THREAD: Quick thread on how the "Trump-endorsement effect" is largely something the *media* has created/believes in.... and is not an actual thing:
1/ For some time now, astute observers have noted that Trump waits to endorse and then endorses those candidates that the polls show have the best chance of winning. Then he can turn around and claim: "Look! My endorsement is the Midas touch!"
2/ His advisors can then say: "See? Mr. Trump's endorsement is what moves the needle! Hire me as a consultant for your campaign, and I'll make sure he endorses YOUR candidate!"
3/ Last Aug, there was an article about this, by two astute journalists who noticed Trump does the 'late-endorsement-of-candidates-already-likely-to-win so that he can say they won BC of his endorsement' (when, in fact, they were already on track to win)…
4/ Last month, Trump-World once again tried pushing out the same myth that Trump's endorsement is what creates a win. (It doesn't.)
5/ The Texas 6th Congressional District special election yesterday is a perfect example that showcased Trump's impotence yet the media nonetheless ran with "the Trump endorsed candidate came out ahead!" (thereby implying the bullshit that Trump's endorsement is gold)
6/ Rep Ron Wright (R) passed away and a BUNCH of folks (R and D) both signed up to try to win that seat. It's a solidly R district so, spoiler alert, the person with the most voters here was always going to be an R.
7/ On Friday, April 23rd, the polls showed that Wright's widow, Susan Wright, one of the candidates for the seat, was ahead, with about 15% of the vote.
8/ So what does Trump do? He (bravely!) endorses her on Monday, April 26th. (He literally endorsed the candidate who was ALREADY LEADING in the polls.)
9/ Sure enough, yesterday, Ms. Wright, as the polls showed, was the top vote-getter.
10/ So what did the media do? Gush to proclaim that the "TRUMP ENDORSED!!!" candidate prevailed, once again (wrongly) applying (but Trump is loving this stupidity) that it was Trump's endorsement that paved the way.
11/ Example of a headline here:
12/ But this is, in fact, what we have. Trump's endorsement (of the already-leading-the-pack-candidate) *at best* moved Wright up a couple of pts. It certainly wasn't enough to consolidate even the R (!) field in her favor (another R, Jake Ellzey, received over 13% of the vote)
13/ So the real takeaway here is that Trump's endorsement of Wright (the widow of the Congressman who held the seat and herself a well known GOP name in TX) barely moved the needle AND did not even consolidate the vote: A chunk of R's went with the NON-Trump-endorsed candidate!
14/ Look at the chart above and marvel at just how SPLINTERED the R vote was here.... THOUSANDS of voters went with the candidate Trump did NOT endorse. Yet this is somehow, acc to the media, a sign that Trump's endorsement is the Midas touch.
lol, how?!
15/ If anything, this special election showed that the Trump endorsement, while not harmful, just doesn't fucking matter.
16/ The end.
17/ P.S. I just want to add that the Trump endorsed candidate (who, again, *was already leading the entire field BEFORE (!) Trump endorsed her) DIDN'T EVEN GET ENOUGH VOTES TO AVOID A RUN-OFF but go on, media, tell me more about his Midas touch endorsements!
18/ Do the math. About 50,000 R-votes cast. Only about 15,000 of those went to the Trump-endorsed candidate, *which means 70% of R-voters went with a candidate OTHER THAN THE ONE TRUMP ENDORSED.*
Yet, today, media & MAGA is all: "Trump's endorsement-power strikes again!"

• • •

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16 Apr
Hi Twitter:

As many of you know, I had a miscarriage in 2011, which impacted me GREATLY.

Trump spox Jason Miller sent an email last night to my attorney (in a series of insane emails) bringing it up out of the blue and THREATENING me w it, to tell the public I had an abortion.
He did this in direct response to his panic over he and his wife's financials coming to light in our case.
I want to share this because I want people to realize that (a) my safety and my son's is in danger bc this man's behavior is not normal and his emails show he is completely unhinged and (b) to show how yet again a very ugly, lost man tries to weaponize a woman's pregnancy history
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16 Apr
Got home from park, put Munchkin to bed, and now catching up on Jason Miller's utter breakdown earlier tonight... lol. A fusilage of unhinged desperation.

Oh, and he continues to email my attorney, Laline, directly and call her "Crayline." #glorious
Apparently, Greaseball was very upset that I mentioned to you all that he wants to 'shut down' discovery bc, hm, he somehow still thinks public filings are.... not public. (Again, not the sharpest tool in the shed.)
Also, why does Greaseball, four years in, CONTINUE TO LIVE ON MY TWITTER PAGE? It's cringe.
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25 Mar
Hey all, in response to Miller telling The Guardian that he takes his responsibilities seriously, he's lying.

Here's a screenshot of his child support payments to William, during months where Miller was making as high as $99,000 *PER MONTH.* He sent William... $500 per month.
That is a screenshot of the incoming wires from him those months (I have redacted his banking information/wire information.)
Miller thought it was funny to send a three-year-old innocent child $500 each month (and, note the date, often late in the month - no rhyme or reason) when he was making more in a month than most Americans make in a year.
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🚨🚨🚨Incoming!!! Great news!!!!! (thread)
Thanks to @baezjorgea (!!!) who found and cared for the dog for days (bad-ass), Picolini’s Rescue here in Miami (a rescue group I met when they rescued the rottweiler w the eye illness) stepped in. Working w one of their partners, the good doggo....
headed up to Virginia. That’s all I knew but was praying for him. Today, I received this photo from the folks at Picolini’s!..... He was been adopted by a lovely young couple! Look at him!!! 🥳😝👍👊 Image
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18 Feb
Reminder that while the psychopath, who constantly lies to reporters, says this case could be solved in "15 minutes":

- he refuses to sit for deposition
- refuses to let any subpoenas go out
- refuses to FILE A FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT (req) to let us his monthly income
Miller has filed, astoundingly, EIGHT motions for protective order, in a row, to avoid sitting for deposition. Every time his depo is set, he has a now excuse why he can't do it.
Moreover, this case does not involve only child support. There are other issues to be resolved, including but not limited to attorney's fees. Bc he's refused to pay my attorney's fees, that opens the doors to ASSETS bc the court now has to determine who's going to pay what.
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12 Feb
@chrislhayes first of all, she wasn't fired for "being conservative."As a conservative, I resent that description. She was posting things mocking LBGTQ use of pronouns, anti-mask shit (i.e., dangerous) for MONTHS.…
@chrislhayes second, her tweet that was the 'straw that broke the camel's back' was a tweet comparing the suffering of Jewish children being sent to gas chambers (!!!!) to ... wait for it... being a conservative these days (are they being fucking sent to gas chambers???) .
@chrislhayes Third, what was gross about the McCarthy blacklist is these people were Commies, some, yes, in their personal beliefs. They weren't publicly writing or encouraging others. Second, most blacklisted ppl weren't, in fact, Communists. It was a sloppy and baseless attack.
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