This is dumb. Prison abolitionism as an ideology has been around since the 1800s amongst leftists. Conflating that with neoliberal co-opted representational politics is a straw man.
prison abolition is mostly applicable to a post capitalist society. The whole point is to constantly chip away at it, fight for justice and expose how the law is dependent on terrorizing these minority populations in prison.
As if people in prison aren't "workers" they are essentially slaves that get paid little to nothing
This "workerism" shit is just dog whistle to lift up white grievances and ignore racialized populations. elitist garbage under the veneer of marxism.
Also if you gonna shit on the new left you're also essentially shitting on stuff like the black panther party. Do better.

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4 May
The reason why alot of antiwoke/dirtbag/ post left people talked shit on last summers uprisings and ironically and or indirectly supported the Capitol pusche insurrection is because of race.
Last summer black population in america proved that it was the most revolutionary subject and most importantly captured a huge portion of the NonBlack population to oppose racist state sanctioned violence against black people.
These were some of the biggest uprisings the world has seen since the arab spring and there was solidarity shown all across the world from many different races and ethnicities. Everyone united in opposition to antiblack police violence. Whiteness was decentered
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3 May
my friend just sent me a very compelling argument. he said the white anti idpol left isnt very smart the reason being has gender and racial politics been co-opted by liberalism? to some extent yes
but class politics has literally been co-opted by white supremacists so if you wanna go by that logic you should drop class politics too. this is historically accurate. throughout history far right and fascist movements utilize the language of class politics.
they do this be enacting a boogeyman populist rhetoric by picking a global elite to oppose and a class enemy which is often immigrants. if you look at the formations of far right movements they exploit these class antagonisms of white grievances
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2 May
Whenever white leftists be like "working class" what they really mean is some antiquated caricature of white coal miner from appalachia in 1920s and not some uber driver from syria or a black woman working overtime as a nurse. the "working class" is diverse and racialized.
These people legitimately don't even care about the white working class ravaged by the opiod epidemic with their elitist armchair theories and podcasts
instead of looking at the material reality of peoples lives, these podcaster leftists have heroically romanticized the working class. thus embracing an old antiquated caricature that perfectly molds into their espoused brand of contrarianism white grievances
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27 Apr
In my opinion these formations of the anti woke left , dirtbag left, post left etc represent a form of orthodox marxism that's becoming extinct and increasingly irrelevant to the conversation.
The reason why I say this is because this happened in the 80s / 90s with living marxism / spiked and now look at all of them. They are literally tories. Literal right wingers in Boris johnson's cabinet.
This is the natural consequence of ignoring the culture and taking consistent conservative stances on every issue. You get left behind.
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27 Apr
why do yall keep entertaining this nonsense. right wing populism is racist as hell. technically there is no such thing as right wing populism, its just a formation of fascistic tendencies. we dont compromise our values and work with them.
this is like asking "Will class-focused socialists ever swallow this bitter pill, perhaps opening the way for collaboration with marie le penn even tho she hates muslims and believes in the great replacement theory?"
im all for meeting people halfway but this is an idea im diametrically opposed to.
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26 Apr
Aimee Terese unironically believes in the great replacement theory / wh*te genocide therefore we shouldnt take anything she says seriously.
One of the reasons why alot edgy white bros and literal fascists converge with her because she uses carefully crafted language to position white working class as being the most oppressed.
It's essentially touring reality and taking bad incidents that happen to this class formation and painting the entirety of reality with it. Thus positioning one to ignore the formations of White supremacy.
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