🔞desperation play, bladder control, cockwarming, daddy kink - jk calls yg daddy

Koo shouldn't have drunk all that water, not when he's forbidden to use the bathroom before 6 pm.
And his daddy's busy working, won't be happy with Koo distracting him. Might even punish him. :((
Koo tries to stop fidgeting in his chair and looks at the clock.

5:53 pm.

Daddy said he could only use the bathroom after sundown. He looks back at him where he’s working on his laptop.

Daddy said not to interrupt unless it’s absolutely urgent. And this is. Absolutely.
In his head, he knows he shouldn’t have drunk the entire bottle of water at his table while he watched TV.

But it was kept there, so conveniently, by none other than - oh, his daddy.

Koo gets off his chair and slinks over to his daddy on the couch, hands between his thighs.

“Yes, bun?” Yoσngi replies, without looking up.

“Daddy, I need to go,” Koo says in a small voice.

“Go where sweetheart?”

Yoσngi finally looks up at him, eyebrows lifted and questioning.

Koos words get stuck in his throat. Shy as ever. Yoσngi wonders if he’ll learn,
but prefers him like this, blushing adorably, shifting from foot to foot. Already desperate.

“Daddy, I have to pee-” Koo whines, almost a whisper.

Yoσngi looks at his own watch. “Is it 6 pm yet?” He asks, his tone light.

“No,” Koo shakes his head dolefully.
“I did say you could use the bathroom only after dusk, didn’t I? Then what’s this?”

Yoσngi shuts his laptop on the coffee table.

Koo bows his head in shame - it doesn’t do much since he can’t keep still. Yoσngi gazes at him for a while, letting him shuffle and thump the floor.
His hands are clenching tight between his thighs, and Yoσngi can’t have that.

“Hands on your sides,” commands Yoσngi.

Koo’s whine gets stuck in his throat as he moves his hands away from his crotch.

Yoσngi looks at him.
Tight little t-shirt that he’s made to wear nowadays, showing off a sliver of skin at his belly. The swell of his lower belly. Yoσngi smiles.

“Come here, bun.”

Koo looks up and goes to shake his head, but he can’t. Poor thing is stuck in place with his muddled thoughts.
“Either you come here and sit on my lap, and I let you go use the bathroom at 6.” - Yoσngi starts, watching Koo tremble with the effort - “or you can go back and sit on your chair and you don’t get to get up for another hour.”
Koo whimpers, nodding. He has to decide. He really has to go, like right now, and Yoσngi is offering the option. Just five minutes in daddy’s lap. It can’t be that bad, can it?

Koo knows. It can be that bad.
But still, he has no choice. Messes on his chair can't be a better option.

He moves forward, knees locking up. Feet dragging until he’s in Yoσngi’s reach, then between his legs. Yoσngi grabs his hand to flip him around. Koo gasps as he's led to sit on one of Yoσngi’s thighs.
Daddy grabs his waist and pulls him back flush against his chest, chin propped on his shoulder. Even though Koo's big, daddy doesn't mind. Just a big baby.

And Koo’s truly stuck now, ass against his crotch.

Daddy’s pretty hands climb up from his waist and settle on his pecs.
“Bun, can you tell me why your nipples are hard?” he asks, circling one with his finger, not quite touching.

Koo lets out a whiny breath as Yoσngi strokes over both his nipples.
“Duh- don’t know daddy-”
“Hmm? You don’t? Have you been playing with them in your chair?” Yoσngi gently teases the tips of them.

“No!” Koo says. “They just get like that when I’m sensitive- ah!” He lets out a yelp as Yoσngi pinches his nipples before moving down.

“Sensitive you say…”
Yoσngi’s hands are now on his abs, gently rubbing. Lower and lower. Koo frantically looks at the wall clock, mouth wide open to breathe. Two minutes to go. He can do this.

“Come on bunny, let’s see how sensitive you are.”
Koo suppresses a shiver as Yoσngi’s hands ghost over his belly, right onto his bulging lower stomach.

He presses down, and Koo clamps his thighs, eyes rolling back.

This is not good. He needs to pee.
“No no- daddy- daddy, please!” He blabbers as Yoσngi lets go, only to press down again. His palm pushes flat against his bladder and rubs, massaging the little swell that has been building all this time.
Koo’s trained enough that he knows not to scrabble his hands on Yoσngi’s cruel arms to get him to stop. That would be a sure-fire way to take things into a direction he definitely does /not/ want.
“Can’t hold it, bun?” Daddy’s lips come around to Koo’s cheek, planting a soft kiss on the heated skin, moving down to the sensitive spot behind his ear, now doubly tender.
Koo doesn’t know if he should moan or wail. All that leaves his mouth is a garbled plea, hands fisting on his daddy’s trousers like his life depends on it.
Daddy keeps massaging, right above his cock, where the ache builds, and Koo begins to cry, his bladder feels like it’s about to burst.

