🔞 When Namjoon joins their friends-with-benefits arrangement, knowing he's an idiot because he's already in love with them, he tops exclusively. Tells them he's more comfortable with it, that he prefers being dominant too. Really, he's just scared he'll cry if he doesn't.
They don't push it; they take his word for it that he prefers topping and domming (even if they've seen little to no evidence of the latter), but they begin to take his quietness during sex as a sign he's not into it, or maybe regrets agreeing to this.
Jimin and Hoseok try to test this, trying to act bratty enough to rile Namjoon up into domming them and punishing them, see how interested he is. But after they cajole him into spanking Jimin until he's whining, Namjoon just... starts crying.
"I don't wanna hurt you," he sobs, hiding his face, not able to look at them when they try to assure him that they're both still green to go.

"Do you wanna stop, Namjoon-ah?" Hoseok asks softly, patting his head, pausing when Namjoon leans into it like he's starved.
"Whatever you want," he sniffles, blinking open shiny eyes to gaze nervously up at him.

There's a moment of quiet before Jimin says, "No, hyung, it's your turn to tell us what you want now."

But Namjoon's face falls even more at that.
"Don't wanna choose. Please tell me what to do."

Hoseok and Jimin exchange looks. They want to pursue the conversation, but then Namjoon's crying silently while still dazed and out of it, so they cuddle him and talk to him until he falls asleep.
But when they next try to get him into a more service top role, he gets defensive, feeling the need to prove himself and show them he can dom.

They stop talking about it. Maybe it was a fluke.
But then Jungkook walks in on Namjoon fucking himself with a thick dildo, while he messily tries to slide his dripping cock across a pillow, crying and whining the tiniest, cutest moans and whimpers that shoot straight to his dick.
He should announce himself, he thinks, but... Namjoon looks so close to coming, and Jungkook doesn't want to stop him, crying so prettily as he bites his fingers to stifle his moans.

"Nn... mh... ah," he gasps, brows furrowed upwards. "Puh-please... nngh, Jungkook..."
Jungkook grabs his cock through his jeans, swallowing as he watches through wide eyes: Namjoon crying and coming all over his pillow, shaking through it.

But then he's sniffling, sobbing quietly. "Idiot," Namjoon calls himself, rubbing his face. "What an idiot."
Jungkook, foolishly, retreats to his room, jerking himself off to the sounds and memorised visual of namjoon crying with a dildo buried inside him, coming with a quiet, chokes gasp of Namjoon's name.
Doesn't like bottoming, huh...?
Namjoon has no idea what's going on when, suddenly, Jimin and Hoseok sandwich him at dance practice: Hoseok at his back and pressing up against him, Jimin gripping his hips with a soft, "Let us guide you, hyung... Follow our lead."
Hoseok's hands keep stroking over his chest to his shoulders to fix his posture; Jimin doesn't relinquish his hips — by the end of it, Namjoon's a mess.

"What's wrong, 'daddy'?" Jimin teases, eyes dark. "Want to be taken care of?"
"Want us to call you 'baby' instead?" Hoseok mutters, squeezing his hips.

It startles a moan out of him and he freezes, heart skipping a beat as he looks up to see all of his members watching them, expressions unreadable, like pages of a book in a language he can't speak.
He panics.

"N-no," he says, voice high and airy, and he cringes, squirming out of their grips because suddenly it's suffocating instead of safe.

"Namjoon-ah, hey, you're okay," Yoongi says softly, in a voice he doesn't use often with him anymore.
Namjoon backs up until his back hits the mirrors, then stares at the floor. "We should - dance practice," he chokes.

Taehyung looks ready to object, when their choreographers step into the room with their duffel bags, pausing when they feel the tension in the room.
"Uh... 9:00 is our time, right?" one asks, checking her watch. "Shall we come back?"

"No," Namjoon forces out, even though his hands are shaking and he wants one of the boys to hold it. "You're right on time. Let's, uh. Let's begin."
It keeps on happening, though: Taehyung corners him during dinner at the buffet table, pressing him up against it from behind and reaching for the ladle.

"What do you want, hyung? Let me get it for you," he purrs beside his ear.
"I can do it myself, Tae, thanks," he quips, even as his heart skips a beat.

"Mm, I know," Taehyung replies easily, sliding the ladle through the cerise punch. "But you don't always have to, love. Let me help you relax."
He punctuates it with a brush of lips over his neck, jostling his earrings and making them chime lowly.

"Heh," Taehyung chuckles, "your ears are so red, Namjoon-ah."
Namjoon feels weird with the mixture of the dropped honorific, Taehyung's firm chest pressed to his back, and the edge of embarrassment that comes from the implication.

"Uh," he says dumbly, and Taehyung laughs softly against his neck. It makes him blush even harder.
"It's okay," Taehyung tells him gently, spooning the drink into a glass, running his thumb lightly over the rim. His fingers are pretty, Namjoon thinks. He's kissed them many times, when making love to him.

(But no, he tells himself sluggishly, it wasn't that to Taehyung -
only him.)

"You can be taken care of too, darling."

