in her 30s.
2) She was the only person I knew damaged from a Vacc. We barely were taught in Nursing School about Autism,70's, as it was extremely rare. But, Vaccs changed in the 80's. The blood supply was contaminated. Vacc manufacturers started using different animal vectors. Simian, apes
3)began to be widely used. Many ape viruses were transferred to humans in Vaccs causing many mental & physical issues in people affecting millions today.The Hospital I worked at made Flu Vaccs mandatory in '85th. I took it, got the Flu, Pneumonia then Epstein Barre. My MD said I
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23 Apr
πŸš¨πŸ‘‡ I Researched this ~ 2 yrs ago & warned that the Globalists told us via the U.N., that they would start pressuring Banks & All Lending Institutions to Not Loan $ to Citizens or Businesses etc unless they agreed to purchase the New Green Deal Products. Ex: Banks won't loan you
2) $ to buy a new vehicle unless you buy an Electric vehicle. No $ for used fossil fuel vehicles. Can't buy a house unless it's solar or you agree to switch it over to Renewable Energy sources. Same with Businesses.No loans unless you retrofit your buildings etc. Well..
3) It's starting. Please watch this video. Better buy what you can now Before this starts!..
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