thanks Facebook. good memories ❤️
my first three rounds (what we can the prep for each FOMC meeting) were exciting. I was trained by a guy who later hated me (and the rest of us). we were friends then. then in my first round on my own I handed the comprehensive revision to national accounts.
that was the year that BEA revamped how research and development was estimated in business investment. as coordinator I am a staff spokesperson for the forecast. which as a fairly new economist (and first time coordinator) was tough.
I learned "do not freak out" in front of early career staff. ran a prep meeting on all the recoding that needed done. base year for everything updated too. and of course our stupid programs are not written for that to be an easy update. a new research assistant burst into tears.
part of the reason that people at the Fed were surprised by my blog post last summer is that you would not know around me that anything (or anyone) rattled me. guess what? I have feelings and men are intimidated by very-good-her-job, younger-than-them woman economist.
cherry on top of that tough forecast round was a meeting with Bernanke the day the data came out with one other senior economist. I had to explain the revisions and effects on the forecast to him. fine, my job. though he freaks me out. still does, frankly. not his fault.
MOMENT walked out of his office, she turned to me and scolded me for messing up one of the talking points. I was upset (not that she saw it). I simply said, you were sitting next to me. outrank me by years, you're more than welcome to correct me. PS that's against staff culture.
whatevs. I always say, "I love the Fed. It doesn't always love me back." training of Fed economists can be brutal. if you are good like I am, it is even more so. the assholes thought they were doing me a favor, toughening me up. yeah, they did that. and pissed me off.
I find it amusing that the Larry Summers and Heather Bousheys of the world think they can push me around. goodness gracious, I fought the Borg and won. come at me. fine. and as the Bernank' likes to say sarcastically, "good luck with that."

• • •

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2 May
I disagree with the 'hook' of @Noahpinion's piece. the concerns about the paper finding incarceration of parents and siblings has long-term benefits for children' are NOT **political** concerns.… I agree politically motivated science is problematic.
racism is not political. it's woven deeply in the fabric of economics and the United States. this paper which is forthcoming in American Economic Review -- the flagship journal of the profession -- run by the elites of economics. is optimized for publication and not much else.
1) its abstract was changed to remove a bit of nuance in the draft version. "Contrary to conventional wisdom" had proceeded the main finding.

why drop that? new gets published. more 'surprising' the better. wow, did this one checked that box. remove the nuance, lean into it.
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1 May
quiz: who was the first President to champion supply side / trickle down economics?
trying to figure out wtf is wrong with macroeconomics I’ve been doing a lot of reading on history of economic thought from Great Depression on.
answer is in my list and I’ll back up. seen it now across multiple books — non partisan books. PS I live and breathe economics but learned a while ago that putting “reading economic blogs and Twitter” as a hobby on an online dating profile is not smart. ❤️
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1 May
programming reminder: my job is economic policy.

sadly, that job includes calling out leaders in the economic policy world and academia. my job is easy relative to the millions we crush with cruel policy.
really, why do I get attacked by other economists when state the obvious?. all White and mostly men with tenure. some former senior officials in Dem administrations.
I do A LOT of press. reply as soon as requests come in. got me in trouble with comms at Equitable Growth.

NO MAJOR OUTLET RAN A STORY AFTER EG TRIED TO DESTROY ME. 3 had stories written, fact checked. all killed. I was not important enough. useful for quotes. nothing else.
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1 May
we are a loooooong way from a win. we are moving in the right direction. we know how to do better, more equitable policies. ONES THAT WILL ALLOW ALL FAMILIES TO BE ECONOMICALLY SECURE. I'm working on one of many ideas. don't make people wait for support in bad times.
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1 May
thread reply from @itaisher to my tweet last night (scroll up one from his) asking that we stop attacking #EconTwitter for calling out injustices.
read his thread and sub thread. in my opinion, the soon-to-be published in a top journal of economics, the kind of publication that helps gets you tenure at a top university. IS INEXCUSABLY CALLOUS.

here is the abstract. only part ungated, the only part that gets widely read.
here is an ungated version of the entire paper -- somewhat dated but findings the same… scroll down to "References" THE VAST MAJORITY ARE ECONOMICS PAPERS. hell of a lot of research on effects of incarceration on children and communities.
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30 Apr
total shit report from… “2020 Report of the Ethics Committee and Considerations in Recommending Ethics Investigations” ... whole effort has been an epic failure and harmed victims more. Image
Bernanke, Yellen, and Rosseau all got my disgrace post. several weeks before I posted it… they decided not to even share it with Exec Committee ...
so desperate to stop the abuse especially of students and minoritized groups to stop I posted it online. lost my job, went through hell. and they rejected a complaint filed on my behalf.… truly a disgrace.
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