The thing about David Shor is that everyone said yes his firing was bad, immediately pushing back. Also he’s “currently serves as head of data science with OpenLabs, a progressive nonprofit. He presently serves as a Senior Fellow with the CAP Action Fund.”
He lost his job because clients pushed at his boss and his boss caved. Bad boss. But also he still seems to be employed very nicely at leftwing data crunchers.
It’s worth looking at bad bosses and why people get fired and working for worker protections. But the “but David Shor proves there really is cancel culture and the left is out of control” doesn’t hold up.
Head of data science with openlabs does not sound like being cancelled.
Even if I’m sure it sucked for him. I’m extremely empathetic about what that’s like

• • •

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More from @Lollardfish

2 May
A classmate came over to hang out with my son and go for a walk and I am trailing them. Just a pleasure to see friends together.
I probably don’t need to trail but it feels like the responsible move.
I’m very interested in the difference between help and friendship, in the context of inclusive peer interaction for developmentally disabled kids like my son.

Help is one directional.
Friendship is reciprocal.
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2 May
With mixed feelings we’ve been watching The Nevers. It’s pretty good, but in ep 2 did one of the storytelling things I hate: the surprise reveal of a kidnapping to make a scene emotionally fraught for the protagonist (mild spoilers).
The writers did a lot of work to happen to have the kidnappee happen to be alone and happen to get stuck (on a route no one could have predicted she’d be on) and happen to take no precautions despite ongoing threats and etc
It was very much a Batman villain situation.
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2 May
This survey is interesting but “people neither party works to help” is propaganda. Which is why we need better reporting.
To my mind: universal childcare expanded Medicaid stimulus checks better unemployment universal healthcare environmental protection and on and on in fact work to help “those people” too.
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2 May
Beaches weren’t the core problem and Uhlfelder did much more harm than good. We had less (though lots) of information then, but we know now, and we should follow the science here. The correct move is for Uhlfelder to explain why he was wrong. I’m sure he does down thread.
Note: nope just smug celebration of his useless stunt.
As @zeynep has written many times, we actually have to follow the data and reconsider our priors. Covid has forced reconsideration many times, and it’s been interesting and often demoralizing to see who hasn’t been willing to reconsider.
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1 May
Perhaps this thread is cherrypicked, but here's my question: Has the NYT or any major outlet run profiles of the voters in GA, PA, MI, WI, and AZ who voted for the first time, or voted for Biden and didn't vote for Clinton?

The people who swung the election.
It is possible that they have and I've missed it. But these are the most interesting voters in the country, the most consequential, and the issue of how to keep them voting and turning out is THE question for everyone. And I haven't seen them.
they aren't white retirees in midwestern diners, for sure. Though some might be in WI and PA and MI and I'd like to know! But mostly not I expect. But I'd like to know!
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1 May
“Western civ” remains a bad way to frame a class.
Maybe it might work to take it as an idea and work backwards through the constructed histories and still cover: Mesopotamia/Egypt, Greece, rome, late antique Mediterranean, etc. the “west” that starts in Asia and Africa narrative ... I don’t think it’s optimal tho.
It’s fine to teach geography and time and otherwise limited courses obviously. I like European and Mediterranean history an awful lot.
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