It’s Sunday. In ordinary times, I’d be going to church.

Nowadays, I ask Google to play me a gospel mix as I eat breakfast & play with Ziggy & Milo.

As I listen, I am struck by why I love this music so very much.

It comes down to this: the genius of gospel music is that it
is finely tuned to reach down into a bruised, fearful, suffering or hopeless soul and lift to the rafters of hope, joy & gratitude.

It needs to be said that this is entirely by design (and some seriously heavenly talent).

Black gospel music is straight MAGIC! It can invoke
indescribable levels of heart joy, so thorough you can’t help but jump, shout, dance or even cry in emotional release.

Very few things on this earth can do that, let alone over and over again.

But our music ministers have always known they are anointed to a critical task:
giving people the
strength to carry on.

You don’t have to spend much time bopping around Gospel music to pick out the basic theme: God sees the sinner as worthy of love, and can deliver a sinner from any hardship, for which we must be grateful.

There are thousands of Gospel
hits out there, but I defy you to find a handful that aren’t fundamentally about gratitude.

So, if you ever wondered how Black peopled endured the injustices & betrayals of a country that said we were all created equal, but showed us every day that such was NOT true, the
answer is that
most of us were reminded on a weekly, if not daily basis, that there was always reason to hope and be joyful, through any hardship.

Some have said that the church has lulled Black people
into complacency and acceptance. To a certain extent, that’s true.

But it is also true that every movement of Black resistance to injustice has been powered by the faithful, both lay and ordained.

My point is that Black people have always had to have a preternatural
ability to love and have faith and hope through great disappointment and suffering.

You need to understand this to understand why Black people nevertheless LOVE AMERICA.

We LOVE our country to the depths of our souls even when she has not loved us back.

Which is why it
is SO infuriating to hear anyone assert
that calling out her failings, sins and shortcomings is an act of hate.

How absolutely ABSURD!

Every single day, Black people pour of ourselves into a country that breaks its promises to us regularly.

Worse, we function around those
who believe that the promises in the Constitution were never meant for us, and are doing all in their power to make sure we never fully enjoy them.

And despite daily reminders of the fact that America IS RACIST, we still HOPE in our country!

We still believe in and strive to
make her deliver on those promises.

These are not the acts of people who hate!

They are the collective efforts of people who absolutely LOVE this country, not for what it is, but for what it COULD BE.

When Tim Scott claimed America is not a racist country, he slapped every
single one of our ancestors in the face.

He spit in the face of every American who knows otherwise.

But like any other person who has sinned, redemption is possible for America.

Deliverance is a available. The faith of the Black community is grounded in loving broken &
imperfect vessels, believing that God can heal and correct them.

That’s how we look at America: capable of good, but falling short of what she should be.

She will come to her full and best self when she acknowledges her sins and decides to make amends & do better.

will not fulfill her potential until she treats ALL of her citizens as equally integral to reaching her goals.

Racism, sexism, bigotry & extreme short-sighted greed are the character flaws that hold America BACK.

THAT is why we demand that she confront & fix these problems.
It is not out of hate, but out of an unshakable LOVE and hope in our homeland.

• • •

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By now, you are probably processing that the GOP cannot be fixed from within.

Your political relevance & power will therefore depend on your willingness to toe the party line further & further AWAY from decency and rationality.

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The entire issue for them is that Trans people tell society who they are, and society bends to that.

That is the 180 of the conservative mindset, that derives its sense of adroitness by the extent
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Stop giving ear to ANY GOP mouth noises about what they’re doing to suppress votes and control election outcomes.

Everything they do is in bad faith.

They are desperate to hoard power, and that is the ONLY reason they are passing hundreds of state-level measures to change
election laws.

They know this is the ONLY time SCOTUS will help them do it, and the ONLY thing that could check them is being sabotaged by Sinema & Manchin.

THIS is their one and only chance to fashion the machine so thoroughly to their advantage that they MIGHT be able to
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When I first stepped into politics, I was approached TWICE by GOP operatives asking me to run as a Republican.

They saw me, a former Naval Officer, corporate attorney, worldly, buttoned-up & conservative looking, openly patriotic... and thought... “our kind of Black woman.”
They promised me LOTS of money & support, and I have zero doubt they would have delivered.

At the time, I was SERIOUSLY struggling to get any kind of traction or support from the Dem side. So their offer could have been very tempting.

This was back before TFG was a thing.
It took me less than 10 seconds to respectfully decline.

My mission was never about obtaining power, prestige or money. My motive was always about using my experience & knowledge to UPLIFT and support those who need a champion!

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The REASON the GOP railed so vociferously against “socialism” is because they know how popular it would be to see tax dollars invested in making OUR lives better.

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There is not now, and NEVER will be, a danger of the United States giving up a free market economy and a robust and welcoming environment for innovation, entrepreneurship and industriousness.

Those things are not what we “like,” they are what we ARE

never ever been at risk.

Getting people a good free education health care, affordable housing & clean transportation is NOT going to make us give up going to restaurants or buying sneakers.

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Fun fact:

It is IRONCLAD SCOTUS precedent that Congress can regulate anything and everything related to interstate commerce.

That means Congress can regulate the hell out of Fox News if it wants to.

The FCC currently licenses networks that use airwaves, but it has the ability
to regulate cable, dish or any other platform involved in interstate commerce, such as FaceBook or Twitter.

The fact that it may not be doing so at the moment, does NOT mean it cannot.

My point here, is that the way cable carriers operate, the way they charge customers, the way they structure carriage fees, the contracts and content they carry, is ALL subject to regulations.

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