Yoσngi releases him again, and Koo sniffles. He grabs the hem of the shirt, and ever so slowly, pulls it up over his stomach.
Koo’s head lolls back on his daddy’s shoulder as he mewls out a plea.

“You’re a good boy for me, aren’t you?” Yoσngi murmurs, tugging at his earlobe with his teeth.

Yoσngi’s long fingers are stroking gently, tickling the bare skin of his soft tummy.
Koo shivers uncontrollably, the soft sensation is almost worse. He really is going to let go.

Right on daddy’s lap.

“No no no no- please-” he mumbles to himself. One minute to go. Just 60 seconds and he can escape.
Yoσngi won’t go easy on him. He uses one hand to keep stroking his bloated belly, while the one dances down to his crotch.

“Spread your legs for me.”
It’s a command, tone non-negotiable and expecting instant compliance.
Koo can’t disobey, he does it and nearly doubles up from the added pressure, rocking back and forth. Yoσngi sighs into his ear, and Koo can feel exactly how hard his daddy is, just from seeing his desperation and tears.
Yoσngi’s erection rubs against his ass through his thin sweatpants, no underwear for Koo, sending a bolt of arousal to his own cock. It doesn’t match well, he just needs to pee.

But he made his daddy hard. A bubble of pride swells up in his chest.
Quickly forgetting all about it when Yoσngi begins to palms him. He’s wet already, maybe he leaked a bit or maybe it’s precum, not even Koo knows at this point. Getting more and more delirious as he obediently holds his thighs apart for his daddy to play with his cock.
Yoσngi polishes his cock head with four of his fingers at the same time he presses down on his tummy with his palm, and Koo nearly vibrates from the sensation, wailing and begging.

“Daddy- daddy please don’t- I’m going to- I’m-” he babbles, flailing around.
Yoσngi doesn’t let go though, he shoves his hands into Koo’s loose sweatpants and pulls out his cock. Half hard, and barely in control of his own body anymore. It almost hurts now, the pressure making his belly tighten, muscles straining because he can’t wet himself- not here-
Just when he thinks he’s about to let go, Yoσngi takes off his hands, and Koowhimpers at the loss, distracted. Yoσngi grabs his waist gently to push him off his lap and pulls down his sweatpants underneath his ass.
Koo’s face turns pink at the exposure in the middle of their living room when he’s such a mess. So desperate and his daddy’s just toying with him, lifting his shirt up to his bellybutton, over the swell of his tummy. A whimper forces itself out of his mouth.
“Aren’t you going to go, baby?” Yoσngi murmurs. “It’s 6 pm.”

Koo looks at the clock, daddy’s right. So focused on not losing control and letting go on his daddy’s lap that he forgot about the time that he could actually go.
But- can he? Yoσngi still has one hand gripping the back of his shirt.

“Kiss for your daddy?”

Koo turns and advances slowly, very mindful of how his cock is out, shirt pulled up to mid-torso to display his achingly full tummy. He goes to Yoσngi, who’s puckering his lips up.
Koo lands the quickest kiss possible before making a run for it - to the bathroom, glad he already has his cock out or his sweatpants would have had a bad time.
The dam breaks, in the peacefulness of the bathroom and relief washes over his torturously sensitive aroused body as Yoσngi’s laugh resonates around the walls.
When he’s done, he schools his face in the mirror into a pout, ready to make Yoσngi feel guilty for being so mean to him. He walks slowly, so that Yoσngi can see his expression before he turns to sit on his chair, but daddy has other plans.

“Come here, bun.”
Koo looks at him finally, and wishes he didn’t. A self-assured smirk on his face, legs open blatantly to show his baby what he did to him. Koo licks his lips. He can’t-
But he does. Walks over to where Yoσngi’s sitting, already got his laptop open, working with one hand - half his attention gone. Koo’s pout deepens as he kneels between his daddy’s thighs. He doesn’t need to be told, doesn’t even need a finger to point him.
He unzips his daddy’s trousers, taking him into his mouth while Yoσngi ignores him in favour of his work. Koo takes in him all the way, and relaxes - all his tension vanishing into nothing. Because there’s nothing like the comforting weight of his daddy’s cock in his mouth.
Yoσngi’s hand strokes his hair and Koo purrs into it. He parks his face against Yoσngi’s crotch and breathes him in. His own cock hardens at the thought that he made his daddy so hard. He just has to keep him nice and warm for when he’s done with his work.
Trying something new 🥴
Let me know if you liked!

• • •

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