Wow not a single fucking mention of how this group of terrorists tied up and beat the embassy workers. Also makes no fucking mentions of the machetes they brought, the 33 rolls of duct tape, or that all the attackers wore ski masks during the assault.…
Two embassy workers had to be taken to the fucking hospital for the injuries to their heads. Officials had to jump from windows and flee from the compound. An embassy worker escaped and ran to the police telling them that all their colleagues were being held hostage.
Its since been discovered that police questioned the workers mental stability and speculated that the attack on the embassy was completely made up. They sent someone to check the embassy, where they were met by one of the attackers who'd stolen clothes from the embassy and was
posing as an embassy official who assured them that nothing was wrong and that they should leave. Even after a beaten embassy official begged them for help back at their police station, they decided this was perfectly fine and believed the attacker.
Meanwhile inside the terrorists completely ransacked the entire embassy including every single last computer, phone, and hard drive. With police still at the embassy gates holding a perimeter, the gates opened, three getaway cars sped off at top speed, but police conveniently
decided once again that this was totally normal and chose not to pursue the group of 8 luxury cars. Those luxury cars were found abandoned later, somehow a very small group of anti-DPRK actors have hundreds of thousands of dollars available for this operation.
But this shit propaganda article trying to create solidarity with the terrorists claims this was just a simple rescue mission of an embassy official, ohh but uhh that desperate official decided right in the middle of the rescue to just stay put and not leave with them to freedom.

• • •

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2 May
it actually is fucking nuts how effective media brainwashing is in this country that it legitimately has people recalling that Trump just caved to every single demand of Kim Jong Un, was praying at his feet, and that the whole debacle proved we can't negotiate with them. Insanity
idk how many of you paid attention and remember but ALL of the networks went all out to tank the Singapore and Hanoi summits. they all talked about how if the US in return gave even 1 major concession to the DPRK it would be the biggest foreign policy blunder of the 21st century
the ENTIRE fucking reason we are at this crossroads is because of the US' total unwillingness to respond in kind to the DPRK's actions (Kim Jong Un signing a ban on missile tests, them literally blowing up their testing sites), but libs are now convinced we gave them EVERYTHING
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2 May
huh weird no mention of all the detention facilities where defectors get separated from their families and put in solitary for fucking months while they're interrogated before they're sent to reeducation at far-right think tank schools that are contracted by the state
good to know that the defectors who are starving, homeless, and shivering in Seoul's slums are being "welcomed with open arms", all those reports of rampant discrimination, sexual abuse, and violence against defectors must've been so mistaken
lets just ignore that defector Kim Ryon Hui literally can't leave south Korea because they wont issue her a passport, has her house monitored by police constantly, and that she was so desperate to leave that she faked being a spy in the hopes of being deported but was imprisoned
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1 May
Tideland reclamation builders in the DPRK have completed the reclamation of the Honggongdo Tideland and reclamation projects for the Ryongmaedo Tideland. Over 13,000 hectares of new land has been reclaimed for farming, making it the largest in the history of the Korean nation. Image
This massive accomplishment has laid an excellent foundation for helping to attain the agricultural production targets set by the 8th Congress of the Party and dramatically improve living standards in the rural farming areas. Image
The two-phase project for Honggongdo was a daunting one requiring over 13 million cubic meters of earth, 1.1 million square meters embankment, and the construction of sluice gates across a particularly rough area of sea, with the new embankments extending more than 32 kilometers. Image
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30 Apr
Literally nothing fucking changed. The goal post has not been shifted in the slightest, they reiterated that they are continuing to seek CVID and that they are unwilling to go even close to the sort of engagement that Trump entertained. Image
Useless fucking warmongering shit bags referring to the extremely underwhelming deal that was almost struck at Hanoi as "everything for everything". They fucking asked for limited sanctions relief specifically related to the civilian economy in exchange for the shutdown of Image
the nuclear research facilities at Yongbyon, invite in US observers for it's dismantlement, and that they would end all missile testing. This in exchange for easing 5 of 11 sanctions, just from the first set the US passed against them in 2016. But in this propaganda? "everything"
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29 Apr
From Wonsan on September 16, 1950. The result of endless day and night shelling from U.S. destroyers, this city of 120,000 people was shelled and bombed for 861 days straight. By the time of the armistice agreement, only one major structure remained standing in the entire city. Image
From Kanggye City on December 16, 1950. Block after block of residential homes in flames following an American bombing run. Image
From Pyongyang, date unknown. Residents of Pyongyang assisted by some soldiers of the People's Army try desperately to extinguish the flames engulfing their homes after U.S. planes dropped many incendiary bombs targeting the residential districts. Image
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7 Mar
Recently many institutions, enterprises, and residential districts throughout the capital city Pyongyang have introduced modern solar energy-generating systems.
Researcher Ri In Su at the Academy of Agricultural Science says: "Many units are producing electricity by themselves, giving a help to the country. We have also established a systemic parallel inversion system to put the surplus power into the state system. It serves two ends."
The Thaesong New Technology Exchange Centre is also using solar energy to conduct its business activities and regulate indoor temperatures. The centre needs a lot of electricity. It is benefiting from the solar system it established and is no longer reliant on state power.
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