I made $1,579.50 in pre-orders launching The Magic Visual—a digital product about design.

Here’s everything I learned along the way.

First of all, some context.

1. I’m a professional designer with 15 years experience.
2. At the time of writing I have around 4.5k followers on Twitter.
3. It’s my fifth digital product in a year.
If you want to make a product that you will put your name to you should take the process very seriously.

Make something that helps people and adds to their lives, not some shitty 10 page PDF of regurgitated free advice.
Just because it's a digital product doesn't mean you get the opportunity to cut corners.

Take pride in your work.
This comes easier for me as I'm a designer. It's a natural thing for me to be concerned about. I wanted to make sure the book looked like a "real" book. Not a Word document.

I leaned on @vellum180g to create a beautiful ebook that will shortly become a real book.
Make a digital product about your lived experience.

Write about what you know.
You don’t NEED to be a professional to launch a product about a thing, but it helps massively.

It’s easier to share your learned experience than it is to learn things then share them.

It also makes it more battle-tested.
Prove you're worth spending money on before you ask anybody to spend any money.
I launched my first digital product too early and to an audience I hadn't proved myself to.

I launched The Magic Visual just at the right time after spending a year proving myself as a visual creator.
First digital product launched at 1.5k followers:
$849 all time sales

The Magic Visual Launched at 4.5k followers:
$1579 just in pre-orders
The follower amount matters less in this scenario. 1.5k followers were undefined and I released a product about productivity which nobody expected.

4.5k followers are defined and I released a product about design which everybody expected.
There's nothing passive about passive income.

I've spent the last year building the ability to make "passive" income.

I made several visuals every day on @_unobvious for an entire year before I released the book.
I spend hours each week writing tweets, making videos, recording podcasts, making visuals, replying to people, running a visual community, having zoom calls, booking guests for the podcast.

Does that sound passive?
How do you make people aware of your product?
Promote yourself.

How do you promote yourself?
Make content.

How do you make content?
The promotion is constant. You don't get to do it for a short amount of time like actors promoting a new movie.

You'll have to promote youself every day for the rest of your life.
The promotion really begins once the product is released.

- I'm on podcasts talking about the book
- Writing content about the book
- Writing threads like this about the book
- Writing tweets about the book.
The easy part is creating the products.

The daily grind is promoting yourself and finding new ways to say the same things.
Turning up daily and promoting yourself is a pre-requesite to releasing a product.
Getting somebody to pay for what you know only happens because you've shown them what you know.
You need to share everything you know for free before anybody is willing to buy even a sentence of your work for actual money.
The simple digital product promotion playbook:

1. Share what you know for free
2. Share more of what you know for free
3. Release a product about what you've proven that you know
Distilling and boiling your knowledge down to a format that can be consumed is more important than just dumping your knowledge onto a page.

Make it easy for somebody to learn from you.
I pondered the structure of the book for a long time. I wanted to structure it in a way that would appear like a framework that somebody could follow.
I organised the book into 3 sections: The Fundamentals, The Principles and The Patterns after chatting a little with @jmikolay.

This structure gave the book an easy way for the reader to follow the formula.
What will I do differently next time?

I'll set a stricter time limit to get the book done and dusted.

I was going to release March 1 and ended up releasing May 1.

The majority of the writing happened in the last week.
In other words:

Write fast and write hard.
I'll also promote the book better next time.

I barely spoke about the product for the majority of the pre-order phase. I could have got much more pre-orders if I had.

I had too many other things going on during the time.
Once the pre-order goes live start promoting the hell out of it.
I'm very pleased with the pre-order numbers. Despite these things I did poorly:

1. Bad sales page
2. Bad pre-order promotion
3. Delaying the pre-order by 2 months
This is just the beginning now. It'll be my focus alongside @daily__visual for the foreseable future.

I'll share more figures and numbers when I know them.
If you enjoyed this thread and think it might help others please share along the first tweet.

Thanks for reading!
Is there anything I missed here that you want to know more about?

Let me know.

• • •

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