1/Recently engaged an individual whose position was that COVID outcomes (disease severity) was largely a matter of lifestyle choice

And that because he made responsible choices in terms of exercise & diet, he was in excellent metabolic health and unlikely to fall ill from COVID
2/Now there are several things wrong with this, including the fiction/fetishization of the "healthy" immune system

But I want to focus on one thing in particular: The entitlement of agency
3/By that I mean the assumption among social elites that because they have choices, everyone else must also have choices

Who are "social elites?"

White people
4/This individual was particularly focused on what he assumed was the causative effect of obesity on COVID outcomes.

There actually is not a strong causative effect, although there is a strong correlation. I will leave the difference up to another discussion
5/And he was of the conclusion that the poor relative COVID outcomes of non-whites was due to poor metabolic health (diabetes, obesity, etc.) brought on by a lack of individual responsibility.

In other words, minorities by and large simply make the choice to be unhealthy
6/Where he made the choice to be healthy

And why should he have to sacrifice for the bad choices of minorities, when he was obviously being so responsible with his own choices?

He chose to eat well and exercise. They chose to eat at McDonalds and be sedentary
7/And here is the entitlement of agency. His assumption was that because he could choose not to eat at McDonalds, obviously they could as well

The reality is not that binary

Trader Joes and Whole Foods will not open a store anywhere their market surveys tell them not to
8/Vast swaths of the United States are food deserts where the choices about where to obtain sustenance are limited to none

And more often than not, if there is a choice there is only one and that choice is McDonalds
9/Layer upon that income, which further constrain choice about quality of sustenance and transportation choices

And recreation: a recent study from the University of Illinois found that access to green space was linked to lower racial disparity in COVID infection rates.
10/Obviously these are just some examples and not meant to be a comprehensive study

But it is wrong to assume that equality of choice justifies laws making it illegal for both rich and poor to sleep under bridges


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2 May
Obesity and COVID outcomes

42.4% of US adults are considered to be obese as a baseline

50.8% of those in hospital (ER or inpatient) with COVID are obese

Here is how they did

Off the top of my head:

1. It looks like if you have a normal BMI and you end up in the hospital with COVID, you're toast (i.e. you are going to die)

2. If you are obese, you're going to get ventilated.
Put another way: Most people who are hospitalized for COVID are obese because most people are obese

And if you are skinny and nonetheless manage to screw up and end up hospitalized with COVID, you're going to fucking die, slim
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2 May
Nobel Prize laureate @MLevitt_NP2013 is using Twitter to promote this COVID denier website and its claim that COVID has killed only half as many people as normally die of flu every year

He is also a prominent member of the Great Barrington Declaration team

#COVID19 @lpachter
This is not the first time that Levitt has intentionally amplified COVID disinformation. Nor even the worst

Six months ago he was working to spread Russian disinformation in what I can only assume was an attempt to destabilize the United States
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1 May
This festering piece of crap deserves a technical Oscar for the sheer amount of bullshit packed into five minutes (half a minute at the end is reserved for appeals to donate to his Patreon account)

1. He starts by telling us that influenza always has a winter seasonal pattern (true). And that, because COVID is just influenza on steroids, it has the same pattern

Which he demonstrates by overlaying a graph of COVID cases on flu cases. Which don't match AT ALL
2. He next explains the drop in cases in summer of 2020 (in Ireland) to "Seasonal De-Triggering" (FFS).

Not lockdown even though in dozens of other places (USA, etc) there was no substantial drop in cases in summer of 2020.

So it's seasonal, but only in Ireland
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1 May
I would like to nominate:

“These IFR calculations mean there is no excuse for Tesla’s workers not to work”

“Why it’s essential to not raise minimum wage for essential workers in a pandemic”

“Shut down the grid: temperature, season and why Texas is a COVID success story”
“Why everything I say is wrong: revisiting my ‘Why most published research findings are wrong’ paper”

“Why it’s reasonable to expect children to infect their parents with influenza caught at school. And why thinking they’ll infect them with COVID is crazy talk”
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1 May
1. NPIs are not limited to hand washing and wearing a mask. They also include telecommuting, seating capacity restrictions, school closing, etc. all of which directly affect the indoor transmission of the virus
2. NPIs do not eliminate transmission, they modulate it down. Intrinsically less transmissible diseases, such as influenza, can expect to be more heavily modulated by NPIs than COVID thus it is not surprising that NPIs eliminate a greater amoung of influenza infection than COVID
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30 Apr
1/I look at COVID data every single day and usually spend a couple hours at it

What I've been seeing recently is that vaccination is kicking in in a huge way

And this is a great thing for the World...

@cjsnowdon @s8mb @dr_barrett @DrDomPimenta @AtomsksSanakan @thereal_truther
2/There is one group for whom this is a terrible thing

The COVID deniers/Anti-Vaxxers/Flat-Earthers

For them, effective vaccination is an existential threat

3/Their entire narrative is built around the virtue of inaction. That mitigation simply leads to more, not less, harm

The fundamental theory behind the concept of lockdowns (by which I mean NPIs, such as social distancing, masks, etc.) is the Germ Theory
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