1. These comments from @NicolaSturgeon are revealing and, frankly, frightening. She really needs to listen, understand and engage more.

Some of this seems wilfully ignorant, some is insulting to the intelligence and some appears to be an attempt to smear women. Thread/
2. Very few countries have introduced self-ID. Several are now experiencing serious issues. Others are hardly leaders in women's rights.

They incl: Ireland, Malta, Norway, Argentina, Portugal & Belgium.

Canada, some US states & Iran have also been cited/
3. @DebbieHayton explores the experiment in Norway and the horribly detrimental impact on women. Women have been dragged through court for complaining about naked males in changing areas. Rape "by women" has increased 300% in 2 years.
4. Or perhaps Ms Sturgeon looks to Malta - a country where abortion is illegal in all circumstances and the government is mired in corruption, with some rumoured to be complicit in the murder of critics?
5. Or Argentina, which, until this year criminalised women for abortions? Women who found themselves in prison for this "crime" might be incarcerated with trans ID individuals like Nahir Fernández who savagely beat a women Fernandez impregnated in prison.
6. Ms Sturgeon mentions Ireland, claiming self ID was done without "the furore or any of the concerns that have been expressed here materializing in any way shape or form."

Perhaps because articles on Barbie Kardashian and others are ruthlessly censored
7. Then there is Yogyakarta which is referred to as "international best practice" by members of the SNP and SGP (who want to enshrine it in Scots Law). Robert Wintemute, one of the lawyers who drafted it now says the impact on women was not consisdered.
8. Ms Sturgeon might also read this from human rights lawyer Prof Rosa Freedman. She talks about some of the international examples and the problems which have arisen.
9. This is a terrible argument. Ms Sturgeon appears to be saying that because other people said they were going to do something which subsequently was revealed as problematic and wrong-headed, she is pressing on.
10. The toxicity and the division is, in large measure the fault of a first minister and a government who refused to engage with women and answer questions, taking instead their lead from "no debate" and accusing others of bigotry.
Oh, and claiming we don't understand or know what we are talking about. Saying this to engaged, politically active women from many professions is deeply offensive.

Rather than insulting us, she could answer specific questions. She hasn't as yet.
12. And then we come to the accusations of bigotry
because, when in doubt, it shuts down debate.

Perhaps Ms Sturgeon could be specific. Who are the transphobic people? What are they saying? Could she point to specifics?
13. We have already said in this thread why claiming that you are a "feminist to your fingertips" is not an argument nor an answer. Especially when your actions belie this.
14. Harvie also spoke about people who want to roll back abortion rights. Such people have always existed, but they are not radical feminists or women's rights activists. Altho, in past, ome ministers in SNP Govs have argued for restrictions.
15. And on the subject of violent men. We know that you refused to protect women in the Hate Crime Bill because these men might, in unknown ways, exploit loopholes.

Can you explain, Ms Sturgeon why they would never exploit loopholes in self-ID?
This is not a misconception. There is a legal fudge that needs to be clarified before extension.

It is true that most of the assault on spaces supposedly protected under EA, have been done ahead of change to law by Ms Sturgeon's gov and funded orgs.
Ms Sturgeon should really listen to the comprehensive answers given by @fairplaywomen @FiLiA_charity and @Womans_Place_UK at the Commons Women's and Equality committee if she really wished to understand why extension without checks is an issue.
18. Yes, you can be pro-women's rights and pro-trans rights. However, if you insist on removing women's rights in law and language, if you redefine us, threaten us, or criminalise us for raising issues, you are not on the side of women.
19, Forgot this one. Many of our trans allies disagree with this assessment of the GRA process.

It is also far less traumatic and bureaucratic than PiP assessment which affects many more very vulnerable people. Ms Sturgeon has not tried to tackle this.

• • •

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29 Apr
In 2010, Prime Minister Gordon Brown called Gillian Duffy a "bigoted woman" on the election trial. It threw his campaign into turmoil & he had to spend several days trying to make amends.

Today, Patrick Harvie is calling members of the public "transphobes" and "bullies"./
Unlike with Mr Brown, the issue is not with what women said, but with what Harvie himself has claimed.

In an extraordinary interview with @adamboultonSKY, Mr Harvie claimed that fully intact males could be women in the same way that Black, Jewish or disabled women are women./
Unsurprisingly, many found this hugely offensive, not least because it plays on the old trope that the default woman is white and able-bodied and because black women & lesbians know too well that bigots have a history of likening them to men./
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29 Apr
Thread. @patrickharvie would do well to read and to understand the law: he is either confused, dishonest or ill-advised.

Perhaps he could tell us which women's orgs misrepresented law so egregiously? @legalfeminist if Gov funded orgs are doing this, what is our recourse?
Here is a blog which Mr Harvie might like to read.

These women are a collective of lawyers with expertise in aspects of law pertaining to women &, as such, have a better understanding than the "Rainbow Greens".

Unless Mr Harvie also dislikes experts?
This was the response of @scotgov to a question about their policy that "transwomen are women".

You will note, @patrickharvie, that there is 'no provision within Scottish or UK legislation that contains the words "trans women are women"'

To claim this is law is simply untrue.
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28 Apr
Some questions about this.

We are asking people to #VoteForWomen 1 and 2

This may mean some odd combinations! We have heard from indy peeps voting Lab/Con 1, Alba 2 (for example!), or unionists with a good SNP candidate (eg Joan!) voting for them 1 and Lab/Con 2.
There are tactical voting sites which will help you determine who the main contenders are.

So, for example, if you live in Nicola Sturgeon's constituency, your realistic choice is between her and @AnasSarwar
In Edinburgh Central, it is likely to be a run-off between Angus Robertson and Scott Douglas.

In Dunfermline, Shirley-Anne Sommerville's main contender is Julie MacDougall of Labour

In Glasgow Pollok, it would be Humza Yousaf or Dr Zubir Ahmed of Labour.
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28 Apr
1. Yesterday, we sent our election special newsletter:
We have updated our website to include some important information ahead of the election next week on the 6th May.

#WomenVotingWithOurFeet #VoteForWomen
2. Deciding who to vote for is a difficult decision for many of us, particularly those who support independence and feel terribly let down by the SNP. For those on the other side of the fence the decision may be slightly easier -
3 The @ScotTories do not intend to reform the Gender Recognition Act at all and, although the @ScottishLabour manifesto is a bit muddled, they have done sterling work for women in the past few months and do recognise the need for single-sex spaces.
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27 Apr
Reminder to please ask candidates to sign up to our women's pledge!

We really think these principles should be a basic commitment to women's rights.
#VoteforWomen #womenvotingwithourfeet Image
For a more comprehensive set of principles, please see @womenspeakscot1 excellent Manifesto. There is loads more info on their site as well!
#voteforwomen #womenvotingwithourfeet
Our election guide is here!

We have assessed the manifestos and track records of the parties. Some people have had questions about the ranking (although, we feel the text is actually more important for making up your mind!) but some thoughts:/
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24 Apr
This from an MSP who used a speech in Parliament to lie, smear & insult women's orgs & colleagues.

A man who allows SGP women's policy to be shaped by one who openly talks about porn-soaked fantasies.

That is really Absurd & Offensive! #HarvieHatesWomen
Misinformation, you say? How dare he?
"He also claimed some campaign groups would set their sights on abortion and contraceptive rights if they succeed in blocking reforms which benefit trans people and added the debate was fuelled by misinformation and misled individuals."
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