So, I know there’s some deserved criticism of Naughty Dog for their tendency to... give their white protagonists Black enemies who are presented as inordinately threatening, at least in TLOU (though my impression is at least Uncharted 4 also has the issue)

Mostly out of my lane>
I do think the characterization I read of Abby’s penultimate as-the-player boss fight (sickle Seraphite) as “monstrous Black man menaces blonde white woman” to be kind of enormously and has-to-be-intentionally deceptive
Like you can’t talk about that scene without acknowledging that Abby, regardless of ND’s intentions, was read as gender ambiguous and thus objectively the most monstrous by the player base

Sickle Seraphite is a dude, that’s why he’s like that, to that audience
I find it very difficult to think that there are dynamics of, like, white female tears being successfully invoked in a fight where the bulk of the audience considers both the intended-sympathetic combatants to be trans

• • •

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More from @BootlegGirl

2 May
Ok, that last thread was needlessly inflammatory, so I deleted it

Here’s my better framed question, which will still likely be controversial

GOP anti-trans bills have been leading to a lot of distress among trans people on here - understandably. Here’s my issue.
These bills targeted at youth health care do worry me, even though I’m fairly confident they are just not narrowly tailored enough to survive even the right wing judicial system we have.

But so many of the people who post about their fear of it also seem anti-assimilationist.
They offer relatively little sympathy, for instance, when I make arguments about, for instance, preserving the tech industry as the historical economic lifeline it has been for trans people
Read 6 tweets
2 May
Dear members of the Firefly cell of Salt Lake City:
As your leader, I have decided we need to make certain changes. [...] We are a vaccine inventing terrorist cell, not a social impact terrorist cell. Therefore, no more useless “committees.”
In particular, I am abolishing the following committees, which just take us to dark places and haven’t served us well:
- the Pediatric Research Ethics Committee (if I need an opinion, I’ll ask someone qualified)
- the Reliable Mercenary committee (Marlene can handle this fine)
Finally,we’ve had a somewhat paternalistic “survival benefit” incentivizing safe behaviors,like not wandering off to help pregnant zebras, and not fighting massive homicidal dudes with a single scalpel. I’m abolishing this and paying a bottle cap bonus.

Jerry Anderson
Read 4 tweets
2 May
Sometimes I feel like it’s incumbent on anyone who’s been active in talking about politics for more than a few years to periodically do a “previously on...”segment to provide context, for self and others

I was thinking about the Captain America discussion yesterday in that light
Yesterday, several someones asserted that Nazis have been an apolitical sort of bad guy until very recently, and that this means that Captain America was initially a “both sides” kind of hero

Except that’s not true.The fact that they didn’t make John Walker Cap in 2010 proves it
By this I mean not necessarily literally John Walker, although they could easily have decided to make Cap a legacy hero with one of the other people who carried the shield without having to get into the WWII stuff, sort of like how MCU Ant Man is a legacy
Read 6 tweets
2 May
I’m not sure how much people realize that the idea that transphobia is a new thing for the right wing to be into, that they weren’t thinking about it 100 years or more ago too, is false

They didn’t always call it that but fascism is terrified of destabilizing gender
This is HOW we get factory work being valorized above other forms of labor, especially intellectual - it’s the fear of “becoming feminized” that led these people to invent both nerds and jocks (see Benjamin Nugent’s American Nerd, and my dissertation)
Anyway this means that since there weren’t actually huge populations of people changing their gender publicly (trans people have always existed and always will but the *specific way* we exist currently is new-ish) 150 years ago we have the advantage now
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2 May
Something ideological about the Last of Us games that I think it’s worth noting is that the narrative fundamentally does not embrace the idea of a Hobbesian state of nature, as people claim it does. Every “bad” faction or individual is like that bc of being oppressed
Like, Joel becomes a raider because OBVIOUSLY he’s not going to go live in the Austin QZ with the cops who murdered his daughter

Every other raider group was failed either by FEDRA or a similar post-FEDRA group
And government itself isn’t portrayed as an innate evil either; if there’s an ideology it’s pretty clearly social democracy or even light anarchism, given the premise that the right group of people could build a communal society in rural Wyoming
Read 8 tweets
2 May
Here at Faro Industries, I’ve decided it’s time for a course change. We’re doing fine, we have a lot of clients/wars, but we’ve been getting distracted a lot with politics lately, and it’s taking us to a dark place. <draft edit to remove> ELISABET.

So from now on, you can say whatever you like about the moral hazards of replicating autonomous nanoswarms sold to the highest bidder ON YOUR OWN TIME and OFF FARO INDUSTRIES SOCIAL MEDIA
UPDATE: I understand this change may not be for everyone which is why I’m offering a full buyout to employees meeting certain criteria

If the employee’s social security number is <draft edit Elisabet Sobek SSN removed at request of Elisabet Sobek legal team>
Read 7 tweets

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