Transactivists: sex is not the same as gender! Also transactivists: dysphoric kids should be medicated so their bodies can look more like the opposite sex.
Transactivists: sex is assigned at birth! Also transactivists: dysphoric kids should be medicated so their bodies can look more like the opposite sex.
Transactivists: there are more than two sexes, sex is a white imperialist construct! Also transactivists: dysphoric kids should be medicated so their bodies can look more like the opposite sex.
Transactivists: medical transition isn’t necessary to be trans! Also transactivists: dysphoric kids should be medicated so their bodies can look more like the opposite sex.
Etc etc etc
The appropriation of black oppression by male transactivists mirrors their appropriation of female oppression.

• • •

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1 May
"Edinburgh University has drawn up phrases that staff cannot use, including saying "all women hate their periods" and "all people think about being the opposite gender sometimes". Scholars should also not place "excess focus on anatomical sex markers". "…
"Other "microinsults" in Edinburgh’s guidance include saying "you’re either man or a woman", "you’re just dressing for effect" or uttering "you’re just trying to be special". Another is engaging in "avoidant behaviour" around trans people."
"In diversity training docs, Newcastle Uni tells staff: "Being cisgender comes with social privilege... even for people who are socially disadvantaged in other ways." IC & LSE also remind lecturers to use their "cis" and "gender-straight privilege" to be trans allies."
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29 Apr
It is not possible to accept trans-ideology and be anti-sexist at the same time. If you believe that women can be men, the word sexism becomes redundant and meaningless.
2/ Sexism is why we need feminism- & all sex-equality movements. The sex we are born into means different expectations are projected onto us. Men must be strong. Women must be pretty. We cannot choose our sex but if we are both lucky & brave we can reject the sexist stereotypes.
3/ Sexist beliefs & social expectations such as 'boys don't cry' & 'girls are empathic' are based on sex. Sexual violence is very real & 93% male perpetrated. We can defend neither the crying little boy nor the violated woman without acknowledging sex.
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11 Apr
While we're on the subject of 'Assigned Male Comics's creepy porny baby art, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that AMC work also appears in the 'LGBTQIA+ Early Years magazine', a publication recently acknowledged by Scottish Parliament. No, really. ImageImageImage
Why this isn't a complete scandal is beyond me. Oh wait, yeah... that would be because the thing everybody is most scared in the entire fucking universe is being called tr***phobic. 'Diversity' über alles. Image
The magazine's definition of 'lesbian' is elusive at best. Something to do with writing poetry. Image
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7 Apr
1/ THREAD: I was at a conference a few years ago where the headmaster of a well-known school was addressing the room about the school’s wonderful trans-inclusive policy. He was very, very proud of it.
2/ A couple of girls from the school had made a presentation about gender dysphoria and double mastectomies. The room applauded. It was surreal. If I remember rightly a mediocre song was also sung, accompanied by a couple of chords on the guitar.
3/ A long-haired boy who obviously had a serious eating disorder, in a skirt so short we could almost see his underwear, stood up & read a poem about being trans & oppressed. At least I think it was a poem, I was focused on the obvious eating disorder, & it was a while ago now
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6 Apr
How awful for this poor girl (2017). However "organizers later said Mili had erroneously been marked as a boy on the team roster & that her short hair was not not a factor in the decision. The SSA issued an apology." TRAs are not tweeting the whole article, hmmm how strange.🤔
"In a statement to WOWT 6 News, the soccer club said, "Listing a male player on a girls team roster is a violation of state & tournament rules.Mili's coach says the mistake was a typo by a registrar. He tried to correct the error at the tournament."
Surely those who are sharing this read the articles dealing with this case to the end before sharing the screenshot? If she'd had long hair, might it have made a difference? Who knows. The SSA say certainly not. Either way, IDK any rad fems who think girls need to have long hair
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5 Apr
"Over the past decade a linguistic shift from "transexual" to "transgender" has de-sexed what had previously been considered an adult psychosexual disorder” Another great piece from @jo_bartosch…
"Policies to ensure women and girls aren't disadvantaged have been framed as "harming transgender youth."
Bartosh quotes Michael Biggs ""The obvious difference is that in the United States healthcare is dominated by the private sector who have an obvious profit motive to promote drugs and surgeries."
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