As a Virgo, I’m always measuring growth, development, progress. In myself, in my work, in my relationships.
I see everything as an investment or project. Wherever I don’t see growth becomes a point of irritation.
Though I can be hard on myself, very critical, I don’t expect perfection of myself or others. I expect improvement though. Growth.

“When you stop growing, you start dying.” - William S. Burroughs
Direction is also important to me. Where am I headed in my growth and what is the best course? Where do other people factor into that? Is their journey parallel?
People pick up on this, that I’m usually observing and assessing. Measuring for fit. They take it as judgment, as me thinking I’m better.

It’s just me wanting what’s best for myself in the long run.
And yes, I generally think highly of myself. I believe I’m deserving of the very best. Absolutely. I want a beautiful, exceptional life.

I also want that for you.

• • •

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25 Apr
Will be closely observing all response to the #IsaiahBrown shooting in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Brown is a 32 year old gay Black man, who was unarmed, and called the police for assistance only to be shot a reported 10 times while on a cordless phone with police dispatch.
I have...expectations in this case. That’s all I’ll say.
What the #IsaiahBrown shooting highlights is to be a Black queer or trans person in this country is to be no less a Black person in this country, despite homophobic and transphobic rhetoric suggesting we choose one identity over another or get some sort of special privilege.
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6 Apr
Spoke to a friend last night about a situation I’m in. And I’d like to share a bit of what was shared with me.

Friend basically said to me, “When you’re perceived as an ‘I don’t need nobody’ you can’t be surprised when not many people show up for you in hard times.” Hard pill.
But here’s the thing, which was my pushback last night. So much of me being perceived as fiercely solo and “needing nobody” has been others projections. Have I ever said or shown “I don’t need anyone” or do you not know how to support someone you can’t see beyond your projection?
What bothers me most about the framing though is that I shouldn’t have to “need” anyone to receive help and care. I shouldn’t have to perform fragility or vulnerability to convince anyone of my humanity.
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19 Mar
You know what having a large following on Twitter and a growing following on IG, as well as having a career in social justice, has confirmed for me most? Most white support is contingent on them not actually being challenged to do any real work to dismantle anything.

Just vibes.
You have to want to see white supremacy eradicated more than you want to be seen as a good white person. You can use the right language, do all the land acknowledgments, capitalize the B in Black, etc. If you’re not sacrificing your comfort, safety, and resources it’s not enough.
White effort should exceed Black and POC effort in holding white people accountable, in dismantling systems of oppression. Across the board. At all times. And I’m not optimistic that it ever will.
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16 Feb
It’s a pandemic, half a million people have died here so far, and my father still hasn’t reached out to me. It’s been 6 years and he caused harm. My expectation of men is -100. There’s a constant seething I need to heal, so this is an accountability post. Not a pity post.
I don’t know that there’s anyone I could possibly dislike more, but indifference is the goal. The peace of indifference
What I know is that you can’t outrun or outwork that type of disappointment, pain, betrayal. And I deserve to clean it up within myself. Leave his mess with him.
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26 Jan
Coming into the understanding that I’m non-binary, around 30, also opened the door to a space of examining everything I believe about my Black self. Not just in terms of gender, but sexual orientation and love approach. It’s been deeply uncomfortable, necessary, liberating.
I’ve become so busy learning myself, unlearning beliefs about myself that don’t originate within, that I haven’t had the capacity or interest lately to educate others about who I am.
When you get to the place of being comfortable with people not “getting it,” with them not understanding or “agreeing” with you about who you indisputably are, your relationship with yourself deepens.
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16 Jan
Teachers are underpaid, but let’s discuss what “makes sense”

- minimum wage workers should be able to afford housing.
- minimum wage workers should be able to afford their care, rest, and leisure.
- minimum wage workers shouldn’t be “frontline” but compensated as disposable.
The comparison of minimum wage workers to college educated workers suggests there aren’t college educated minimum wage workers, suggests education is the only factor in how folks are compensated, suggests only people who could access a degree deserve to live above poverty.
People (especially white people) in this country, built on slavery, are deeply invested in maintaining class difference. It's a primary motivation for higher education. And we're conditioned to believe the less educated deserve more physically taxing work for minimal compensation
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