Namjoon hears a whimper, thinks it's Taehyung getting worked up for a second, before Taehyung laughs against his shoulder and he realises it came from him.
"Will you let us, baby?" Taehyung lifts the glass to Namjoon's lips with a murmured, "Open," and, unthinkingly, he does, letting Taehyung feed him messy little sips of the sweet drink. "So good at following orders... aren't you, hyung?"
It's the 'hyung' that knocks him very suddenly out of whatever trance he'd fallen into, and he jolts, sending the glass of almost-empty punch crashing to the floor.

Everyone looks up.
His gaze sweeps across the room, heart hammering wildly, before Taehyung bites his lip and says, "Namjoon-hyung? Did I go too far?" He takes a step back and Namjoon folds his arms around himself, wishing it was Taehyung instead.
"I-I," he starts, then grimaces and holds himself tighter.

"Namjoonie," Seokjin tries, putting his own drink down to stand up and approach. "What's wrong, baby?" His eyes widen and he flushes. "Sorry, um. I mean - Joon-ah."

"No, nothing, I'm good," he says automatically.
"Bullshit, Namjoon," Hoseok snaps.

Namjoon flinches.

"Hoseok--" Yoongi starts, warningly.

"No, come on, this is ridiculous," Hoseok says. "We're all trying to convince him, but maybe he doesn't want it - maybe he doesn't want us at all."
Namjoon stares at the floor, eyes stinging.

"Has he responded to anyone's advances?" he asks. "'Cause I'm done feeling like I'm forcing him, it's fucked up."

"Hyung," Jungkook croaks, voice wobbling, "are we? Forcing you?"
Namjoon stares at the small punch stain on the floor.

"Joon-ah," Yoongi says, firm enough that he can't help but look up. "Tell hyung. Do you want us to stop?"
He's so blunt about it, like this is easy. But how does he tell him that, god, no, he doesn't want that at all? He wants it, wants more, wants everything.

He wants to be taken care of, to be pushed down and used for their pleasure. But he also wants to be held afterwards,
to be kissed until his lips hurt, to be called 'love' and 'baby' enough that he has to remind them not to in public. He wants to go on dates and fall asleep in between Jungkook, Seokjin, and Taehyung when they're gaming;
wants to help Yoongi with a track in his studio and get praised with a ruffle to his hair; wants to hug Hoseok on-stage like same-age-friends do, like Jimin and Taehyung do; wants Jimin to hold his hands the way he holds his thighs during interviews (and sex, now).
He doesn't want to be friends-with-benefits.

But... if that's what he /can/ have from them, then.

"I don't wanna stop," he whispers.
There's a pause.

"Do you - are we pressuring you? Do you wanna keep topping?"

Namjoon cringes. It's so stupid that he's half upset over a fucking position, over some kind of false pride, or something, when really he's just upset because he's in love with his closest friends.
Seokjin grabs his hand, winding their fingers together. "Namjoon-ah, look at me?"

He chews his lip as he meets Seokjin's eyes, focusing on him instead of everyone. "No," he mumbles softly, face burning. "I don't mind... not topping," he says, shy and embarrassed.
That's how he ends up on all fours in the practice room, because, in Jimin's words, "You need to see how pretty you look begging on your knees for us, baby boy."
He can't help but shut his eyes, though, mortified at the very idea of being bent over and exposed for the six men he can't tell he's in love with.

But then there's a hand under his chin and tugging his head up. "Open your eyes, sweetie," Taehyung hums. "Do as I say."
Namjoon nearly whines, but swallows it back and gasps out, "Why don't you make me, if you're as dominant as you claim to be—ah!" he cried out, high pitched and broken, because – because Taehyung just pulled his hair.
He states up at him with wide eyes and Taehyung smiles meanly. "Oh, baby, I can make you," he promises, voice as smooth as velvet.

"I don't think that'll be necessary. Do you, Joon-ah?" Yoongi says sweetly, sweeping a hand through Namjoon's hair.
"H-huh?" Namjoon stammers, embarrassed as soon as it leaves his lips.

Yoongi smiles, gummy and soft, like he's endeared by it rather than disappointed by the lack of dominance. "You're a good boy, really, aren't you?"
Namjoon feels something in him slip, like a latch that's come undone, and he's nodding before he can think. "Yuh–yeah," he stutters.

"Oh, he's not bad at all," Seokjin coos.

"Do you," Namjoon starts, licks his lips, "d'you want me to be?"
Jungkook makes a small noise, then covers his mouth when they turn to him, blushing hotly. "Sorry," he mumbles, "but Namjoon-hyung is just so cute like this..."

Namjoon feels even more airy than before, drowning in the scrap of praise.
He didn't know he'd like Jungkook calling him 'cute'.

"Oh," Hoseok hums, eyes glinting, "Jungkook-ah, I think he likes that."

Namjoon drops his gaze to the floor, mortification mixed with that strange tingling feeling that makes him want to give in and be honest.
"So, pretty," Taehyung drawls, playing with his hair, "what do you want us to do? Or," he says, smiling lopsidedly, "do you want us to decide for you?"

Namjoon nods desperately, relieved to finally be offered the option.

Yoongi tuts. "Words, baby."

"Please, yeah, please."

• • •

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